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Friday, January 13, 2017

Communication Cycle ~Triple Concurrence

SOCT Paper 106

Communication Cycle
~Triple Concurrence

Here is another “SOCT awareness” exercise for socters to practice. I like to use this technique in correspondence with the SOCT triple ‘A’ technique. This has helped me sharpen my mind and thinking capabilities. Enjoy! – Edwin Hoyt

SOCT teaches a communication cycle which we refer to as Triple Concurrence. This is how it works: When you say anything to somebody that you are in communication with it always ends on a “conclusion point”. Let me give you an example; ~

Person one: “How are you doing today?”

Person two: “I am doing great!”

Person one: “That’s good.”

Now we must understand that sometimes the person who instigated the communication will leave the third or conclusion point open by not responding. This always means that the communication line is still open and in fact this silence is the conclusion point. ~

Sometimes the person who instigated the communication will not end with a word or words but will end instead with a facial expression or even let out a breath or do some kind of body movement which will amount to the conclusion point. Here is an example; ~

Person one: “How are things going?”

Person two: “Okay, I guess.”

Person one: (simply gives a smile back)

The “smile back” actually completes the cycle and ends the triple concurrence. All communication usually ends in triple concurrence, or a conclusion point. If you listen to two people communicate and listen close you will hear nothing but triangles: start, middle, conclusion. ~

Triple Concurrence:

Person one: “I was going to clean my car today.” (starting point)

Person two: “My car is dirty too.” (intersecting point)

Person one: “do you want to join me? We can wash our cars together?” (a conclusion)

This is an example of how all communications are triangular.  Even if the conclusion point remains blank, no signal, it simple means that the communication is open. In that sense it is a response, a conclusion. So we could understand all communication as a series of triangles. ~

1-Union in action (starting point) ~

2-Intersecting point (first response) ~

3-Conclusion (cycle complete) ~

Of course the one you instigate the communication with must truly notice your attempt for the cycle to begin. If the point you are trying to communicate with does not recognize an attempted communication then no triple concurrence can occur. ~

I hope you listen to others and begin to notice this. The reason why Science Of Christian Thought asks that you practice this sometimes is because it helps a person become a better listener. Science Of Christian Thought has many techniques that teach awareness. We hope you try this along with other SOCT techniques. All are helpful to your spiritual growth. ~

~May you gain Peace Profound!

~Prophet Eric William King (January 13th 2017) 


*Paper 45: Communication Analysis

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