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Friday, January 27, 2017

Jesus, the untold story

SOCT Paper 130

Jesus, the untold story
Jesus chose to Return, Learn and Save

By Sir Eric William King

Many people do not know the true story regarding Yeshua and his “missing years”. Jesus [Yeshua] did not start his ministry until he was 30 years old. Where was he for at least 18 years of his life? He appears out of nowhere with extreme spiritual wisdom and charisma. You may not realize this but many of Jesus’ original teachings were lost. Some of the early church “authorities” removed many of his teachings and hid and burned ancient transcripts which contained many of his sacred teachings. ~

Why? Because the teachings were too “deep” for the standard person, so thought the intellectuals of the time. They also didn’t want people to have Jesus as their “one Master”. They manipulated the teachings to make an “established church” complete with its own government. You now must answer to the church. They did not want the teaching of reincarnation out there; instead they wanted people to believe that they better obey the church now or forever be lost. Fear of “hell fire and damnation” became the tool of great deception and manipulation. ~

We should be concerned about our choices, especially about our spiritual choices, and the law of karma does teach that each of us will pay for every action that we commit but to use an eternal hell fire to force people to join a man-made institution? This was wrong. ~

Would you be surprised to learn that some of these ancient manuscripts were found? They were! This has been documented in many recent books published by scholarly archeologists and in many older books published by the mystery schools. The gospels that we currently have in our regular Christian Bible’s mention Jesus at age 12 and then he does not reappear until he is 30 years old. There are ancient Buddhist manuscripts that have been found which document that Jesus as a young lad traveled to India, Ladakh and Tibet where he learned the eastern mysteries. ~

Since the Dead Seas Scrolls were found in 1947 we have learned of the ancient mystery school of the Essenes. Scholars have found a close connection to the Essenes and the teachings of Jesus Christ. I would encourage you to look into these topics. They will help you understand many things that most are not being taught regarding just who Jesus was and indeed, Is. ~

In this SOCT paper you will yet learn even more very sacred and important information that has been given to us by the Anohites. The Anohites are extraterrestrial beings who have basically been the physical caretakers [the Good Keepers] of our planet since day one. So please pay attention. ~

The Christ

The title Christ means “the anointed”. Jesus at his baptism by John the Baptist officially became “the Christ”. The Christian Bible tells all Christians to have “the mind of Christ”. We also are “baptized”, “anointed” or “christed” when we become Christians. The true meaning of the title Christ is what has become aberrant. The ancient mystery schools have always taught that the title Christ was in reference to what some modernly call “the Higher-Self” or “the Christ-Self”. What does this mean? ~

The so called “Christ self” is supposedly the ‘true you’ minus your sinful nature. Christianity teaches that because of sin all humans have inherited sin. We all “fall short of the glory of God”. In other words, we do bad things sometimes. No matter how hard we try to be “perfect” we fail. Thus we all struggle with sin. The mystery schools have taught that if you get in touch with your “higher-self” and begin to listen to it you can change, become converted and ultimately lose your sinful nature and become what is called an “Ascended Master”…you in essence become the Christ. ~

Jesus became “the Christ” and was completely taken over by his “Christ Self”…he became a Master. In his teachings he wanted to demonstrate how we too could get “the mind of Christ” and become literal sons and daughters of God…little gods. The problem that “normal” Protestants or Catholicism has with this teaching is they say that there can only be one Christ and Jesus was that one and only Christ. Mystic Christians actually agree with them regarding this issue so it could be seen as a matter of semantics. The Mystic Christians who believe that all can attain the “Christ self” say that there is only one Christ because that very Christ is the One God individualized. ~

One God, One Christ

The ancient Christian Mystery schools teach that Christ is that portion of you that is God. So there is only one Christ but it is understood as if God scattered Himself into many pieces (Christ particles if you will) and he gave each piece a separate personality [Identity Seed]. Thus, God is experiencing himself at every level…He is omnipresent. So there is but One God and there is ultimately but One Christ. Now we can go a bit further in our understanding. Once one becomes “one” with his or her Christ-self they can even go further and ultimately become one with the Ultimate God. They can ascend in their Christ-self to the I AM THAT I AMGOD. ~

This is the basic understanding of what the Christian Mystery schools are teaching. Now it must be realized that all of this cannot be accomplished in just one is quite a task. So in order for one to find this enlightenment it takes many lifetimes or reincarnations.  So you can see how controversial these teachings are to your basic fundamentalist Christian. ~

