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Friday, December 9, 2016

My Struggle with the Book of Mormon

My Struggle with the Book of Mormon

Have you ever read the Book of Mormon? If not why? How can you judge a book that you have never read? I invite you to read the Book of Mormon now while there is yet time. It will change your life if you come to it with prayer and intent to truly learn.

1-Even after my special call to do the ministry work that I am doing a fought against accepting the Book of Mormon. Even after receiving revelations from angels and two sacred and secret apostles I denied the book to some extent. When I first began my ministry I talked bad about the book and cut down the Mormon Church with hateful words. In one of my first ministry books I didn’t even mention my encounter with the two secret apostles. Why? ~

2-I had attended, was baptized and received the priesthood in the Mormon Church back on September 3rd 2005 and now here I was in the year 2011 throwing a fit. I was frightened about what others would think about me. In the past whenever the Book of Mormon was brought up in a conversation immediately people laughed and were turned off of anything that I would say next. I was ashamed. They were much more interested in my alien encounters than the Book of Mormon. ~

3-I had stopped attending the church for a long time and now was caught up in my personal Worldwide Church of God studies when Heavenly Father called me to start the COGSR ministry [which later became SOCT]. ~

4-Pride prevented me from accepting the Book of Mormon as the word of God. It wasn’t until just over 3 years after being called that I began to change. Why would God call me to a ministry which involved the Book of Mormon when He knew I couldn’t stand talking about it? ~

5-3 and ½ years after I began the ministry which God called me to I received a visit from Anoh. One night while praying in my mountain home I heard a thud near my sliding door. My dog Tosha popped her head up from a deep sleep on the couch. All of a sudden my door opened and in walked the being Anoh. Tall and dressed in light he stood still looking at me. I fell down to the ground. I always feel great respect and awe in his presence. I had not seen him in a long time. ~

6-He spoke: “It has been expedient that your faith be tried, this trial is almost over. Why reject that which has brought you more light than ever before? Accept the Living Word with fullness. Let this transmutation purify you. Pray always lest that wicked one have power in you, and remove you out of your place. After this voice pierced my soul I blacked out. I awoke with my dog Tosha lying next to me up against my body asleep and covered with a blanket. ~

7-I immediately prayed and asked God to forgive me. I had not been visited in some time and I had become too comfortable and relaxed with myself. I had taken for granted all that Heavenly Father had done; was doing and would yet do in my life. I was most certainly unworthy. I cried. From that moment on I began to shout out the beautiful message found in the Book of Mormon and continue to do so to this day. ~

8-It is only when one reads the Book of Mormon with the promptings of the Holy Spirit that he or she will become enlightened with its most precious truth. Every letter in the Book of Mormon has an invitation to eternity with Heavenly Father. I invite you to explore its pages even today. ~

~Eric W. King (From: Seventh Message Testimonies, 1 - December 8th 2016)

~Prophet Eric William King 2014~

Eric William King

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