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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Who is in the Celestial Kingdom now?

Who is in the Celestial Kingdom now?

Most all people who die go to the Spirit world, one of its two sections. There is paradise and there is “spirit prison”. Spirits containing identity seeds go to paradise and there they are at peace without their resurrected bodies. Those who have done evil and or rejected the gospel of Jesus Christ go to spirit prison. The Christian spirits in paradise are still able to do mission work and preach and teach to the spirits who have never heard of Jesus Christ or the gospel. ~

As far as the Kingdom of Glory is concerned we understand that there are three. One after the glory of the “sun”, one after the glory of the “moon” and one after the glory of the “stars”. ~

“There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory. So also is the resurrection of the dead” (1st Corinthians 15:41,42) ~


“I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth ;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.” (2nd Corinthians 12:2) ~

And there are also subdivisions within each glory. Jesus stated: “In my Father’s house are many mansions...” (John 14:2) ~

There are still spirit saints in the highest glory, that of the Celestial. Some of these are saints who have not left that glory and are working there and many are still awaiting a human body that they may come to planet Earth and participate more directly in the Great plan of Salvation. There are different degrees of angelic beings going through all glories, in and out and ministering [this includes all spiritual Hierarchies]. Some even coming to Earth. We all lived with Heavenly Father before we came here to this planet. We made the conscious choice to come to planet Earth so that we might gain free agency and come to our Heavenly Father by free-will choice and gain the experience of mortality. ~

Just as Apostle Paul was taken up to the Celestial Kingdom in vision (or literally, “in the body”) while on this Earth so the ancient prophet Elijah, the apostle John and others who were given power over death through and by Jesus Christ may sometimes go to the celestial kingdom. We know that apostle John stays mostly here on planet Earth. Jesus granted him the right to continue to work here until the second coming of Christ. On December 12th 2016 Apostle John and Prophet Elijah appeared to the latter-day prophet Eric W. King. They descended from the celestial kingdom with a special commission. This commission was given to Eric and he was called forth to become the official latter-day prophet of our current Seventh Church Era…the last church era. ~

All true saints who have obeyed the fullness of the gospel will enter into the Celestial kingdom. Children who have died before the age of accountability [8} years old] will also enter into the Celestial kingdom. Please understand that there are three major degrees within the celestial kingdom. Also you must understand that latter-day revelation confirms that within each glory there are opportunities to excel in your spiritual growth and ascend to new levels. We never stop learning and growing in the spiritual realm. ~

The Kingdom of Glory just below the highest, Celestial Glory, will have visitations of Jesus Christ. Many in this section of the kingdom will be those of numerous denominations of Christianity who either rejected (because of the craftiness of men) or never received the fullness of the gospel. ~

Those below this kingdom of glory, those of the Telestial glory, will be mostly of those who did not receive the fullness of the gospel nor the testimony of Jesus Christ. Many will enter this glory after having been redeemed from spirit prison, which is sometimes called hell. ~
Just as parents understand the levels of growth when it comes to their children so Heavenly Father works with us in the spiritual realm so that we too can continue to mature and grow. Children may start out in preschool, move to kindergarten, first grade, second grade and so forth. This is an eternal law. Just as educated people would find it difficult to live with a heroin addict or just as a nice Christian family would not want to be unevenly yoked living in a drug and crime infested area so are there divisions of glory so that everybody ends up going where they deserve and where they can get along. ~

Ghosts and Reincarnation

There are Divine Laws in the Spirit World. These laws are managed by the Hierarchies. SOCT outlines “seven seats” or positions of differing biological and spiritual beings which make up what we call the Hierarchies [there are ten major divisions]. Under the authority [ultimately of Divine Intelligence (God)] decisions are made as to what the next course of each spirit should be after death [loss of the physical body]. All disembodied spirits upon death must take their own individual course due to the fact that all are individual personalities and all are a product of their own decisions. ~

You Have Only One Personality

Some Identity Seeds (spirits) are allowed to come back to planet earth within a 120 year period to take on a new body [reincarnate]. Not all spirits are allowed to do this. This is based on what they might need to assist them in further growth. SOCT does NOT teach that the Identity Seed that returns in a new body does so with a “new personality”. Your personality is eternal and is who you truly areYou never leave your “person” [personality]. What happens in reincarnation is continued character growth. ~

Some spiritual groups and movements teach that you take on a “new personality” if and when you reincarnate, this is false. ~

Many disembodied spirits are allowed to return to earth if they need to work on something which may help them before the resurrection. They may return in a physical body [reincarnation] or an etheric body [ghost]. Ghost entities usually take on portions of their old etheric bodies. This means that they can maintain a subtle material or physical body at the quantum level of existence. These spirits are what many popularly call “ghosts”. ~

Not All Spirits Return

Spirits from both Paradise and Purgatory are allowed to reincarnate if circumstances permit. One thing that you must understand is that not everybody needs to reincarnate. Some spirits stay and do work in Paradise or Purgatory and never return to our planet. ~

Everything in the Spirit World is bound by law and circumstances just as it is here in our physical (material) world. Nothing is done arbitrarily; all is done in Divine Order. ~

Some Spirits Come from Other Planets

Another very important fact for you to understand is that fact that some Identity Seeds which come to earth come from other planets within our universe. This is also based on what that spirit might need as far as experiential growth is concerned. Divine Intelligence is looking after every soul and knows what each needs to further their chances of proper growth. ~

Interdimensional Communication

There is also what is called interdimensional communication. This means that spirits [identity seeds] in other dimensions, which includes the Spirit World and Ghost entities, can communicate with you through mind channels. Even lost pets may do this. Every living thing has an Identity Seed and all spirits are at different points on the path of ascension. ~

Communicating this way is not recommended for those who do not have the gift of the Holy Spirit. People who do not have the Holy Spirit do not have the proper discernment regarding this issue. Many fallen spirits can masquerade as dead loved ones and fill a person’s mind with all sorts of disinformation. Unless you have gone through the proper conversion process interdimensional communication is not recommended. ~

~ Please continue your studies here at Science Of Christian Thought.

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