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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Official Introduction to Science Of Christian Thought

Introduction to Science Of Christian Thought (five pages, 2,078 words)

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Invitation to all from…
Science Of Christian Thought
What we are about

Welcome to Science Of Christian Thought

Thank you for visiting us. In this introduction we hope you can get a basic understanding of who we are and what we stand for. The Science Of Christian thought was officially started on July 14th 2014. Before this time it was a movement that went through many transformations starting back as early as 1999 when Eric wrote his controversial book; “The Zerubian Myth- the Book of Zerub”. Science Of Christian Thought [aka SOCT] was started by Sir Eric William King. Sir Eric William King was born in Phoenix Arizona on July 14th 1968. He was raised a Catholic/Lutheran Christian in a good family. When he was twelve years old he showed an unusual interest in the Christian figure [person] Jesus Christ. In his twenties he studied many different Christian theologies and attended numerous churches. ~

In his mid-twenties he worked in many different denominations of Christianity and gained many diverse and interesting experiences including some which involved UFO’s. In his early thirties he attended a Christian College for a very short time. Eventually he broadened his studies to include all the religions of planet earth. He was involved in many groups of spiritual esoterism and was also involved in Mystical Christianity. Under these groups he attained many spiritual initiations. On November 19th 2005 the California Modesto Bee newspaper did a complete two page article on him as he was spreading the Hare Krishna movement in Modesto and other California towns. He currently teaches what he calls “Science Of Christian Thought” [SOCT]. ~

SOCT invites all to use the freedom of thought to explore its Divine Teachings.

SOCT Teachings

So what is SOCT all about? SOCT intertwines teachings from many different peoples and backgrounds, some groups (religious factions) have contributed to the SOCT teachings and many of these groups completely disagree with each other. This makes SOCT even more controversial. SOCT claims to be an “evolutionary spiritual movement” and thus it has “DNA” from many channels of the past and present. We are concerned with truth. Our experience has been the more we practice truth the better our intuition gets. ~

Today Sir Eric William King continues to teach what he has learned [and is still learning] with others under the ministry of SOCT. The claims of Science Of Christian Thought are astounding. SOCT teaches and believes that it has been - and currently is - in contact with highly intelligent extraterrestrial beings. The teachings of SOCT involve many metaphysical concepts. Though some of SOCT’s teachings are comparable to other teachings found in the so called “New Age” and new spiritual movement groups SOCT is still very different in its  details and has developed its “own language” in order to help conceptualize the deeper teachings. Over all SOCT is very different from other spiritual groups and movements.  ~

SOCT teaches that all humans are living in and experiencing a Fallen Matrix, a false and distorted understanding of reality. SOCT also teaches that through practicing its teachings one can awake to the Divine Matrix, become clear and see the static reality of Divine Intelligence [God]. On December 12th 2016 Sir Eric W. King was called to be the prophet of this message. ~

We are in a Special Period of Time

Science Of Christian Thought asks all of its students to read its online studies [SOCT Papers] so that one may begin to grasp what it calls the Seventh Message. SOCT claims that humanity and this physical planet have entered the “seventh time” and are experiencing the last movements. This is based on the understanding of the “Seven Church Epochs” and where we (humanity) stand in prophetic history. Those attuned to their intuition will know this is all true. ~

The Anohites (good extraterrestrials) have been guiding our planet’s evolution and they are still guiding it to this day. They are in direct communication with SOCT students and are trying to help gather the “elect” in this “grace period” called the Typical-Laodicean Era (time of the 7th and last Church as mentioned in the Christian book of Revelation). ~

What SOCT teachings involve

In this grace period humanity has the chance to move to a better level of existence through the practice of spiritual alchemy. Some of SOCT’s teachings include Karma Yoga, Reiki, and Qabalah, the understanding of the “seven chakras”, meditation, decrees and the calling forth of prana (Vital Life Force) to help heal on the individual level and ultimately to try and heal the entire planet. SOCT uses another power force called the Violet Flame. The violet flame is a visualization technique which involves prayers and decrees.  SOCT students are sometimes called socters and all are asked to participate in the “discharge process” [spiritual cleansing process]. ~

