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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Getting in touch with Yourself – Part One

SOCT Paper 126

Getting in touch with Yourself – Part One

Science Of Christian Thought teaches one to look at who they really are from the inside out. I would like to do a four part series on this topic which I believe will help many who are having a hard time with this issue. These short papers will include a brief instruction and an exercise which may help you in this process.  ~

Many people are so concerned about what others think about them that they find it extremely difficult to find their own selves. Their energy is spent on everyone else. This could be called self-disconnection.  Sadly many people go about trying to please or impress others so much so that they are disattached from their own needs, wants, and feelings. We might call this condition a sort of spiritual blindness. ~

If you think that you might fall somewhat into this category then please take heed. People who spend most of their time feeling the need to impress and or help others are controlled by their “Performer”. SOCT has a doctrine called VSP which talks about the usual three personas that each of us are operating under. Those overly attached to the “inner performer” have a difficult time finding their true condition and or true self. They may even constantly have a hard time knowing what they want. Most emotions are discarded and thrown into the “holy place”, the subconscious mind. There they collect as trash and SE’s (Sinful Experiences). ~

Sadly when one is operating solely on the inner performer the only emotions that usually surface are painful and there is a sense of emptiness. Fear, guilt and shame come sometimes at full force to such types. ~

Another danger that occurs in this situation is that the person has no sense of proper boundaries. They almost are willing to help and please anybody. They take on the feelings of others and the troubles of others so much that they have lost themselves in all of the confusion. Lastly they may even feel responsible for others being angry at them; sad, upset, and lonely, etc. ~

Your First Exercise

If you feel that this type of behavior might explain your condition or at least a great portion of your condition here are some important things that you can learn to do. To heal from such a process may take time but by using the Violet Flame exercises everyday along with your personal study of SOCT papers you have a greater chance of speeding up your recovery. The first thing that you must do is make a list of three things that you like to do for yourself. ~

Three Things that You Like To Do

Make a short list of three things that you like to do. It could be watching a favorite TV show, walking the dog, eating a meal at a certain time, reading, etc. If you cannot think of any specific three things than list three things that you would like to do on a daily basses. Keep your room or house clean every day, spend time doing artwork or playing a music instrument, writing, etc. ~

Setting External Boundaries

After you have found at least three things choose a time of day that you have free to accomplish one or more of these tasks. Once this is done decide with all your strength that during that time of day you will not be available to do anything with others. This may mean turning off your cell-phone. What this does is it allows you to begin to learn setting external boundaries. ~

Then learn to choose who you spend your time with. Is there a person who contacts you that you tag along with only because you feel alone? If there is person that you tag along with whom you really disagree with and don’t particularly like their language and lifestyle then why hang around such a person? Is there a person you hang around with who calls you only when he or she needs something like a ride to the store? You must learn to say NO to these people. “Sorry, I am busy today. Can’t help you today.” ~

Whenever you are invited into a situation ask yourself; “Will I be better for it? Will this upset me and be a waste of my time? Learn to ask yourself: “Do I really want or need to do such a thing?” ~

Another important thing to learn to do is to disattach yourself from those things that others do which have upset you. Let that be their issue and not yours. You can love somebody but that doesn’t mean you are responsible for their actions. Concentrate instead on your own actions and study Science Of Christian Thought every day. ~

Learn to say; “No”

The next time one of those so called friends dials you up for a ride to the store or needs something from you learn to say: “Sorry, I can’t do that I am busy doing something else (like spending important time with yourself).”  After you learn to say “no” to those who have been sucking all your energy you will feel so much freer. Saying no sometimes is just as important as saying yes. Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit as God directs His care for you first. Let God be that voice of your higher parent saying to you: “Laura, you must stay here and read or walk the dog. You cannot go with that person today.” Then simply be obedient to the voice of your inner Christ. ~

Again, you truly must study Science Of Christian Thought every day. To continue to develop healthy thoughts and a healthy lifestyle SOCT is there for you all the time. ~


Every morning when you get up say a prayer of thanksgiving. Thank God for another day and ask God to help you make the right decisions and know that He will. Then it is good to do a morning decree using the visualization of the violet flame. Sit upright in a conformable chair and say the following Violet Flame decree three times:

Today the Violet Flame protects me

I will not worry about pleasing others

I will spend quality time with myself

I am not responsible for others thoughts

Violet Flame clean me

Violet Flame free me

I am clean

I am free

Again, say this three times while in a relaxed position each morning after you say your personal morning prayers.  This is not a “selfish” practice. You still care about others and have feelings for others but remember, you are not their parent. Learn to change your thoughts when you feel that somebody is sucking you in. Change your thought to a violet flame decree or think about what you want to do latter in the day. Disattach yourself from the whining of others. Learn to be fully honest with your own needs and wants. You can still be in relationship with others but have boundaries. Do not let others take your own precious time away from you. Learn to enjoy time with yourself. ~

Spend more time finding out what really makes YOU happy. Spend time every day before the day ends sitting upright in a comfortable chair in a private place. Close your eyes and say a Violet Flame decree. Also, talk to God and learn to thank more than ask. Notice all that you have been so freely given; food, a roof over your head, warmth, a job etc. ~

Science Of Christian Thought can help you develop the healthy identity that you need. Having a healthy relationship with Divine Intelligence (God) and your own self is key to living the best life. Start to seek relationships with mature people who have boundaries themselves. Learn to be more relaxed with your true self and communicate honestly while at the same time remembering: You are not in control of what others do, say or think.  Smile; if no one smiles back that’s their loss. You are free to be you and they are free to be whoever. Rest in Divine Intelligence. ~

May you experience daily Peace Profound

~Sir Eric William King


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