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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Our Premortal Existence and Latter-day Revelation

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Science Of Christian Thought presents….
Our Premortal Existence and Latter-day Revelation

In this SOCT paper Sir Eric William King explains how Science Of Christian Thought understands portions of the Book of Moses, the Book of Mormon and the Story Of Our Planet. These along with the last 6 years of SOCT papers show just how deep that our understanding has become regarding spiritual and mortal issues as Heavenly Father (Divine Intelligence) has continued to reveal new truths to us.

 Note: All of these teachings are protected by the Holy Order. Please read and share. Thank you. ~ Diane Grudem

In the famous SOCT document titled; “The Story Of Our Planet” much has been revealed about the pre-Adamic earth along with the “fall” of Lucifer. What has not been so concentrated on is the Doctrine of our Premortal Existence. I hope to touch on this topic along with some more details regarding the Luciferian rebellion in this paper. ~

Earlier SOCT papers have made statements such as: “In a sense we all existed before we came to planet Earth.” The fact is that we did all exist before we came here. In our mortal state as Humans it sometimes seems as though we may have existed before but we don’t really remember our Premortal lives. ~

We all existed as “spirits” in a higher dimension of God’s kingdom billions of years ago. After this planet of ours was created by Jesus Christ…(the first begotten of God),…many spirits were sent here to receive physical bodies. This was all considered part of the First Earth Age Plan. We read in “The Story Of Our Planet” just how long ago this was: ~

I have written short papers regarding the “first earth age” and I have given a basic outline of events regarding the re-creation of this planet some 6000 plus years ago but I have not written many details in my past articles regarding this most fascinating subject. It is very important to understand the history of our planet. In this work I will try and give many more details and a chronological outline of events starting from the creation of our universe some 13.7 billion years ago.” - [The Story Of Our Planet] ~

So the story is long and detailed. I advise all of you to read the SOCT paper titled; “The Story Of Our Planet”. We understand that during the First Earth Age many millions of years ago the spirit being known as Lucifer did hold an important position as overseer of our planet. For reasons not entirely clear he rebelled against God’s set government for that plan and he was cast out of heaven [God’s higher dimensions] and was confined with the bad or “fallen spirit beings” [angels] that followed him to the lower dimensions closest to our physical creation however he could still attend heavenly council meeting periodically. In this sense Lucifer is still understood to be the “god of this world”. ~

After some time the embodied spirits (earliest Humans that were left here under Lucifer’s government) turned somewhat savage and unruly. Many of them survived the following ice ages and fallen conditions of our planet such as the Nodite people. God [Divine Intelligence] continued to create a variety of physical beings and bodies through Jesus Christ…this was all in preparation for what was to come and that was The Plan of Salvation ~

So originally Lucifer and many other spirits were called to oversee the First Earth Age. In rank these spirits were given a higher position and job than many other spirits. We read in the Story Of Our Planet: ~

“Throughout the early beginnings of our planet many things happened which changed the surface of it. This galaxy of ours is only about 13.2 billion years old and after our earth was formed angelic beings were placed in charge of it. These angelic beings mentioned in the Bible are created with more intelligence than humans. They were created before us. I like to refer to them as IB’s [intelligent beings]. I mentioned earlier that these beings were placed on this planet to take care of all created life that then existed. The leader of these angelic beings was named Lucifer.” - [The Story Of Our Planet] ~

Because Lucifer and his followers [fallen angels] failed to properly watch over the First Earth Age something terrible happened. God cause this earth to “become without form and void.” We read about this in The Story Of Our Planet. Let us look into this First Earth Age, its “fall” and the rebirth [re-creation] of our planet which started the Great Plan of Salvation:  ~