It is said that many teachers who lived way before Jesus did had found this “inner Christ”. People say that Buddha found his Christ-self, Lord Krishna found his Christ-self and many other “spiritual masters” found their Christ-selves. This means that they no longer had to reincarnate, they became Ascended Masters. These Ascended Masters still teach us but they do so from the “spiritual plane” or even the “etheric realm”. ~

The Holy Spirit gift

Before one can even begin their journey to finding the inner-Christ or Higher-self they must be given a special gift. They must - on their own free will choice - choose to have this gift. It can never be forced on anybody. Before Jesus [Yeshua] the Christ ascended he promised to send his students the gift of the Holy Spirit. This gift is like fertilizer. It waters the seed of the Word or Logos. The Christian Bible teaches that “faith comes through hearing”, thus one must hear the Word of the Master in order to gain interest in this message. Once one begins to listen to the Master he or she can ask for true conversion and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. This gift is the conscious presence of the Christ Self beginning to work in you. As you study God’s word and pray the “seed of faith” will grow. Science Of Christian Thought teaches that once this happens the person becomes what we call a “midwayer”….they begin to listen to the inner mediator between them and the Almighty I AM THAT I AM…GOD. ~

This makes them a “new creature in Christ”. They in essence become a Spiritual Hybrid. All true SOCT students are spiritual hybrids…midwayers. So now we arrive at a more detailed history regarding Jesus the Christ. Jesus was the first being [personality/identity seed] to come forth from the I AM THAT IAM. This makes Jesus [Yeshua] the “firstborn Son of God”. Because he was the first he descended into all the lower dimensions and grew and experienced all levels first…way before our spirits came forth from the I AM THAT IAM. ~

By receiving the Holy Spirit you become a “begotten child of God”. You are growing in the “body of the believers”. The word Church in the Greek literally means, “Body of believers”. So the word Church does not mean a building or manmade institution.  The Church of God, all true believers, are collectively called - throughout Christian Scripture - the “bride of Christ”. So we are symbolically growing in the womb of our spiritual mother…the Church of God (Worldwide Church of God, SOCT). ~

When we ultimately become ascended masters we will receive our “new bodies” and truly become “born again” into the Celestial Kingdom.  If our planet (Mother Earth) goes through the Cosmic Recycling Process [ends as we know her] before capable ascension our Identity Seeds will proceed to another planet for further development based on our individual evolutionary progress. Hope your getting all this down…lots of info. ~

Cosmic War and the Fallen Matrix

Now Jesus himself participated in the creation of our universe. As the first Ascended Son of God from ages past he had the experience and the relationship with Heavenly Father/Mother to do the job. So our universe was created and ultimately our galaxy, sun (star) and solar system (SOCT covers this more fully in our SOCT paper titled: “The Story of Our Solar System”).  There are numerous inhabited evolutionary planets in our universe. Even in our solar system there are spirit beings living on our planets such as Mercury and Venus. These planets are closer to our star (sun) so the beings which reside there are in subtle energy (spirit) bodies that differ greatly from ours but they too are following on an evolutionary path of growth.  ~

There are also biological beings much like us living on numerous planets near our own galaxy. Many of these beings are much more advanced than we are. As a matter of fact many billions of years ago the evolutionary stream was running on what we could call a “normal path” throughout our universe until the Great Rebellion. ~

Our Christian Bibles give us a basic idea of this rebellion, it was written for all to grasp the story. The story is much more complex than most believe. The rebellion that occurred on our planet, thousands of years ago, involved a powerful spiritual being called Lucifer. He was the overseer of huge portions of our universe and was a higher spiritual being that had experienced in his evolution the process of spiritual ascension. ~

He became so powerful that he unfortunately became distorted and a “power maniac” - selfish and hungry for ultimate control. He lost his “Christ-self” in the process. ~

Lucifer becomes Satan

Once Lucifer chose this path his name was changed to Satan, which simply means “the fallen one”. He was able to deceive one third of the beings throughout our entire universe…remember, this was a Cosmic War. Our planet Earth was the focal point. Believe it or not our small planet was where this deception began; it had to start somewhere. Once the spiritual war began (which also included biological extraterrestrials who sided with the fallen spiritual beings) spiritual waves flushed throughout the universe. These waves of energy contained distorted, misused energy at spiritual and subatomic levels. What did this do? It messed up the smooth and orderly process of evolution that was originally intended for our universe. ~

