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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Holy Spirit does not have a body

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The Holy Spirit does not have a body

The Holy Spirit has a personality so why is he not a “person”? Or is He? We try and clear things up in this SOCT paper. Of course this is a short paper and much, much more can and will be said regarding the Holy Spirit. Please read and share.

SOCT has always taught that the Holy Spirit is not a person…but wait? What do we mean by this? The fallen Roman Church devised a concept about who God is and this false concept has become popularly known as “the Trinity”. Many denominations throw around the word “trinity” not realizing that some denominations have slightly different takes on just what this means. ~

The Holy Spirit is given gender in the Bible. The Holy Spirit speaks in the Bible. So is the Holy Spirit a person? Yes and no. The Bible declares that God is “spirit” and those who worship him worship him “in spirit and truth”. (John 4:24) As a Mormon Christian I understand that the Holy Spirit does not have a body like the Father and the Son so in this sense the Holy Spirit is not a person. ~

Yes. Heavenly Father and the “first begotten Son” (Jesus Christ) actually have glorified bodies and man is created in their image with a body of his own. We do not like to use the word “trinity” because of all the baggage that comes with it. The Council of Nicaea in AD 325 came up with the concept of three persons being God. You must understand that this means 300 plus years after the gospel of the kingdom was preached some decided to redefine God and who He was.~

The Bible and the Book of Mormon teach that all three [Father, Son & Holy Spirit] are “one in agreement”. In this way they are one. We prefer to call this the Godhead. The Holy Spirit can reach everywhere and thus we refer to the Holy Spirit as a “power” and or “the power of God”. Also the Holy Spirit can share a portion of Him with others and impregnate our souls with the presence of God. ~

The Holy Spirit [Holy Ghost] does have a distinct personality which makes Him a person but again, he does not have a body…He is pure Spirit. Though we refer to the Holy Spirit as a “power” and a “force” He is still a being endowed with attributes and powers of Deity. In the past we have overly stressed the Holy spirit as being only the “power of God” and or the “force, creative power of God”. In doing so we have miss taught the reality of this great Personage. ~

The Holy Spirit teaches and guides the Christian and sometimes non-Christian. He testifies of Christ. He is capable of manifesting Himself in forms and figures, even as man. To truly understand we must segregate His person and powers. ~

This is what SOCT officially teaches regarding the “person” issue of the Holy Spirit. ~

~Peace profound!

NOTE: The Holy Spirit is usually gifted to another by a person who already has the gift through the "laying on of hands" and prayer. Latter-day revelation informs us that God in this last Seventh Church Era is "pouring out" His Spirit on those who ask without the laying on of hands. If one has enough faith they can receive the Holy Spirit in this manner. ~

Eric William King

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