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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Our Mother Earth

SOCT Paper 128

Our Mother Earth

Anoh has informed us that our planet we call Earth is alive…not only is our planet alive but it has its own spirit…its own Identity Seed. This is a major revelation to many. We have been taught that all material “things” are to be treated like dirt...”just dirt”. Because all of humanity has been taught and raised to think this way we have been treating our Mother and each other like a giant wastebasket. This must change. Our planet is a female soul…in the center of our planet lies the heart of our Mother. She has graciously allowed many things to crawl all over her and to “keep the garden, those who take care of her”, so to speak. ~

Past Science Of Christian Thought papers have warned that our terrible behavior will cause this planet to be “recycled”. What we mean by this is that she will be PURIFIED. We have been allowed to come here by the grace of Divine Intelligence to learn and grow. SOCT has been telling everybody who has ears to hear that humans are far behind - spiritually speaking. Materialistically we have flourished. In doing so we have thrown trash, poison and pollution all over our beloved Mother. She would hope that we would begin to take care of her and protect her. Can we not use our scientific advancements to protect Mother Earth? ~

The Cosmic Lords have been warning us to wake up regarding this very important issue. SOCT is giving the Seventh Message and in this year [2017] we will begin to stress Mother Earth consciousness much more. SOCT teaches that we have been given a grace period to spread and learn the Seventh Message that we might catch up to where we are supposed to be regarding enlightenment. It is considered a Cosmic Crime to destroy one’s own planet. ~

Mother Earth is a conscious being. It is time to tune into the Divine Mind Channel and listen to what she is trying to tell her children. She has been extremely compassionate towards our immaturity. It is now time to accept the Seventh Message. We must move on into spiritual maturity or we will aid in the destruction of our own Mother. Regardless of what the ultimate outcome is she will go on. She may have to cleanse herself of us. ~

Do you ever remember your mother telling you, “Clean your room.”?  Well, it’s time to clean our room. Mother Earth has sacrificed so much for us and what have we given back in return? We have thrown trash at her. Many have stopped noticing what beauty she has left. A time is coming when we will all be “kicked out of the nest”. We should be spiritually mature enough to help our planet as best we can through this transition. Planetary hybrids [midwayers] please continue to study SOCT and share the message with all whom you know. ~

Include healing for and protection for our Mother Earth in all your prayers. ~

~May you live to respect your Mother.

~Peace Profound

~Sir Eric William King (January 21st 2017)

Holy Mary wants us to take care of Mother Earth

Hail Mary,
full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now, and at the hour of
our death.


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