The Seven Day Re-Creation of Our Planet

Let us look at what we have discovered thus far in our journey of the history of our planet. We have discovered that our universe was created 13.7 billion years ago. We learned that our galaxy is called the Milky Way Galaxy and was formed roughly 13.2 billion years ago. We learned that our solar system (4.6 billion years old) and our planet was formed and created by our Almighty God and that it was originally created to be inhabited around 6 billion years ago. We learned that God created IB’s [angelic beings] to inhabit and take care of our planet as “care-takers”. We learned that these angels failed and rebelled against God during what we call the Permian Period and the angelic war ended with what we call the KT extinction event at 65 million years ago. The angels had traveled to heaven and tried to war against God. As a result they were cast back to our planet which caused great devastation and the destruction of the dinosaurs. When the IB’s hit the Earth they caused four great craters.-

We learned that after this event God continued to create through additional periods. At the end of the KT extinction event God proceeded to create. We can start this new phase of creation with strength around 47,000,000 years ago. This brings us up to the last ice age which ended roughly 10,000 years ago. We understand that the first 4000 years of this time helped melt the ice and prepare the way for the Garden of Eden and the creation of the most recent and last human couple, Adam and Eve.-

Now that we have established this chronology let us move forward to explain the account as recorded in the Bible in the first book of Genesis regarding this literal re-creation week which concluded with the creation of Adam and Eve. Remember, the Genesis account starting in chapter one verse two begins 6000 years ago at the end of the last ice age.-

Let us now look at the Seven Day Re-creation of the earth.-

The First Day: We must understand that when God decided to start renewing the face of the earth to make it habitable again He simply began by reversing the process which He took to make it uninhabitable. We read: “Thou sendest forth thy spirit, they are created: and thou RENEWEST THE FACE OF THE EARTH.” [Psalm 104:30] We read about what God did on the first day in Genesis 1:2-5. During this first day God said; “Let there be light”. God did not create the light, the sun was already here. Remember, Genesis 1:2 states that darkness had “covered” the earth. God does not use the Hebrew word for “create” when He states that He “brought forth” some light on this first day.-

We must understand that this light was more like “electric light”, like the Aurora Borealis or North Lights. We can imagine lightening storms lighting up the sky as God began to renew the surface of the earth. “The Lord also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave his voice; hail stones and coals of fire.” [Psalm 18:13] We can imagine giant asteroids and comets hitting the surface of the earth during this time as God began again to form the surface.-

Please understand that these asteroids and comets were not big enough to destroy the existing life of that time. They were more intended to begin the process of melting giant glaciers of ice. These helped speed up the melting process. These objects punched huge holes in the ice and helped created rivers and streams.-

The Second Day: We read about the second day in Genesis 1:1-8. Here we see God beginning to renew the atmospheric heavens. They had been blackened [Genesis 1:2]. God readapted the atmosphere to retain clouds of water instead of just ice. God began to clear the air. An interesting thing to note regarding this day is the fact that God left out the words; “And God saw that it was good”. He states this regarding all the other days but leaves it out regarding the second day. Why?-

Apostle Paul talks about the “powers of the air” in Ephesians 6:12. We know that Satan is the leader of the fallen spirits which inhabit this fallen earth’s atmosphere. Perhaps has soon as the atmosphere was cleared up the fallen angels swarmed into it so God could not say that “it was good”. Remember, Satan is still the “god of this world” [2 Corinthians 4:3-4]. These fallen spirits for the most part now exist in an invisible state except for cases where they try and continue to possess animal bodies and sometimes human bodies.-

The Third Day: We read about the third day in Genesis 1:9-13. On this day we have the reemergence of land from the sea and the reappearance of vegetable life. All of this was not a “new creation” but really it was a resurrection. We read in this section of Genesis the expression; “Whose seed is in itself, upon the earth.” That is, when God brought forth many of the plants the seed was already here, upon [or in] the earth from the first earth age.-

God also brought forth great mountains from the ocean. We may even imagine intense volcanic activity during this phase of renewal, though it was isolated. We can imagine this day when great amounts of ice melted, a resurrection from the Glacial Period that so long had covered the earth due to the first rebellion. ~9