SOCT teaches that it is possible for you to attain mocha (spiritual enlightenment) and to develop psychic abilities for the betterment of mankind. We believe in taking better care of our Mother Earth and we offer various ways in which we can all help to clear (spiritually clean) our planet. Again, we have been given a grace period to see if we can achieve the task. ~

SOCT teaches that we officially entered the Aquarius Age on July 14th 2014 (the dawn of this era starting on December 12th 2012) and SOCT explains this much deeper in some of its papers. However, to keep a proper growth in this period of time, we have been given a grace period to get it right. Nobody knows just how long this grace period will last. SOCT teaches that humanity has fallen behind in our spiritual growth and we are currently far behind when compared to where we should be. Because of this situation SOCT has given to planet earth the Seventh Message which involves what it calls Quantum Level One Knowledge and Pathway Technology. ~

SOCT invites you to experience the Unconditional Love of our Lord Yeshua the Christ.

SOCT is Christian

SOCT is truly Christian in that we believe that Jesus Christ was the incarnation of the “I AM THAT I AM” deity in total. Jesus Christ [Yeshua Hamashiach] is the Creator, redeemer, savior and Master Teacher of our entire planet. To become a true socter one must accept Jesus Christ as his or her ultimate savior (spiritual cleanser) and teacher. SOCT uses the Christian Scriptures as its main written authority (this includes some books not included in our present biblical cannon including the book of Mormon). SOCT also teaches that the Christian Scriptures can only be properly understood through and by the Gift of the Holy Spirit. ~

Only those who have truly accepted Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are amongst the “elect”. Those SOCT students who have received the Holy Spirit are referred to as “spiritual hybrids” and or “midwayers”. They are on the true path of becoming an Elah [Evolutionary Level Above Human] and are changing their life through prayer.  ~

SOCT believes in Reincarnation

To keep this introduction as simple as possible let us say that most ‘professors’ of religion would refer to our type of Christianity as that of the “Mystical Christianity”, not Gnostic. SOCT teaches different levels (dimensions) of Heaven. Some (not all) people will and have reincarnated based on their personal evolution regarding spiritual growth. ~

SOCT has the last message for our planet

Of course our interpretation of the Christian Scriptures differs and sometimes dramatically from that of the “common” Christian. We also study the teachings of Lord Buddha, Sri Krishna and those of many other different faiths and practices. It must be understood that in all of this diversity we believe that our message is unique and highly important. We believe that SOCT is the final ‘messenger’ for our planet. How SOCT puts things together and explains itself is highly unique and important for this planets survival. ~

Ascended Masters and Avatars

Ascended Masters are those who have attained what SOCT calls “complete mocha”; enlightenment (the highest human spiritual state). They now work with us from the spiritual and etheric [vital] planes of existence. SOCT also believes in Avatars which are those enlightened teachers who choose to re-enter [reincarnate] in a human body and come back for a special mission. ~

Currently SOCT has been sponsored by seven ascended masters who are helping all involved in this movement to reach a higher spiritual awareness. St Germain is the ascended master who has brought us the violet flame and is the chief sponsor of the Aquarian Age. ~

UFO’s and aliens

We could go on and on to share many more details and highly important information but we wish to keep this introduction to no more than five pages. Many SOCT students have had [and are currently having] experiences with the numerous extraterrestrial classes, both good and bad. They have come to the SOCT message and know that it is true based not just on the SOCT information but also on their own personal experience. The chief extraterrestrial in charge of our time/space continuum is called Anoh and Sir Eric William King is the channel through which Anoh speaks until the day Eric [in his present body] fully completes his mission in this seventh time. ~

Many people from all over this planet have witnessed the reality of extraterrestrial craft, both inhabited and non-inhabited craft (ET drones). Some people have even experienced what is popularly known as “alien abduction”. It is becoming more and more common. We have been informed that ET communication with our planet will increase as we move on in this seventh time period.  ~

