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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Church Jesus Built has Order

The Church Jesus Built has Order
Jesus Christ built His church…thus He makes the rules, not man.

False Churches deny the Spiritual Gifts and reject the Latter-day Prophet

The New Testament Scriptures teach us that God built His church. The Christian Church of Christ has set over it: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. Does your current church have apostles? Does your current church have prophets? If not you are not in the Church of Jesus Christ. Today’s churches do not believe that God is still speaking to the church collectively. One says: “God showed me such and such…God told me such and such.” To the fallen churches God is only for them individually and not for the church collectively. The fact of the matter is God does speak to His church collectively through modern prophets and apostles. God’s church is ruled from the top down not from the bottom up. ~

One True Church – One True Christ

To most of those who do not understand true Christians [true Christians: Seventh Message Mormons] it seems that what we as Christians teach sounds too general, or so called “black & white” issues. For instance, when we as Christians say “Everybody, without Jesus Christ is lost!”…this just sounds too simplistic. Isn’t life much more complicated? ~

We could pose this question; “Can humans live without oxygen?” The answer is of course, NO! This is proof that ONE answer can apply to an entire group. The Christian and non-Christian could admit that dogmatists may find it extremely easy to become anti-social. I mean, if one demands that his or her way is always right and another’s always wrong it is hard for this person to be social in groups of diversity of thought, motivation and action. ~

As Christians we can rise above the personality disturbance which might cause one to become anti-social. The true Christian understands that factual spiritual revelation can only be given by God and not by man; the true Christian has nothing to ultimately prove. So please understand…the True Christian is at peace in tuff environments. Through the power of Christ the true Christian is able to maintain emotional stability and remain at peace even with those who disagree with Christian thought and action [Mind of Christ Action ~ MOCA –pronounced “mocha”]. ~

Does God offer Absolute Reality? One Truth?
A message to the pragmatic and relative minded!

As true Christians in the one church that Jesus Christ built, the Church of God, we believe in ONE GOD and we believe that our ”one God” has ultimate truth! The original Worldwide Church of God has always taught that we must go to God’s word to find the Truth. We, as all true Christians, have searched and continue to search our Heavenly Father’s word for the truth. God loves us and doesn’t leave us in the dark. The Bible promises us: “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” [James 1:5] ~

We must ask without doubting that God has the answer to our dilemma. God wants us to come to Him and to ask Him. He is more than willing to give us an answer. Jesus said; “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” [Matthew 7:11-12] God knows exactly what you need….He gives the Truth. ~

If we have no absolutes how does one make a decision about what is true? How does one make a correct moral decision? Can we be accurate in our moral decisions? Most believe in always applying the doctrine of pragmatism. This doctrine teaches that if it “seems practical” and if it “seems to work” then it must be correct. The pragmatist has the attitude that; “If it is workable, it must be right.” If you call yourself Christian and accept the idea that there can be no absolute truth then you are a pragmatist and not a Christian. ~

There are times when we can use common sense, or should I say - find something that works and is practical but at the same time does not go against God’s moral standard. But should moral issues be handled by a pragmatic attitude? No! Not if you are a true Christian. ~

So what I am about to reveal right now I ask you to seriously think on this point…here it is: If you believe only in relativism, pragmatism, and probability then that leaves everything, including human psychology ‘up in the air’. ~

Now read that again and think very carefully. What would this do to your idea of God? If there are many interpretations of the ONLY TRUE GOD what does that do to truth? Wow! Unfortunately the academic world has drilled children with the pragmatic fanaticism so much so that they have an identity crisis not only with themselves but also with God. When you grab the phone book an look up the word “church” in the ‘Yellow Pages’ what do you find? A pragmatic approach to Christianity. Nobody can be sure of anything anymore. Look at all the “salvation plans” offered by fallen apostate Christendom. I thought Jesus said that He would build His church? Doesn’t He have only one true church? Why all the confusion? ~

(If you are reading this I urge you to listen to all of our audio files starting with audio file one. Read our Biblical studies about the true Church. Here you will get the proper information.) ~

Children are shooting children in the schools because they are experiencing the ‘fruit’ of the pragmatic doctrine. They do not know who they are or where they came from and their parents are never around or are on drugs. While the parents do their own thing they place their child in front of the TV playing a violent video game. Why not? Nothing is real anymore. We here at SOCT have been warning about this distorted behavior for over two years now. Is anybody listening? ~

Extreme relativism leaves the psychologist and scientist with no firm basis for knowing what is true about man. The children are taught uncertainties in every issue. There is no concrete or static moral truth anymore. They are told; “Just do what feels right.” All are placing feeling and emotion above logic and reason…ultimately above True Reality. ~

Assuming absolute truth is nonexistent and unattainable leaves one with the feeling that they must answer to no one. “I do what I want…get out of my way!” But here is the other dilemma which haunts these types. God has placed intuitive moral perceptions in all people. So when they do wrong they repress their guilt. This does not mix with extreme relativism. In fact, it creates volcanic behavior! Unless guilt is properly dealt with through Jesus Christ it makes for all kinds of diseases…mostly mental. ~

Please continue your studies here at SOCT. We provide an overview and evaluation of true Christian Thinking. We look beyond the dilemmas of psychology and offer the true Christian Hope for this fallen world.

~Prophet Eric W. King

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