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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My test after having been called to a be a Prophet of God

My test after having been called 
to a be a Prophet of God

I shared my testimony of the vision which occurred on December 12th 2016 just before midnight while writing in my study. It was the most amazing vision that I ever had. I have had many encounters with the angel [physical messenger]  Anoh throughout my life and I have even had my great encounter with two of the twelve apostles on October 7th 2011 but none of these compared with my encounter of Elijah the prophet and John the apostle. ~

Here is what happened on that December night as officially recorded: ~

“I was given the title; “Seventh Messenger” on October 7th 2011. I was called to be a “revelator” of truth in the Seventh Church Era. I have written many papers regarding new truth and doctrinal issues since this time. I was called to make predictions and give warnings regarding the signs of the times. Since my calling I have written over 500 papers. On the night of December 12th 2016 a very special event occurred. The other night while seated and writing this very paper around twelve midnight two bright lights appeared in the room I was typing in. I turned to face them and they grew in size. Then appeared before me two personages glowing in white light. I could not make out their faces but I could discern their figures. One of them lifted his right hand and spoke. He said: “We have come from the celestial kingdom to call you forth as a prophet of God in this seventh church time. Behold, I am Elijah the prophet.” At this pronouncement I fell to the ground shaking madly. Then the other personage spoke: “Behold, I am, John the apostle. You have been working for the kingdom and now you must take on your full responsibility as prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ in this Seventh Church Time. You have rightly studied and discerned the seven church eras thus you have been lead by the Spirit of God and now called to take on the authority and responsibility of speaking with boldness and carrying this message with grace and humility to the church and to the entire world. You must now without any doubt fully trust the Lord.” After this they both walked through the wall and outside. There they ascended back up into the heavens. After this I prayed for about an hour to Heavenly Father. After a long night it is with all humility that I officially accept this calling at 10:09 am on December 13th, 2016. May my God continue to give me His strength, grace and mercy as I take on this great office.” ~ As recording in SOCT paper, “The dispensation of the Fullness of Times”- E.W.King ~

NOTE: Apostle John was blessed by Jesus Christ to continue his ministry work on earth until the second coming of our Lord. He has a glorified flesh body and sometimes goes to the Celestial kingdom to be given special missions to fulfill here on earth. Ninety percent of his time is spent here on earth. ~ 

After this vision, on the 14th of December 2016 I was visited by the angel [messenger] Anoh. Anoh confirmed my call to be the Seventh Church Era prophet and wrote the confirmation of this prophecy out on a piece of paper right in front of me. He transcribed it in Ancient Reformed Egyptian. This is the same language that the Book of Mormon was written in. ~

The night of the 14th I began to feel really weak. My body was full of pain and I ached from head to toe. I went to bed early. I awoke at about three o’clock in the morning and I could not get up. I rolled off the bed unto the floor where I began to pray for help. I actually felt like I was dying. It was terrible. ~

For the next six days I was in pain. I could not work or even walk. I continued to pray. I was reaching a point of complete despair but I never stopped praying. On the 21st of December 2016 I got into my car and drove to the doctors. I saw my doctor and was given two medications. It was now Christmas Eve and I was just starting to feel a little better but then out of nowhere it hit me hard again. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotional and physical pain. Some family arrived for Christmas, my younger sister and her children among the family. They witnessed my condition and knew I was in bad shape. I continued to pray and pray. Others from two local church denominations prayed for me. ~

On Christmas morning I was no better. My family observed a good Christmas morning and opened gifts and ate well. They left Christmas evening. That night I went to bed early and slept good. Two days after Christmas I finally began to feel better. My body stopped aching and my stomach was still a little sore. I continued to pray. I closed my eyes and envisioned angels coming down and placing their hands on my body. One said: “Hold on, hold on.” I lay with my pillow next to the wood burning stove, my dog Tosha with me the whole time. Finnaly I opened my eyes and all of it had gone away. My body still somewhat weak I was able to move and walk Tosha outside. It was still extremely cold. Living in the mountains you must learn to deal with cold weather. ~

Through this trial I realized how important my work is in sharing the gospel. What would have happened had I not made it through? ~

As I lay helpless to care for any needs of those I cared for my heart began to cry out in repentance. If not for Heavenly Father’s intervention I was nothing. How desirable and precious is my time now…the time given to us in this life must be spent wisely. It must be spent in sharing and living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have no doubt that this experience was given to me to keep me humble and totally reliant on the Lord. ~

We must trust in the Lord and if we do the powers of the Almighty will descend upon us as the dews from heaven and the Holy Ghost will fill our hearts. ~

~Prophet Eric William King, December 28th 2016 – Merry Christmas 

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  1. Updated and revised:

    Because of this fact we also believe that America has been given a record of its own ancient Scripture which we recognize to be what is called “The Book of Mormon”. This record of ancient Scripture was found by the prophet Joseph Smith back on September 22, 1823. Please understand that though we recognize this record of Scripture WE ARE NOT MORMONS in the regular sense of the title. After the death of Joseph Smith the church scattered as it always does after the death of a great leader. We do not believe in any other prophets after Joseph Smith accept for Sidney Rigdon and Eric King. We do recognize Brigham Young to be an authentic prophet but not in the same sense as Joseph Smith and it was he who led the group of people which latter on became known as “The Mormon Church” and what is today called “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. So again, though we recognize the Book of Mormon to be an actual scriptural record of ancient America we do not call ourselves Mormons in the regular sense. ~