No matter what spiritual path you are on (if any) we invite you to take time out and study the SOCT message. We are told that we [humans] have the possibility of gaining open communication and interaction with the extraterrestrial races if we would but listen to this Truth and humbly change our current path of destruction. If and when through Jesus Christ we put things right we will gain a much more open contact with the Cosmic Masters. ~
The ascended masters are doing all they can along with God’s holy angels to assist us on this straight and narrow path of Cosmic Love and enlightenment. The more we learn how to cooperate with the hierarchies of Divine Intelligence the better our chances to increase the vibration of the Aquarian Age. If we fail we are told that our planet will be recycled but the elect will continue on into better planes of existence and eternal progression. ~

Behold the Violet Flame of Spiritual Alchemy
Going through Global Alchemy
Anoh has informed us that our planet is going though environmental shifts that we need to pay close attention to. Areas of the earth will open up and swallow, crime will increase in some areas like never before, racial issues will heighten, terrorist acts in America and elsewhere like never seen before; volcanic, earthquake and ocean shifts on large scales like never before experienced or witnessed. Huge items falling from our skies will shake us all. Sickness and disease will smite and economic strife also will spread. ~
War and large troop movements will be witnessed. Weapons flung in this direction and that. Air wars. Weather patterns on huge levels will rush forth. Global shifts on every level like never before witnessed on their way. So what must we - or what can we do? SOCT offers great change - for the better - on a personal level first and then gives messages on how to help heal the entire planet. Will we survive the birth pains? Why would anybody turn away from the Science Of Christian Thought right when it is needed the most? ~
~Please join us. May you experience and gain Peace Profound
~From your Brothers and Sisters here on planet Earth

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“We all know that bad religion has continued to amplify the sorry condition of fallen human nature. We have tried to teach all who are prepared to really listen about the true condition of the human mind and its pitiful state because of its lack of Divine Guidance. True religion has the ability to evolve. True religion does not get caught up in human dogma, hate or violence. Prehistoric religions will cause the end of humanity if humanity does not wake up and begin to truly understand what is really going on here.”  ~ Sir Eric William King

NOTE: There are no forms, fines or fees in Science Of Christian Thought…”freely we have been given, freely we give.”


Science OChristian Thought - Beliefs and Views
By Sir Eric William King

Science Of Christian Thought teaches freedom of religion. We teach sciencemoralityspiritualityreligious unity and hold to the core of our faith which is Christian. We use the Christian Bible in our teachings along with numerous other biblical books which are not included in the current biblical cannon. We worship God as we individually understand God [Divine Intelligence]. We study other faiths and learn from all religions and cultures. ~

~ We believe in extraterrestrial life and that there are numerous races of beings both biological and spiritual[interdimensional beings]. We believe that there is what  humans would call both good and bad beings from (on) every level. ~

~ We believe in static scientific laws which are specific to their time and dimension. We believe that humans are experiencing the third dimension and we also believe that humans have the capability to perceive and experience what one might call “higher dimensions”. ~

~ We believe in natural selection and in evolution. We believe that our evolution was Divinely Guided by higher beings and ultimately by Divine Intelligence [God]. We believe that our entire planet is still being guided and helped by higher beings. ~

~ We believe that there have been many struggles on this planet of ours and that there have been celestial wars [heavenly wars] between higher beings during our early development.  We believe that there are still struggles going on between entities which have been in our universe since its beginning. ~

~ We believe in Divine Law which includes all scientific laws and moral laws between all entities on every level. We believe that science and religion [spiritual concepts, beliefs and understandings] are eternally wedded and that both are needed to further progress on every level. ~

~ We believe that our planet is going through a “great change” on every level and that we (Science Of Christian Thought – SOCT) are here now in this time/space continuum to help deliver better understandings as all life on this planet goes through this last great transition. ~

~All are welcome to freely study our beliefs. There are no fines, fees or forms. May you find and keep Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (May 10th 2017)


Read Eric's short testimony: "SOCT at a glance"


“I just can’t believe in God.”

