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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Learning how to Deal with SE’s [Sinful Experiences]

SOCT Paper 41

Learning how to Deal with SE’s 
[Sinful Experiences]

Here Eric William King unloads a lot of information which contains core and key issues regarding the proper understanding of Science Of Christian Thought. The single source of all troubles is sin. The single answer is the person of Jesus Christ and the Quantum Level One Knowledge that He has given to us freely through Science Of Christian Thought. Please read and share with family and friends. Thank you.

We live in a world contaminated with sin. For the most part we Humans can experience pleasant days, days without too much trouble. We can still enjoy life. Even though we may have good lives we all experience pain. We experience physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain to different degrees and to one extent or another. Because of this people have sought religions and philosophies to try and help them deal with the harder issues of life. Some resort to drugs and habitual practices to deal with sin. We do not only have to face our own sins but we experience the angry fits and sinful actions of those around us every day. ~

Since we were children we have experienced sinful reactions by our own parents, family and friends. We have watched strangers do things that we knew were not proper or right. Some of these same incidents have occurred over and over and after awhile we have learned to ignore them so that when these acts occur again we go into what we might call the unconscious mode. ~

Unconscious Mode [UM]

We learn to deal with sinful experiences simply by ignoring them. We mentally block them out. We become what you might call “de-sensitized”. This may work regarding what SOCT calls “outer control” but this most certainly does not work with what we call “inner control”. These experiences stay with us because we become unwilling to confront them. ~

Control Issues [CI]

Now let us find some UNDERSTANDING of ourselves and how we may have been acting under certain situations. We will look at what SOCT calls CI (Control Issues). This knowledge is very important for good character development. ~

Sinful Reaction and Positive Reaction manifest control issues. Let us look into this a little deeper; ~

Surface Control: This type of behavior may appear positive [positive action] but really it is a form of repression. Both sinful & positive reactions can and most often do result in some form of repression. This type of false control can result in destructive processes [counter creative] leading to physical ailments. Habitual repression can cause a person to be angry with life which creates an attitude of hostility and frustration with the world. This is certainly not a pleasant way to live. Hidden anger will eventually manifest somehow. At the surface one may pretend to appear unaffected by the situation but inwardly they are suppressing anger and other emotions because they have older sinful experiences that they have yet to deal with. Once older SE’s are confronted surface control is no longer needed. ~

Inner Control: Only those who have the Holy Spirit can exercise true control. A Christian has a greater hope than a non-Christian. The Christian perspective is not all centered on this life. The Christian views his or her present experience as a relatively short period of time to be spent in contrast to his or her eternal reward. [Matthew 6:33] Knowing that we have work to do here in regards to character building and the fact that we will enter eternity and live in Christ’s kingdom is an unavailable dimension for the non-Christian. Christians are actually thankful that they can experience irritation sometimes because they realize that God is at work. This understanding frees the Christian from ultimate personal anxiety. [Romans 8:28] Through the understandings that Jesus Christ gives to us we develop what might be called Cognitive Behavior [clear thinking]. [Proverbs 4:18] True inner control means recognizing our emotions, not trying to hide them. True control also involves a clear understanding of who you are in Jesus Christ.-


Our Unconscious Dilemma

First we must understand just what the unconscious mind is. It is that part of our mind which is thinking “behind the scenes”. In this part of ourselves is stored all that we have experienced. How we have interpreted our experiences and all objective records are stored here. But it is also more than this. We place memories here that we wish to forget also. Much of the “stuff” in the unconscious mind is cluttered together and not really all that clear to the conscious mind. Repressed issues are thrown into the unconscious mind. Repressed issues are due to distortions we have from sin. Unconfessed sin and improperly dealt with sin can really keep the holy place messy. Many of our distorted memories and experiences are forgotten, but not really because they are recorded here in the holy place. ~

The moment the person “turns off” the reality of what they are experiencing they become unconscious to the event. Hence the event becomes programmed in the person’s unconsciousness as a SE [Sinful Experience]. It seems as though the person has won by ignoring the problem but instead they have made things much worse. Now they carry this un-confronted burden and under certain circumstances this energy can be awakened to create sinful actions. This sinful energy can even create psychosomatic ills. SE’s [Sinful Experiences] can only be programmed while in an unconscious state. ~

