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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Socrates: Thoughts regarding Divine Intelligence

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Socrates: Thoughts regarding Divine Intelligence

Socrates: Do you believe you have some intelligence?

Aristodemus: Go on asking questions and you will get your answer!

Socrates:  Do you suppose that there is nothing intelligent anywhere else, knowing as you do that what you have in your body is only a small portion of all the earth there is, and only a little water out of a vast volume of it…Do you really believe that by some lucky chance you have appropriated mind for yourself, and that it alone exists nowhere else, and that the orderliness of these vast masses of infinite multitude is due, as you say, to a kind of intelligence?

~Xenophon, Memoirs of Socrates I.4.4ff, CS p.91

Atheist: I cannot believe that which I cannot see.

Socrates:  You can’t see your mind either, although it controls your body. On that principle you can say that you do nothing by design and everything by chance…My good friend, get it into your head that your own mind, which is inside you, controls your body as it wills; and in the same way you must believe that the intelligence which is in the universe disposes all things just as it pleases. If you accept that your vision has a range of several miles, you must not suppose that the eye of God lacks the power to see everything at once; and if you accept that your mind can take thought about affairs both here and in Egypt and in Sicily, you must not suppose that the wisdom of God is incapable of taking thought for all things at the same time.”

~ Xenophon, Memoirs of Socrates I.4.4ff, CS p.91

Apostle Paul concludes: “Ever since God created the world, His everlasting Power and deity – however invisible – have been there for the mind to see in the things He has created.” ~Romans 1:19, 20

“Jesus Christ came to heal our relationship with Divine Intelligence. He lived an exemplary life on how to keep the Ten Commandments properly and through a special power which He gifts to those who truly repent we can be changed, converted to become literal [fully realized] children of God. The gift that He gives to true Christians is called the Holy Spirit. It is everywhere all at once but we are still asked to accept this gift to permanently dwell inside of us. It is the mind channel of God, Divine Intelligence living and working through us.” - E.W.King, “True Christianity” ~

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