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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Getting in touch with Yourself – Part Three

SOCT Paper 131

Getting in touch with Yourself – Part Three

Science Of Christian Thought teaches one to look at who they really are from the inside out. This is part three of a four part series. These short papers will include a brief instruction and an exercise which may help you in this process.  ~

Many of us have taken rejection too personally. Sometimes we are rejected because of something bad that we did or said, in this case we should humbly accept our rejection and try to mend the problem. If we try and mend the problem and the person or persons do not accept well then, you have done what was right so move on. ~

There are other times when we feel rejected but do not know why. In such cases you can ask the person (if there is no hostility involved) why you got rejected. There are a lot of emotions involved when we feel rejected. One way that we can feel rejected is if we feel that we have been picked on. Somebody was talking about us and making fun of us. In this case it is their problem and not yours. People who purposely pick on others are sad people with a lot of personal issues. The best thing you can do for such a person or persons is pray for them and then change your mind channel to something else, do not waste your energy on such things. ~

That fact of the matter is you cannot make everybody like you. Each of us has our own interests, likes and dislikes. We live in a world of diversity. A mature human can respect (not laugh at) another person interests even though he or she may not share that interest - there is still a respect. You will know the person by their behavior. If somebody is showing you childlike disrespect such as name calling etc. Well, they are definitely not grown up yet mentally. ~

Remember also that rejection is experienced by and happens to everybody. No one is excluded from the feeling of rejection. Think of some famous people that have to deal with it on a daily bases. The president of the United States is hated for something every day. People devote entire websites and hate blogs just to focus on and attack certain people. I can tell you that people who do such things are not “spiritual” and they are certainly not lovers of God and truth. So do not take such people seriously at all, in fact get away from such and totally ignore them. ~

The short feeling of rejection is a waste of time. Think of all the good attributes that you have. Think of how you take care of your own personal life. You do and have things - respect yourself. If you are reading this you always have a friend here at Science Of Christian Thought. ~

If you learn to practice SOCT Karma Yoga you will get better at everything that you do and you will learn to better deal with false emotions. There are the Nine Achievements in SOCT Karma Yoga that you should try to achieve, live by every day. The Third Achievement states: ~


3- Proper Selfless Action

Third Achievement: So as we continue to move throughout the day let us work and move with no expectation of merit, fame or glory. If you are alive, breathing and can talk to Divine Intelligence anytime you wish, why ask for more? We get caught in the trap of wanting ”achievement awards” for all that we do. We have to accept that whether we receive merit or not for what we do, we have the inner peace of being One with God and in love with all that is good. If you give a smile to somebody throughout the day and they give you a bad look in return it has no authority or energy control over you. Our thoughts immediately go to what is good. ~


Learning to live by this achievement alone will strengthen you for the better. When dealing with rejection do not dwell on it, it is a waste of good energy. Do not go get drunk or use drugs. If you do that you are not helping yourself. By ignoring your emotions or trying to drown them out you create SE’s [Sinful Experiences] and you do not need SE’s. In fact you need to stay clear of all SE’s. You need to learn that when such bad emotions come to go into prayer. Know that Divine Intelligence sees and hears everything that everybody does. You could also learn a little Violet Flame decree to recite as many times as you need. Here is an example: ~

Though others simply do not understand

I have the Violet Flame at hand

Through the strength of Cosmic Love

I will rise above

The Violet Flame has taken all the bad

There is no room to be sad

The Violet Flame has made me glade

I walk in God’s strength

Remember, happiness is a choice of the “now”, right now! Once the feeling of rejection comes simply accept that it came and now, in the right now, transmute that emotion into thinking about something else. SOCT students have told me that they have learned not to ignore emotions when they come but to use that energy to think about something else that is productive and happy. Once you exercise your mind to do this it will happen all the time as your brain learns to open up healthier pathways of thought. This is the practice of Pathway Technology (Spiritual Alchemy). ~

Do not rely on others to tell you who you are. You know who you are in Christ. You know who you are in deed and action. Do not let others project their own weakness on you. Recognize when people are trying to do this and pray for them silently…it is they that have the issue, not you. Do everything - especially when entering a new relation - with no high expectations. Just be yourself, know your external and internal boundaries. Hold your ground when you must - and transmute the feelings of rejection (when they come) to that of something productive and just decide to be HAPPY. ~

~May you gain Peace Profound

~Sir Eric William King

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