The unconscious mind is constantly affecting our conscious thoughts whether we realize it or not. Undelt with emotions regarding hatred towards others or their actions is recorded here and pushes us to make decisions in our outer world, our outer thoughts. The stronger the unconscious influence is the harder it is to change the behavior, especially if negative or sinful. Our five physical faculties are constantly sending data to the brain. This data sifts through the unconscious mind very rapidly before we make an outer decision about anything. This is why it is important to keep this part of our minds clean so that we can make rational and moral decisions. The Science of Christian Thought can help you better understand this process. ~

We unconsciously resort to Mental Blocking

We must understand that we have a major mental block [MB] that is hard-wired in our consciousness. We have inherited this propensity. It all started with the first and most powerful sinful-experience. The SOCT Dictionary defines the “sinful-experience” as such:

Sinful Experiences [SE’s]: An experience of extreme distortion containing pain [physical or emotional]. These experiences are usually repressed and tucked away in our personal unconscious mind [the holy place]. Because we are born with the sinful nature we have no way of properly interpreting these experiences and it is these very experiences that effect our distortion in choice making and decision making. They can cause psychosomatic ills. They become stumps or mental blocks [MB’s]. These can be fixed [cleared] through CTS [Christian Thinking Skills].”

Many are stuck in repressed SE’s [Sinful Experiences]

Because our first parents [the 10th Human couple, Adam & Eve] were denied the “Tree of Life” after they sinned they gained the first and most powerful SE (sinful-experience). From that point on they longed for SURVIVAL. The “tree of life” would have granted them this survival but it was blocked from them. This created a powerful MB in our first parents [the SE created the MB]. God was “blocked out” so they now sought survival elsewhere. Through competition and pride people are still seeking survival in all areas of their life even today. ~

NOTE: Any SE having directly to do with the prime instinct (human survival) is most powerful and dangerous.


Eve, the “mother of all” and Jesus Christ “the second Adam”

Adam and Eve were to become the representatives of the entire human race. Adam and Eve failed in their duty and they were “cast out” of the Garden of Eden. But Eve was still to become the “mother of all living” [Genesis 3:21] because through her seed, Jesus Christ, we are offered the “gift of eternal life” and we do not have to die. We read the promise: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” [John 3:16] ~

Adam represents what the “first human” should have been, the way we were supposed to be…without sin. So when Adam sinned he became the representative of all humanity in their fallen state. In the New Testament we find that Jesus Christ is called “the second Adam”. So as converted Christians we associate ourselves not with the first Adam but with the “second Adam”, Jesus the Christ. Apostle Paul states that those from all the human races can be converted and “adopted” into the Christ Family which is on this Earth today… it is the Worldwide Church of God [COGSR/SOCT]. ~


Fallen Angels stuck in the KT Event – a Powerful SE [Sinful Experience]

THE ‘KT’ EXTINCTION CAUSED BY COSMIC WAR: We believe that our entire universe contains distorted mere images or reflections of more perfectly constructed cosmic laws. We believe that these distortions invaded our entire system early on due to a space war between higher beings that used weapons of mass destruction. The party which started the war lost. Many of these beings were cast down to our planet, and other areas of our local space. ~
If we want to know when the angelic rebellion occurred all we have to do is find the time of the dinosaurs destruction. We now know that this angelic “super war” broke out around 65 million years ago. When war broke out in heaven Lucifer [Set-on] and his angelic horde left their physical bodies and tried to war with God [and the good Keepers] in heaven. They were eventually cast back down to our planet and they left four giant craters when cast down. One of the last of these craters can be found in the state of Arizona. ~

When they were cast down much of our planet was destroyed including the dinosaurs. The earth became covered with dark clouds and many things died. Modern scientists refer to this time as “the KT event”. ~

So now the angelic host that had fallen lost their capability to take back their regular glorified physical bodies so instead God [through Logos] began to create a host of animal like creatures that they became stuck in. Simply put, these angels were placed in physical bodies which resembled ape like creatures. They could stay invisible and get by but they missed their first glorified bodies so they tried out all sorts of animal like creatures. This was the beginning of their punishment. ~