The Fourth Day: It was on this very day that God parted the darkness that had covered the earth [see Genesis 1:2]. It says that God proclaimed, “let there be lights”. The text does not use the Hebrew word “create” in this context. The light was already here, now God parted the darkness, cleared the dark skies, and the Sun and Moon were able to be seen. The Hebrew word used for “light” here is ‘ohr, meaning light in a general sense. What is interesting to note is the fact that this description of the reconstruction of the earth is taken from the perspective as if you were standing on the earth when witnessing it. We must realize that the Sun and Moon were already here. They had been created in the distant past. Now again God allows the light to hit the surface of a once dark clouded earth.-

God says that He appointed the sky to measure the seasons. It is true that God’s original people followed the Lunar Calendar and not the pagan Sun Calendar. To this day the Sabbath starts Friday night and ends Saturday evening. Days should properly be counted from evening to evening. The pagan worship of the Sun ushered in the wrong measurement of time and the false Sabbath, the Sun-day. We can say that on this fourth day Time truly began again in the vast plan of Eternity.-

God’s people remained humble. The moon was seen as the “lesser light”. Thus, they followed the Lunar Calendar. God’s people recognized God as the Ultimate Light.-

The Fifth Day: We read about this day in Genesis 1:20-23. This is the first time the Hebrew word which means “create” [bara] is used. God literally began creating again! He brought forth new species of fish and birds. We must understand that the fossil remains of huge animals and marine animals along with giant birds belong to the first earth age and were not brought forth in the new recreation of things. God was now preparing the earth to be inhabited by mankind.-
Though there were animals that survived through the last ice age God still decided to create many new species and perhaps modify some older ones.-

In the original Hebrew all the animals are called “living souls”. This proves what the Church of God has always taught, it takes “spirit” and “body” to make a “living soul” and that when the spirit leaves the body the soul dies.-

The Sixth Day: We read about this day in Genesis 1:24-25. Here we see God beginning to create new land animals and finally mankind. This Scripture points out the fact that God made all creatures “according to their kinds”. On this day God created man as Adam and Eve. Man was created in the “image of God” and not in the “image of ape”. There is truly no such thing as a “missing link”. It was on this sixth-day that God prepared a region on our planet called the Garden of Eden. He then created the 10th couple which was Adam and Eve. They stayed in the Garden until after their rebellion.-

We must understand that in the beginning of all things there was the WORD [Logos] and God. Jesus Christ is the “logos”, the Living Word of God. The name for God used here in Genesis is Elohim.  It is a Hebrew name of God which denotes plurality. In other words, more than one person comprises what we call God. In the gospel of John we read that the “Word” has always been with God and that they, together make up God. [John 1:1-3]-

Listen how clear that this is documented in the book of Genesis: “And God said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” [Genesis 1:26-27] The original plan for Adam and Eve was that they obey God and eventually “fill the Earth” [not over populate it]. This would have happened through the expansion of the Garden of Eden.-

Many Spirits decided to side with Lucifer
 And Lucifer becomes Satan

God now on the sixth-day [just over six thousand years ago, after the last ice age] puts Adam and Eve on this planet in a protected garden away from the fallen ones. God puts them in “the Garden of Eden”. It is during this time that Lucifer comes to them in his spiritual form and deceives Adam and Eve. It is during this time that Lucifer’s name is truly changed to Satan [the Fallen One]. ~

Adam and Eve were thus kicked out of the Garden of Eden for giving in to the lies and deceptions of Lucifer  and must now roam with the Nodites and other early Human forms that were on this planet. Remember, all Human beings [even in their early forms] had a Premortal Existence as spirits. After God had placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden they were to not sin and obey God. Lucifer went up and had a meeting with Divine Intelligence over this new phase of God’s plan and he stated basically that if God sent him as the new Human representative he could save creation. Though he had failed during the First Earth Age he claimed that he would be the best choice [representative] of Divine Intelligence also. What happened next? ~

God has always originally prepared our planet Earth as a home for His children. God [Heavenly Father, Divine Intelligence] has always had a plan and He does in all space/time realities. All Humans [and all “lower” animals included] are part of God’s plan to make us experience mortality. During the First Earth Age the spirits that came here and took on bodies had made that decision to do so. They played a huge role in the first phase of God’s plan to show that Lucifer was unfit and that really we must all trust in the Ultimate Divine Intelligence to make it anywhere in conscious progression. ~

