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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

True saints abstain from Alcohol and other substance abuse

SOCT Paper 33

True saints abstain from Alcohol and other substance abuse.
As a woman I have seen how some men have used alcohol to take advantage of women. I have had struggles with substance abuse in the past. After becoming a true Mormon Christian I have left all abusive substances and now live in reality. The latter-day prophet Eric King has become a beacon of hope to me regarding this issue. God could not use him until he too stopped playing around with such substances. Please read and share. ~ Kimberly Wright

True Saints of God abstain from drinking alcohol. It is a struggle for some. You hear people saying things like: “A little glass of wine is good for your heart.” Well, a glass of fresh water, fruits and vegetables, wheat, good rest and reading God’s word is much healthier. Man will come up with every kind of excuse to drink something that affects the way they think. Drinking alcohol makes one think irrationally and escalates the emotions above the thinking and reasoning that makes one sane and operating in reality. ~

As a woman I can remember when I was younger while on certain dates…men who tried to offer me a glass or two of wine. Why? To make me more vulnerable. When I became a true Mormon Christian I started to obey the Words of Wisdom. I started making better decisions. My health got better and it proved to me that Heavenly Father truly cares about me. ~

Prophet Eric William King has struggled in the past with drinking before he was called to be the Seventh Church Era prophet [on December 12th 2016]. As a matter of fact God could not use him as a prophet until he started obeying the Words of Wisdom. It is very difficult for many Humans to humble themselves regarding the Words of Wisdom. All of us had to pray without ceasing in order to escape the hold of substance abuse. If you are a true Christian you will not take into your “tabernacle” [human physical body] substances that will destroy it and make you think irrationally. ~

Also, prophet Eric King reveals that all true saints must stay away from marijuana and illegal drugs. These are put before our children as the food of Satan. Drugs are destroying our family, friends and children. True saints will rebuke the offer of such substances. We wish to live in reality and not pollute our minds. Jesus Christ never taught His followers to get drunk, do drugs, smoke pot etc. Dear saints, Wake up! ~

Though man may come up with his or her excuses to take into their bodies such substances…we will not give into their deceptions. May God continue to give His true saints the power to always overcome. ~

~May you gain peace profound, Sister Kimberly Wright

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  1. Updated and revised:

    Because of this fact we also believe that America has been given a record of its own ancient Scripture which we recognize to be what is called “The Book of Mormon”. This record of ancient Scripture was found by the prophet Joseph Smith back on September 22, 1823. Please understand that though we recognize this record of Scripture WE ARE NOT MORMONS in the regular sense of the title. After the death of Joseph Smith the church scattered as it always does after the death of a great leader. We do not believe in any other prophets after Joseph Smith accept for Sidney Rigdon and Eric King. We do recognize Brigham Young to be an authentic prophet but not in the same sense as Joseph Smith and it was he who led the group of people which latter on became known as “The Mormon Church” and what is today called “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. So again, though we recognize the Book of Mormon to be an actual scriptural record of ancient America we do not call ourselves Mormons in the regular sense. ~