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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Joseph Smith, Herbert W. Armstrong, Eric W. King and the Priesthood Keys

Joseph Smith, Herbert W. Armstrong, Eric W. King and the Priesthood Keys

What you are about to read is most astonishing. This official SOCT paper has been in the sacred SOCT library since October 12th of 2011. As many SOCT students know we reveal many truths every year incrementally so as not to overwhelm the sacred students of the beloved truth. We now reveal this sacred truth just before we enter the year 2017 as we have permission that our students are ready and have been well informed. The Sacred Order has released this knowledge for the serious student to contemplate. We ask that you read slowly and pray for Divine Intelligence to reveal the truth of it unto you. Please read and share with other SOCT students carefully.

Joseph Smith

After the death [murder] of Joseph Smith (1805-1844) the original twelve ordained apostles under the restored priesthood were informed by the extraterrestrial being named Anoh to ordain twelve new sacred and secret apostles that were not to ever be known by common man. If one passed on [crossed the veil in death] Anoh would come down and choose [ordain] another to take his place. The original name of the church back in Joseph Smith’s era was “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. Prophet Joseph ushered in the “fullness of times” in that the priesthood was truly restored to this planet. After Joseph Smith’s death the secret apostles were informed that the Church would be restored to its more proper name many years latter which is “The Worldwide Church of God”. ~

Latter-day revelation informs us that Anoh is a being who has been overseeing our planet according to the plan of God [Divine Intelligence] since the beginning [creation] of our planet. He now works with Michael [Adam] in doing so. ~

Joseph Smith ushered in the “dispensation of the fullness of times” because through him the Book of Mormon and the priesthood were officially restored. The secret apostles were informed that even more doctrine would someday be restored through a man named Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986). They were also informed that this Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong would not make known openly the priesthood but to only a small elect group and that this was never to be made public throughout his life time. And so it was. The calling of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong started when he questioned many doctrines of the numerous denominations just as Joseph Smith did. ~

Mr Herbert W. Armstrong

Mr. Armstrong was secretly ordained as one of the twelve apostles which has never been made known to the public until now. After Mr. Armstrong’s death the church broke apart again up until the year October 7th 2011. The priesthood, the twelve apostles and remnants of the true church have always been here since the prophet Joseph Smith. Many times the true church has had to go underground. The true name of the church was revealed to Mr. Armstrong to be “The Worldwide Church of God”. It is still recognized as that today but has gone through ministry name changes to protect the true Church. ~

Eric W. King

Some years latter (October 7th 2011) the apostles were informed that Sir Eric William King would begin to make known to the public these and many other vital truths. Eric King grew up under many of the same circumstances as to questioning all the Christian denominations and went as far as to study the world religions throughout his life. Finally, one sunny day while walking his dogs Shiloh and Tosha on a trail roughly 45 minutes from California’s Yosemite National Park along a small river called “the Waters of Shiloh” he began to pray. Immediately he was confronted by two personages dressed in white robes who informed him that he was especially called of God to do a special work. This work would not be easy and persecution would follow. ~

Eric in the waters of Shiloh

Eric felt the call deep within himself from God. The personages then took Eric into the waters of Shiloh and there washed him and conferred upon him the Aronic and Melchizedek priesthood. Eric was informed to start a ministry titled “Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant” which he did that very day. Then some years later the name was to be changed to “Science Of Christian Thought” which it is known by to this day. ~

This is how it all began. ~

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