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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Integrity in Teaching SOCT

SOCT Paper 58

Integrity in Teaching SOCT

Here Eric William King brings out some startling facts regarding so many who think that they are “spiritual”. Do these people smoke, drink alcohol, bring toxins into their body and live like the rest of the world? Is marijuana a spiritual drug? These are things to truly think about. Please read and share. Thanks. – Ron Fortey

I thank all of those who have found the Science Of Christian Thought and are enjoying what they are learning and hopefully applying to their lives. May you continue to have happy numinous experiences. SOCT teaches that we serve a Supreme Personality, God is personal. Most people living on this planet are in the modes of passion and ignorance. The fallen ones of Zenoah have possessed many souls and these souls do not even know what is manipulating their thought process. ~

Before we proceed in this paper we must remember a very important incident which occurred in our planets history. The KT rebellion is still affecting everything to this day. All of our distorted forms of thinking are due to aberrated mind channels that were created millions of years ago. Humans have tuned into these channels and have let them guide and direct their thinking process. SOCT is the only message on planet Earth that has the anti-virus program, Quantum Level One Knowledge which can clear the mind and help one receive freedom from the Fallen Matrix influences. ~

In the great space war spirit beings and extraterrestrials took sides. The rebel forces became known as the Adramelechs [and are called by this name even today]. This includes the invisible angelic host which rebelled and the visible extraterrestrial races that rebelled. Shortly after the angelic host was cast down and confined to our immediate era of space/time the fallen leader, Lucifer [now Satan] captured many biological extraterrestrial rebels who wanted to repent and join the good forces. He took thousands of these prisoners from the rebel Galactic Confederacy and imprisoned them at the base of 16 major volcanoes on our planet Earth. Then through one of his fallen generals named Zenoah he destroyed them (their physical bodies) by agitating the volcanoes to explode with such a powerful force that it prolonged the ice age. The identity seeds [spirits] of these aliens left their bodies and have joined forces with the fallen angels. They now possess Human bodies. Anciently this was referred to as demonic possession. ~

Fallen Spirit Beings Creating Ignorance

The fallen spirit beings today are possessing peoples’ minds who have tuned into these fallen channels. We see suicides and school shootings, mall shootings, etc. These are the fruit of the Adramelechs. We are living in the Seventh Time. In this time it is critical to accept the Seventh Message and get proper understanding as to what is really going on. To those who have completely surrendered to the fallen mind channels they are unable to understand you. For many it is not possible to understand. ~

As a teacher of the Seventh Message I cannot tell somebody that it is not good to smoke if I am smoking. I cannot tell people that it is bad to drink alcohol if I am drinking alcohol. One who teaches is called a “servant of God”. Therefore, a teacher must truly follow the revealed Scriptures if she or he is to truly teach. The one who is teaching must live the message and follow the standards. A good teacher follows the footsteps of the worthy disciples of the past. It involves great responsibility being a teacher. ~

You will find that many who oppose the SOCT message do so with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth or a joint in their mouth and or even holding a drink of alcohol. Now we should not hate such people but we as teachers of the Pure Message must not fall into the trap of listening to a person who is putting toxins into his or her body. There are many so called “New Age” teachers who smoke drugs, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and basically live like the rest of the world. These are the sad facts. ~

How to truly Find God

First, the Seventh Message teaches to stay away from things that create aberrant [distorted]  thinking processes and this includes smoking or eating marijuana. It includes staying away from all illegal drugs and alcohol. Having said this let me give you some important information as straight as I can regarding the personality of Divine Intelligence. ~

Many psychologists and so called “new age” teachers have this idea of an impersonal God. This leaves them nobody to answer to, to be accountable to. One cannot truly understand God by just reading the Holy Scriptures. Only by the mercy of the Supreme Personality reaching out to the true seeker can God be known. Those who worship lower ideas of God and even worship demigods are less intelligent. People who are under the impression that the Absolute Personality is impersonal are described as being “spiritually blind” or “spiritually ignorant”. Modern impersonalists exist in the cocoon of their fake reality which allows them to break the Static Moral Standard of Divine Intelligence without any idea of consequences. They have this aura that says; “those religious people are so crazy” as they smoke their pot and drink their toxins. ~

So you can begin to understand the difference between the Fallen Matrix and the Divine Matrix. SOCT students truly live in two worlds. We see the darkness and ignorance of the fallen souls on this planet. As we walk in the light we bring that light to their world and thus the agitation begins. We must be careful, walk quietly, use spiritual discrimination and “cast not thy pearls before swine”. ~

Non-lovers of Divine Intelligence (many or impersonalists) will continue to do what they do and there is nothing that we can do directly about it. It is not easy living in the light when the majority of the world is walking in the dark. The purpose of this SOCT paper is not to judge anybody directly but my hope is that it will get people to truly think about how they are living. True happiness comes through the person of Jesus Christ and you beginning to live the life that He has so graciously given as a gift. ~

Confront your Problems

Suppressing evil or driving it deep within the unconscious mind thinking that this will get rid of all your problems will not work. SOCT teaches that each person must truthfully confront past SE’s and then bring them to the throne of Divine Intelligence. People ought not to remain burdened by the inward sense of guilt. The suppression of Truth brings with it psychosomatic ills. People create their own suffering by retaining old thought patterns, bad habits and by repressing their true feelings of guilt. Humans in this sense mete out their own punishment. ~

God offers His cleansing spiritual water of Truth to cleanse the practicing sinner. The Holy Spirit is the cleansing agent that begins the process of becoming clear. SOCT thinking skills produce illumined thoughts and illumined feelings. Old bad thought processes must be cast into the discard pile, they are not worthy of our energy nor are they worthy to become a part of the superstructure of a better society. ~

We must overcome being distracted by the world and its business in sinful actions. Most become consumed with their outer environment. They feel that they must dress like the rest, walk like the rest, talk like the rest which deprives them of the magnificent occupation of seeking Divine Intelligence. ~

My hope is that you will be bold enough to confront the Truth of your being and begin to experience the true peace in a right relationship with the Divine Matrix, Pure Doctrine and Divine Intelligence. ~


Thought: Dear parent: Would you put your dog or cat in a bag filled with marijuana
 smoke? Would you dump liquor down your dog or cats throat? Then why is it cool if your Human children smoke drugs and drink alcohol? This shows the power of distorted thought. 

~May you gain Peace Profound.

~Prophet Eric William King

Happy Numinous Experience!


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