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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mormon history of Sir Eric William King

SOCT Paper 109

The Modern Land of Mormon

Mormon history of Sir Eric William King
By Eric William King

Since a young boy I have been contacted by an extraterrestrial whose name is Anoh. He has been in contact with me through mind-channels and different levels of dimensional communication which Science Of Christian Thought tries to explain. In this paper I want to show you how the spiritual components of my life’s experience have also played a key role in what my mission amounts to. I will try and keep it as simple as I can. ~

As many of you know I studied many denominations of Christianity since I was 12 years old. I was raised Lutheran till 15 years old and latter our family attended the Methodist church. I studied many different Christian denominations all my life as both my sisters can testify to along with my mother and father. I was lead to the teachings of Herbert W. Armstrong [Worldwide Church of God] in the 1980’s and went through their college classes [Ambassador  Bible College studies]. ~

Mr Herbert W. Armstrong
(Apostle of the Worldwide Church of God)

In my early teens I studied the Jehovah’s Witnesses teachings and eventually the Seventh Day Adventist church which I was involved with in my late twenties.  Also I delved into many basic protestant groups such as Baptist, Calvinism, etc. etc. and once worked at Sunrise Valley Baptist Church in San Jose California. I could list pages of different denominations I studied and worked with. ~

I was very attracted to much of what the Worldwide Church of God taught. I cannot list all of the studies and denominations in this paper because it would amount to over a 1000 page book. The purpose of this paper is to bring you up to my studies in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [Mormon Church]. I began my studies with the Mormons in San Jose California while attending San Jose Bible College [now ‘William Jessup University’]. They visited me while I was living at my aunt’s house. I had many visits and developed a great friendship with them. The seed was planted. ~

Many years went by after this and I ended up studying many world religions into my late twenties. I got involved in occult studies just before I turned 30 years old. I do not wish to publically list the occult and mystic organizations that I have been involved with. Again in my late 30’s I revisited the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and at age 37 I was baptized in the 8th Ward of the Modesto California church near where I then lived. I received the Holy Ghost through the “laying on of hands” and eventually the Aronic Priesthood. I was able to administer the Holy Sacraments in the church and it was a wonderful experience. I stopped attending after some time and got back involved in the world religions. I do not know why I would do this after receiving such great blessings but God always has a plan. I felt the need to go deeper and deeper into spiritual knowledge. I studied the Hindu religions and at one time dabbled in the Hare Krishna movement. ~

Eric W. King appears in the Modesto Cal Bee Newspaper 

On Saturday, November 19th 2005 the California Modesto Bee newspaper printed a full two page article complete with color pictures of me in my Hare Krishna attire. I had become an ISKON “monk”. I was the first to bring the Hare Krishna movement to the attention of the city of Modesto California. (George Lucas author and movie producer of the famous Star Wars movies went to school and grew up in Modesto. I too basically grew up in Modesto California.) ~

You can imagine how my Mormon friends took this. I was visited by them after the article was printed. I could not fully explain my dilemma in regards to my urge to experience so many different spiritual paths. Many also from the numerous churches that I had studied with in Modesto also came knocking on my door asking why. I really couldn’t give a solid answer. ~

Moving ahead and continuing to skip many, many details of my intricately detailed and busy life we come to a time when I got away from my religious studies and dabblings I got my first dog, Shiloh. He was a beautiful Belgian Malinois and I moved to the mountains. I moved up near Yosemite National Park and lived in a trailer while getting a job working on houseboats. I got my dog Shiloh a companion while living there, Tosha (a terrier mix). It was here that I began to recall my contacts with what I believe to be an extraterrestrial since I was very young. Many might call this figure an imaginary character but to me he has always been very real. It was through constant prayer to God and contact with this “angel” that I began to feel called to something that I could not fully understand. ~

Belgian Malinois

I eventually got married and it was a beautiful experience. My wife and I lived on a lake and we had many wonderful times together. The next news I am about to give is extremely sad. My wife, who was younger than me, passed away [crossed through the veil] from an extreme and unfortunate event which I wish not to discuss. I lost her. We had both been attending the Seventh Day Adventist Church for a year. We were both Saturday Sabbath keepers however we did study the Book of Mormon together and were both avid bible students. We both would have went to the Worldwide Church of God because it was a Saturday Sabbath church also which had many more agreeable doctrines we shared but that church no longer existed. My wife and I also went once a month to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [Mormon Church]; they have a mountain “branch” church near where we lived with only a few members. ~