Here Sir Eric William King gives us great food for thought. As a Christian he shares what he understands and believes in but suggests that all people mustn’t believe in anything but what they so choose to. Can one learn to look beyond his or her dilemmas of religion? And what about the science of it all? Please read and share. Thank you. ~ Elizabeth Strong

“I just can’t believe in God. Too much junk, too much unpredictable trash and violence. Everything seems random.” These are the words of many young people and older people today. As the church seats get more and more empty. Why are so many people having a problem with God? One reason is because the church message has not been allowed to evolve like everything else. If you own a business you get to certain points in your production that you begin to realize you may need to upgrade, reorganize, and basically “get with it” if your business is to survive, Trends change, technology changes and we are never short on new material toys. ~

Science Of Christian Thought is extremely refreshing to old church goers who have been waiting for new “spiritual meat”. SOCT has been encouraging to the millennials and we continue to learn…we all learn and share together. We are not scared to ask the big questions such as those questions which involve 'evolution' on every level, UFO’s and extraterrestrials. ~

Another thing that SOCT does is that it incorporates other Christian faiths and ideas into its healthy growth. We believe that no matter what kind of church that you may or may not have attended you have something to offer, some insight that all can gain from. It is important to gain personal experiences when it comes to religious and spiritual matters. ~

Saint Aquinas came to his realization of God through looking at the things of creation. He would say; “Look around at all this stuff and the order of it all. Indeed divine Intelligence does exist.” While this works with some people it does not work with all. Someone might say; “Well there is a lot of stuff and trees, birds, clouds, etc but that doesn’t mean there is a God.” Then the philosopher Kant came along and stated that God’s existence or non-existence couldn’t be proved by mathematics or matter. ~

Pascal appeared and reasoned that an inner experience must be achieved to truly know if there was a God or not. He stated that “the heart has its reasons which reason does not know.” After him many philosophers appeared with the same idea; “That evidence for God lies primarily in inner personal experience.” The argument against this is that all human emotionalism cannot be trusted. Humans have quite an imagination. Even people who use the “human” technique of empirical evidence, the “scientific method” they still cannot be 100% sure that there is a God. ~

God by SOCT definition is the Supreme Being. This ultimately would mean because we are all in created bodies with material tools and five objective faculties along with our subjective thinking we could never comprehend the Supreme Being. If we could truly define the existence of God he would no longer be God…we would [be God] because we have placed limitations on our personal interpretation of Him. God will always remain “probable” because all true spirituality and religion involves that magic word, “faith”. Yes, humility is key to coming to accurate knowledge of the Supreme Being. ~

Just as one cannot prove that God absolutely exists one - at the same time - cannot prove absolutely that He does not exist. It will always be this way here on our planet. This is partially because it is the ultimate test. Life here is a school where we learn the secrets of life. We must experience Truth. What is Truth? Only you and you alone can answer that question. Not even science can answer that question for you. It is you and you alone who decides upon Truth. ~

We live in a world of diversity and if we did not we would never grow. Science Of Christian Thought is not and never telling people what they “must believe in”. No. We simply offer our Truth to all freely without charge. Truth is free, nobody owns it. There are many things that humans cannot grasp or understand. There are extraterrestrials which know way more than any human being. There are spiritual beings, interdimensional beings that man cannot see or understand. These are our facts. So we will never try and prove our position to anybody. Again, we will share the beauty of our God and the awesomeness of His creation, laws and wonders - with whomever is ready to listen and learn. Through it all, whatever your decision, may you find and keep Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (March 3rd 2017)

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  1. SOCT is NOT associated with the cults of “Christian Science” or “Scientology”. SOCT information and studies are completely free of charge. In the Science Of Christian Thought there are no Fines, Fees or Forms. There is just you and the Beloved - you and God. ~

    ~May you experience Peace Profound.

    ~Prophet Eric William King (January 8th 2017)

    Note: Any other websites/Facebooks etc using SOCT's name do not belong to us. This is our only official website. 2017-

  2. SOCTER: a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition, especially a person whose religious opinions differ from established belief.

  3. Science Of Christian Thought is the messenger of the Seventh and Final Message to your planet Earth. We are not “Gnostic”, we are not “pagan”, and we are not “new age”. We are Christian Mystics. We do not turn away those from other “labels” but we share what we believe with all. Truth is “sprinkled” throughout many groups and personal understandings. What SOCT has is the FINAL MESSAGE in this Time…the Seventh Time. ~E.W.King

  4. “Each one of us develops our own individual and unique embodiment of the SOCT teachings.”

    ~ Sir Eric William King