The “field of strings” began to vibrate off key, distorted vibration. This affected the laws of physics. The original smooth “roll” of energy became agitated and thus all evolution was “thrown off”. What was once a part of the Divine Matrix became the Fallen Matrix. One thing that you must understand at this point in your journey with us is that the Divine Matrix is still here, it is the perfect vibration of all things. We have become a load of “fallen dimensions” but right in front of us, in our face, so to speak, is the Divine Matrix. Spiritually evolved beings can sense and some can see this dimension. Ascended Masters can go in and out of the dimensions. ~

Unfortunately some of the fallen spiritual beings can move through our physical realty and some of the lower connected dimensions. They are “the spirits of the air”. ~

Note: Please read other SOCT papers that talk about the Great Space War and the Story Of Our Planet.

Evolution and our Planet

Had the rebellion not occurred the tenth human couple (the Adam & Eve unit) would have been able to uplift the already existing races on our planet. This would have followed the normal procedure for any planet evolutionary process. But by the time Adam and Eve arrived they had too much work cut out for them, it was virtually impossible. ~

The bodies of Adam and Eve (the 10th couple) were constructed from the dirt of our planet but they were raised on the “dwarf” planet of Pluto by the Keepers.  Pluto is a “dwarf planet” that was brought into our solar system to be used as a Waystation by the Anohites long ago. This is documented in other SOCT papers. They [the 10th unit) were brought here in adult bodies and had been raised and given the instructions for Earth replenishment. It was explained to both just what had occurred regarding the Cosmic War. ~

The Adamic mission to train the fallen races and to take care of the planet was seared by the aftermath of the Cosmic War. Under normal conditions (normal planet evolution) they would have been able to properly complete their task. On our fallen planet such a task or project was basically hopeless but they were commanded to follow proper procedure. ~

Because of Adam and Eve’s tremendous sense of disconnect (loneliness) they caved into the rebellion themselves, this was expected by the higher administrations of the Anohites. The Great Rebellion had done its job. Adam and Eve, though at first isolated, became a part of the Fallen Matrix. The hopeless task confronted by Adam and Eve had to be taken care of. As a matter of fact because the Great Rebellion started on our planet, by the law of karma, the solution to fix the cosmic problem must also start with our planet. ~

Cosmic Solution

The first Identity Seed [Jesus/Yeshua] of our universe was the only mature enough personality that could fix the problem. This was no easy task. First he was presented with the plan by Heavenly Father/Mother himself. The “Plan of Salvation” was called forth from time and eternity. In eternity everything could be described as one giant round (huge circle). There is no present, past or future in the Giant Round. Even though we (mortals) do not understand these deeper laws of Cosmic Consciousness they do in fact exist. What this means is that all of what we are currently experiencing was already known to happen. To us this is a mystery. ~

Master Jesus had to make the personal decision to lose himself in order to save our universe. This means that even after all the experience that he had gained throughout the myriads of dimensions, embodiment after embodiment, he would have to release all of this knowledge back to the universe, forget everything that he had learned and re-embody as a human on our planet. So this is what in fact happened. Our God (Heavenly Father/Mother) was willing to give up his firstborn son, at the risk of totally losing him, so that our universe could be saved (renewed in the Divine Matrix). ~

Nobody Saved without Master Jesus

Master Jesus came here long ago and proceeded to go through numerous incarnations. He appeared as different people throughout all ancient scriptures including the Jewish and Christian records of scripture.  This was no easy task because of the short time period that he was given to fulfill his mission. Divine Intelligence sent previous Ascended Masters to help teach him but it was completely up to the personality of Yeshua to make the decisions every step of the way. Many souls in our planet’s evolutionary process [even throughout our fallen development] had found the inner-Christ and had become wayshowers for all the human races that had been destroyed by sin. ~

Had our planet gone through a regular cycle of evolution we would have all been - by now - so much more fully advanced. The Great Rebellion retarded our growth at every level. Had it not been for the plan of salvation not enough cosmic karma would have been neutralized for us to even exist for much longer. ~