After the tragedy of losing my wife I lived in my lake home for one more year with just my dogs. Then it was time to move on. ~

So this brings me to a new home in the mountains, my two dogs and me, Shiloh and Tosha. I got a decent job and on my days off I began to study Worldwide Church of God material and Mormon material intensely. My grandmother some years back had become a Mormon and she had sent me many books and letters which I found and began to read again. Before she died she called me on the phone and gave me a powerful testimony of her faith. Only my grandmother and I (on my father’s side) were baptized in the Mormon Church. My grandmother did “temple work” in Arizona. She was an active member of the church and I have many of her temple records. ~

Eric King with Mormon brothers 2005

Skipping much of my personal history and relationships I landed myself and my dogs in the mountains of Yosemite National Park California and was blessed with a decent job. It was at this point that I started studying the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W. Armstrong’s theology again with the thought of becoming a missionary for the work that God was revealing to me. Having found an old box which contained all my old studies from years past I was ready to get busy. Through prayer and many unusual experiences [spiritual experiences] I felt drawn to do something with the knowledge that God [Divine Intelligence, Heavenly Father] had given me. ~

I began walking a beautiful forest path with my dogs on my days off. The beauty of the forest; trees, dears, birds and streams of water drew me closer to God. I continued my studies and prayed much. At night I witnessed beautiful stars and extraterrestrial crafts often with an occasional night time visit from Anoh. I sometimes felt as though it was all a dream. ~

Yosemite & Groveland California, Land of Mormon

Anoh taught and instructed me about the things of science and the spiritual connection to it all. He still does this. Basically he teaches a sort of metaphysical reality of things. I was informed through him about the reality of twelve men that exist on our planet which are the modern Twelve Apostles [not the visible apostles of the LDS church]. ~

On October 7th 2011 two of the sacred apostles approached me dressed in white garments in the woods while I was walking along my river path, the river being called “the waters of Shiloh” because all waters that melt down from Yosemite are called “the waters of Shiloh”. These two people are of the secret 12 and they talked with me. They had followed me on the path as I was walking my dogs and praying. They smiled and introduced themselves. They had a light around them which was glorious. They reaffirmed my Aronic priesthood and my baptism which occurred on September 3rd 2005 in the Mormon Church. They walked me into the “waters of Shiloh” and pushed me under the water to symbolically wash me of my past and anoint me for this new mission. ~

This did not make me an apostle, I am not. This sacred meeting appointed and anointed me for the mission which lie ahead. Also it confirmed my visitations from the extraterrestrial Anoh who has also been guiding me since my younger years. ~

They renewed my Aronic priesthood and conferred upon me the Melchizedek priesthood. They gave me some detailed instruction and walked away. Of course I will never forget that day. ~

I have written many other details of my experiences that are recorded in the SOCT papers which will help one understand the depth of this great message for planet earth. So today I continue on in my mission to share the Science Of Christian Thought. I am by no means perfect and my family can certainly attest to that but I am not discouraged. By God’s grace, Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit I will press on…for that is what I have been called to do. May God richly bless you for reading this and may you too follow the path that Heavenly Father has laid before for you. Amen ~

~Sir Eric William King (December 4th 2016)

Eric William King

New revelations have come forth in this typical Laodicean era of the Church of God:

*It has been revealed to the Church of the First Born that all waters which melt down from the mountains of Yosemite National Park are called the “waters of Shiloh”. Yosemite and Groveland California is also called “the land of Mormon”. ~

*The state of Missouri is the home of Zion and many of the saints shall gather there in the last days. A latter-day temple shall soon be built there. ~

*Yosemite National Forest and the town of Groveland California contain the waters of Shiloh where much of the latter-day revelations are pouring down on.  When it rains over these areas it is called “manna from heaven”. ~

*Sir Eric William King is the vessel through which much of the current latter-day revelations are coming to and through. ~

*Christians who move to these areas and accept the Seventh Message will receive great blessings. ~

*We have entered the typical Laodicean era since October 7th 2011. ~



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