By us all originally agreeing to come to this planet we accepted Heavenly Father’s plans. We understood that we would have to leave the higher dimensions and come here in order to gain Free Agency [freedom of choice]. Even though we ultimately are guided by forces that we cannot comprehend. Before God started the “re-creation” of our planet some 6000 plus years ago we read that Lucifer while in Divine counsel stated; “Behold, here am I, send me, I will be thy son, and I will redeem all mankind, that one soul shall not be lost, and surely I will do it; wherefore give me thine honor.” [Moses 4:1] We read this in the Book of Moses though Science Of Christian Thought explains that many things were taken out of The Book of Moses so just by reading it we get a simpler yet not as thorough explanation as to what truly happened. ~

God decided not to choose Lucifer because during the First Earth Age he had proven not worthy or capable of the job. Unfortunately many spirits sided with Lucifer during this discussion in the higher dimensions so one third of the then existing spirits sided with Lucifer and eventually became the fallen angels at his side. Meanwhile, it was God’s “first begotten spirit”, Jesus Christ that He [God] decided to send to our planet to fulfill the Plan Of Salvation. ~

War in Heaven after Lucifer was rejected!

So now because of Lucifer and his fallen angels a Second War more spiritually severe than the first Luciferian revolt occurred in Heaven. Remember, Lucifer’s first revolt was during the First Earth Age and now at the beginning of the Second Earth Age again he revolts and rejects Heavenly Father’s plans. ~

This time God no longer allows Lucifer and his fallen spirits into His presence and they were cast down to the lower more physical dimensions, including our universe. All of this happened according to God’s plan. ~

All according to Plan

Latter-day revelation says this regarding the fall of Adam and Eve - It is stated that Eve said, “Were it not for our transgression we never should have had seed [redeemed physical children], and never should have known evil, and the joy of our redemption, and the eternal life which God giveth unto all the obedient.” [Moses 5:11] ~

The ancient prophet Lehi stated: “And now, behold, if Adam had not transgressed he would not have fallen [been cut off from the presence of God], but he would have remained in the Garden of Eden. And all things which were created must have remained in the same state in which they were after they were created… [Book of Mormon, 2Nephi 2:22] This doesn’t mean that God would have not eventually worked with Adam and Eve as they grew in understanding. It seems that Lehi couldn’t yet fully understand all the details and purposes of God. Who does? ~

I hope this SOCT paper helps you understand even more of our Heavenly Father’s unfolding plan for mankind (our planet and many of the other inhabited planets). Stay here with Science Of Christian thought and continue to grow in your spiritual studies. Thank you. ~

~Sir Eric William King

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  1. Basic Beliefs of COGSR & SOCT

    1-We believe that all humans are biologically advanced life forms created in the image of God. We believe that this planet of ours is very old and that our known universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago.-

    2-We believe that our planet has gone through many changes including prehuman stages and ice ages.-

    3-We believe that Divine Intelligence has guided the process of all planetary changes and development.-

    4-We believe that all animals and living things have “spirit” which to us means some sort of mind development.-

    5-We believe that humans have a slightly more advanced “spirit” or mind process than all other animals on earth.-

    6-We believe that man came here to this planet to experience a mortal existence. To learn how to properly use free agency. To choose Jesus Christ and accept the plan of salvation is part of the purpose of life.-

    7-We believe that the basic spirit of man records all life experiences somewhat like a hard-drive in a computer. If man gets the special upgrade of Holy Spirit he may go beyond this mortal life.-

    8-We believe that the laws of science help us to understand the spiritual processes or what we might call the “higher laws”.-

    9-We believe in 10 basic moral principles known as the Ten Commandments. We also recognize special times known as the Seven Festivals of God and the Seventh Day Shabbat.-

    10-We believe that the true Jesus Christ was sent here to teach the Truth about creation and humanity. We believe that we must allow God’s laws of Science to be included in our theological understandings.-

    11-We believe in taking care of our planet and our bodies and all life.-

    ~Welcome to the Science of Christian Thought