Had Jesus the Christ not fulfilled his mission none of us would be here today. We are all in great debt and gratitude for Jesus the Christ. He became the ultimate Master Teacher for the entire Cosmos. Now through him and all the beloved Ascended Masters we have a way out of this Fallen Matrix. We have been blessed to witness the greatest gift from Divine Intelligence. ~

Now (presently, in this time epoch) we have been given the final message, the Seventh Message. It is my hope that you will now make the decision to accept this Divine Message so that you can proceed into the Divine Matrix properly. Heavenly Father/Mother loves all of creation and has made it possible for all to come back to proper relationship with Divine Intelligence. May you continue your studies with the Science Of Christian Thought and may you gain and find Peace Profound in the I AM THAT I AM – Almighty God. Amen

Basic Overview

Science Of Christian Thought teaches that the person that many have come to know as the person of Jesus Christ (founder of the Christian faith) was in fact the first “point” to come forth from the great I AM THAT I AM. At the beginning of the creation of our universe (the big bang) the personality to first come forth (the firstborn Son of God) was the personality (person/identity seed) of Yeshua…Jesus. ~

Through many different dimensions and systems of creation he grew. Experiencing every imaginable condition, body, reality and situation possible. Yeshua was the embodiment of the “living logos”, the very breath of God.  He gained mastership on all dimensions. ~

By the time and in the time/space that our planet was created Jesus helped to create with the Elohim all that is. After the angelic spiritual war - which occurred over problems regarding proper authority of our planet – Jesus chose to come here for our (humanities) benefit. The plan was called “the plan of salvation”. So much bad karma was created because of the first spiritual battle that all of creation within our universe became distorted, it became the Fallen Matrix. ~

Jesus gave up His Ascension Authority

When Jesus chose to come here to help neutralize our planets karma He did so knowing that He would have to give up all that He had learned as the first Ascended Master. This is what makes Jesus’ mission so different and critically important. Our universe karma was so great that the only way to help was for Him to return fresh and start His procedure of mastership over. The catch was he had only a limited number of lifetimes to accomplish this. If He was to save our planet much work lied ahead. ~

Starting with the 10th couple of our planet, Adam and Eve, Jesus began to take on incarnations. He has appeared as different people throughout the Old Testament. He was lead and helped by many teachers and Masters which evolved on our planet along the way. ~

He chose to come and help us. He was placed in Mary’s womb supernaturally by the power the Holy Spirit. As a child and throughout the first 18 years of His life he traveled all over and visited many Master Teachers. He had but a short time to complete his great mission. He had help from many who had known Him in previous incarnations. Jesus’ second journey on the path of ascension was to be a long one; He had to experience a longer trek because he had given up all enlightenment that He once earned to take on this task. Remember, to whom much is given much shall be accountable. He was the Creator of this universe, now He must suffer a long journey of incarnations to neutralize the bulk of karma on our planet - all to give us a chance on the path. ~

Jesus becomes our planets Master Guru

Jesus [Yeshua] again became the Christ at age 33. He began his ministry and started to teach the great plan of salvation. This involved explaining our planetary karmic issue. Jesus taught that His disciples must accept His sacrifice in order to gain enough neutralization of world karma. Without the work of our Lord Jesus Christ our planet would have been completely lost. ~

Today Jesus the Christ is giving us the purified practices of Karma Yoga and we also have been give the Nine Achievements that will help us grow closer to him. We have been give Pathway Technology and advanced spiritual knowledge in this epoch of time all because of God’s great mercy. ~

So even today we must accept him as our Karma Savior. This doesn’t mean that we do not have to work on our existing karma it simply means because of who Jesus is and what He has done we have a chance to live in our Heavenly Father’s Kingdom. Jesus also sent us the greater realization of the Holy Spirit. No person can ascend without having the Holy Spirit. ~

Please pray about this and talk to our Lord in prayer. It is our hope that you become a True Christian and begin to study with us here at Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT], the last day ministry proclaiming the Seventh Message. ~

~Peace Profound

~Sir Eric William King

Thoughts for all to ponder:

“If God is connected to every dimension so are you through Christ. You dipped into matter and left a trail of yourself throughout all dimensions – hence portions of your three higher-bodies are closer to Divine Intelligence than you think.  As above, so below.” ~ E.W.King

“We must see and accept things the way they are. Life, death, war, peace, etc. Once we truly do this we are ready to truly change for the better…change the way we think. Letting go we are able to truly reach out for something better, something new.” ~ E.W.King

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