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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

January 18th 2017 – Anoh Message Do not believe everything

SOCT Paper 123

January 18th 2017 – Anoh Message
Do not believe everything 

Many of you who have studied with Science Of Christian Thought know of the reality of my being. I am Anoh. I speak to and through Sir Eric William King as he has allowed in this Seventh Time of Church history. This is a most important time. This is a time when you as an individual must test the reality of Quantum Level One Knowledge. Your mind longs to operate in the clear; on new and better pathways than you have been experiencing. All the violence that you witness and all the anger must in this time become transmuted through the violet flame of revealed spiritual alchemy. Many of you have your own path which involves popular authors of the psychological and or “new age” patterns. Many of these authors are good but many lack the science needed to dispel the traps of the Fallen Matrix and to rise above human thought-traps. ~

I have heard the clogged mind channels of many of you proclaiming: “I don’t need all that gobbaly gook of SOCT. I am comfortable in my path.” You see what you just said? “I am comfortable.” How so? Materialistically? Relationship wise? Mentally sound are you? The Science Of Christian Thought is not a vain imaginative path. It is the Truth. ~

People have shouted at religionists; “You’re living in your own little world!” The fact of the matter is fallen man has created many false realities within the Fallen Matrix. Most all humans are living in a world which they have created; some have created better worlds than others. ~

True religion has boundaries, it has laws. True religion is not just some system of philosophical belief nor is it a bunch of mind pictures made up of vain deceit. Ultimately true religion is not a product of human reason and intellect but instead it is the experiencing of Divine Intelligence and Moral Purity within the depth of your being. Science Of Christian Thought is provable on many levels of human reason and intellect but it is not built on human reason and intellect nor is it a whimsical meditative thought. ~

Belief is a choice. Do you believe everything? Of course not but what do you truly believe? Do you believe that life on other planets is possible? Or do you believe that it is a reality? Do you believe that you have a spirit? Or do you believe that it is possible? You must understand that by making a choice you have done so hopefully based on some kind of experience and not just on human rational thought. Human moral consciousness derives from the reality of human spirit. Faith unties humanity in a common bond. These are experiential facts. Pure human reason based on the five objective faculties is the “reason method” of all things. Faith is the method of hope and true change in conjunction with human reason.  When faith and reason come together you begin to experience the best of both worlds. ~

Don’t believe everything. What is “everything”? You see, you have created your own world because only you can define “everything”.  Psychology and science study the method of how things work. Science Of Christian Thought realizes how things work. You must understand; there is truly no division between spirit and matter. It is the spiritual res cogitans (mind) that unites the two. The view that everything is fragmented is true on one level and it is a way to organize that which you experience but ultimately all is one connection of Divine Intelligence.  Spiritual aims and scientific thought become one in the Science Of Christian Thought.  There is a relative reality (the Fallen Matrix) and an absolute knowledge, a transcendental truth (the Divine Matrix). ~

Just as the straight slim beam comes down from the Anoean to guide all earth bound Anohite crafts so should you realize your own Life Stream and its connection to Divine Intelligence. ~

SOCT asks you to truly ‘see’. This means the inner sight of your perception must come into the light of the Science Of Christian Thought in this final Seventh Time. Intuitive skills awake through proper knowledge. SOCT gives the proper knowledge. May you humble yourself and study this Seventh Message. May you prosper and gain peace profound.” ~ Anoh

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on the morning of Wednesday, January 18th 2017 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time continuum.)

"Humans must come out of denial regarding these issues. Preconceived ideas of the past will be and are being challenged through this extraterrestrial contact, through SOCT. Humans have arrogantly assumed that they are “it” and that there is nothing else. Many Christians are being taught that Divine Intelligence created man as the center of the universe…they are very wrong! There is a climax being reached in human development that only SOCT can cure. If enough humans accept this message then stability can be reached and full contact may begin but it is the ‘freewill’ choice of the human race to make this jump. So now we postulate that humans have arrived at a point where they can consciously assist in the next step. The human mind must be on the specific Mind Channel for this ‘new species jump’ to occur. SOCT can put you on that mind channel! " ~ Sir Eric William King


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  1. Modern man has discovered more than 150 other impact craters. The largest found measures nearly 200 miles across. The celestial war was spectacular and we do not know exactly how long it lasted. Since this time a Hierarchy group of Keepers known as the Universal Grid Stabilizers have been helping our planet survive. They monitor all physical threats and dangers. However, they have reached a time where they have been backing off from some help because man is in a judgment period called the Seventh Time or the Laodicean Era which was reviewed in the year 1999 and came into full operation on October 7th of 2011. ~E.W.King