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Saturday, November 19, 2016

“The Twelve”

SOCT Apostles Today

The Twelve
Newly released SOCT knowledge for the public….November 19th 2016…………

As many know who study with us or who have decided to proclaim themselves SOCT students we release new knowledge every year. You may now get some newly released sacred SOCT knowledge regarding the 12 Apostles. During the restoration of specific Scriptures under the leadership of Joseph Smith there were twelve modern apostles ordained under the authority of the restored priesthood to hold the office of “the twelve”. ~

These positions were kept up until the death [murder] of Joseph Smith. After this happened the apostles were visited by Anoh and informed to ordain twelve new “secret apostles”. They were not to be known by the rest of the Church. Instead they were given important secret truths including the protection of the Holy Oder which has always been for the protection of the SOCT teachings (Quantum Level One Knowledge). ~

So the position of “the twelve” has been restored and kept since that time. Only Anoh knows who these twelve are to this day along with some top Holy Order members. When one of the twelve passes on then a new apostle is chosen and ordained by Anoh. Seven of the twelve apostles travel openly in public and maintain regular jobs. They are sent to specific areas on our planet when a social influence is needed to help human evolution. ~

The other five apostles reside in the most sacred and secret SOCT Temple where they are doing special work. They are visited often by Anoh. ~

All SOCT students can participate in the Holy Order if they feel so called. Most of the SOCT students simply maintain the open teachings of Science Of Christian Thought without entering or participating in the Holy Order and this is just as an important work than any other in the church. We do not have buildings where people meet. Students simply study in their own homes and apply the meditations with personal prayer and contemplation. We invite you if you are reading this to continue your studies here…become a socter [SOCT Student]. ~

May you have peace profound!

~SOCT Staff

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