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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting in touch with Yourself – Part Two

SOCT Paper 127

Getting in touch with Yourself – Part Two

Science Of Christian Thought teaches one to look at who they really are from the inside out. This is part two of a four part series. These short papers will include a brief instruction and an exercise which may help you in this process.  ~

Doubt and self-fear have prevented many people from living a constant happy life. Many people have developed mental blocks and have lived unconsciously when it comes to the things that they really need to work on. SOCT stresses being sober if you want to truly change. This means staying away from drugs and alcohol. The mind needs to run healthy. It surprises me that some people keep their car extremely clean, their room or house extremely clean but put marijuana and other bad substances into their physical vehicle. So Science Of Christian Thought will only truly work for the serious student, the student that truly takes care of his or her physical machine. Those who wish to avoid reality will never find it. ~

There are two things that we will look at in this short study. One is the subject of over generalization. All of us have been pre-programmed regarding certain issues and these things are hardwired (hard to see and change). These can be recognized by one simple word and that word is “all”. You hear people saying things like “all the people that belong to that church are crazy” or “all democrats don’t know how to properly think”. These are broad sweeping judgments that are not accurate. Just because one person likes the color blue does not mean that everybody likes the color blue. One Republican is not the speaker for “all” republicans. ~

Please notice how many times you might use the word “all” when talking about people or issues. We need to be conscious of the use of this word. We need to use discernment and awareness regarding the issue of over-generalizing. ~

Another way that people over generalize is in their interpretation of how things happen. One might say; “If I do that I always fail”. Or, “Every time I try that I fail thus I will always fail.” This is also a trap. Be careful when analyzing situations. Notice also how you use the word “always”. By noticing how you construct your thoughts through sentences you will begin to see that you may have painted yourself into many corners and thus you may feel trapped. Practice this awareness and change your perspective, walk into a better reality. ~

Another subject that we will look at is the subject of jumping to conclusions. We all fall into this problem more often than you might think. When we jump to conclusions we assume we totally understand what somebody else is thinking. Some store clerk girl might say: “Every guy that comes in here is a pervert.” Or some guy might say; “Every girl that says ‘no’ really means ‘yes’.” Both of these conclusions are obviously wrong. We sometimes have the habit of projecting one or more of our experiences upon others. Just because we have witnessed a bad situation more than once does not mean that we have the right to walk into a room [situation] and begin to project that past experience upon everybody else in the room. ~

When we do this we do what is called catastrophizing. This means that we always think the worst. We always project the negative outcome of a situation. This is a very unhappy way to live life. If you wake up and say; “Today is a bad day.” Then you will probably have a bad day. Please think deeply about what we have covered in this short SOCT study. I hope that this information will help all who have been lead here to read this. Please continue to study Science Of Christian Thought papers as I know that they will truly change your life for the better. ~

Here is a Violet Flame decree that you can practice regarding the subject matter that you have just read: ~

I am a being of Violet Fire

I will listen in love

I am a being of Violet Fire

I will speak the truth

I am a being of Violet Fire

In this flame of peace I am pure

~May you gain Peace Profound

~Sir Eric William King (January 24th 2017)

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