Fallen beings have held on to this Sinful Experience [SE] and refuse to confront it. Because of this they will not be healed. Undelt with SE’s will ultimately produce spiritual death. ~

Even though our planet had become infected with sin because of the angelic rebellion God [the Logos] still had much in store for our planet. God would use this very planet to continue to fulfill His will of creating children for Himself. Please understand that sin created not only moral distortion but also physical distortion. God’s perfect laws had become distorted due to the angelic rebellion. Even today we live in a “fallen matrix”. God allowed enough beauty to remain here that we may see Him through it all. ~

So the creatures that God began to create after the angelic rebellion and the destruction of the dinosaurs were not without problems. God would let sin play out its course. ~

Striving to Survive

Because all humans have been blocked from the “Tree of Life” they seek to find survival though other methods. True survival is offered through Divine Intelligence [Heavenly Father] in His plan of salvation. Without this plan you will not survive, plain and simple. God created our spirits with identity seeds. We are created in the image of God and God is eternal. Thus we strive for eternal existence, we can’t help it. Many religions offer made up plans and philosophies to get people to believe in their false teachings regarding this issue. Many will spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars doing this. They pay cults and New Age movements to tell them just how to survive. ~

Jesus Christ came here to help us. He gave us the invitation into the Kingdom. But first we must be cleared. Through Jesus Christ we can “renew our minds” and be cleared from all sinful-experiences and mind blocks ~ from all sin!

The true teachings of the Worldwide Church of God [SOCT] are here. Only through pure doctrine can one learn about the True Jesus Christ. You must understand the human condition and how to get out of it through Jesus Christ our Lord.

We must be Cleared

And Jesus said: “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother: Let me pull the mote out of thine eye – and behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou SEE CLEARLY to cast the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” – 3 Nephi 14:3-5 ~

So Jesus is asking His followers to SEE CLEARLY when making decisions or judgments. To do this we must deal with the issue of sin in our own lives. Through the practice of SOCT techniques and through gaining and understanding SOCT technology you may become clear in that all sin becomes confronted and properly dealt with. By understanding God’s static laws and applying them, by attunement with the Holy Spirit and through proper knowledge you may over come. All this is possible because of the Plan of Salvation given to us by Jesus Christ our Lord. It is time to make the right choices in life. ~


Choice: To select direction in thought. We all have to make decisions in life. We do it every day. As true Christian’s decision making is not something we take lightly. As you learn more about how God created you and what type of personality you have you can begin to practice SOCT in your everyday life which will begin to create the healthy personality God wishes you to have. There are good choices and bad choices. ~

Through the practice of proper Christian Thinking you may begin to see the healthy choices bear fruit in your life. Your thoughts will become less distorted and your thinking process will become more rational and practical. The best solutions to any problem will be revealed. There will be no SE’s hindering you or holding you back. Long and short term goals may be properly achieved and happiness gained. Christian Clarity will develop.  ~

Christian Clarity: Measurable degree of Christian maturity developed seen in choice making and character development. To see and understand proper doctrine [pure doctrine] and to know how to apply proper Christian teachings. ~

Proper understanding of Self produces Health!

Those who study and begin to practice the teachings of SOCT have better relationships and better health. The SOCT student begins to develop healthy self-regulation. This does not mean that we have reached perfection. Many of us may still struggle with addictions and other issues. We will always have disappointments, struggles and failings throughout our lives. This is all part of our evolutionary process. The SOCT student begins to develop healthy self-control through the power of the highest mind channel, that of the Divine. Through proper knowledge we become less anxious and more productive. We develop true compassion for ourselves and others. ~

The SOCT student develops one of the most important traits and that is proper 
Spiritual Conscientiousness. The disciple begins to have more control over his or her life. They develop good impulse control. They understand the SOCT doctrine of “triple A” and thus become much more focused. It is my hope that if you are reading this you will begin to study with us here and become an official SOCT student. We are all students of life. We hope to help you better understand yourself, others and the entire universe. Join us in this process of enlightenment. ~

Thank you,

Prophet Eric William King

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Happy Numinous Experience!


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