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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Reincarnation and the Heavens

SOCT Paper 94

Reincarnation and the Heavens

This SOCT paper sets the record straight by giving the facts regarding the subject of reincarnation, death, resurrection, ghosts and spirit possession. This paper also gives basic information regarding interdimensional communication and Ascended Masters. It also explains the Heavenly Realms and talks about what happens at the destruction of our planet. This is important information. Read and share. Thank you. ~

As true Christians we believe that our planet [Earth] will not be here forever. There will come a day when it will end. In the mean time there are many humans which have come and gone on this our beautiful planet. Our population has in fact increased to almost 7 billion souls. This is a lot of people. Most all of the spirits [Identity Seeds] which come to our planet and take on a physical body come directly from the Celestial Kingdom. They are all spirits which have agreed to come here. The Christian Scriptures which SOCT accepts as truly authoritative (The Bible And Book of Mormon) talk about a future resurrection and a heavenly realm where spirits ascend to after death. ~

In past SOCT papers we have documented that when people “pass through the veil” (die) in this present time they go to the Spirit World. The Spirit World is divided into two main sections. Those who have accepted the Spirit of Divine Intelligence (The Holy Spirit) to live inside their being [in the Hidden Chamber of their Heart] have become mid-way beings, new creatures in Christ. Only those who have the gift of the Holy Spirit are true Christians. True Christians upon death go to Paradise. Paradise is a section of the Spirit World for those who have Jesus Christ in their lives. Those who do not have Jesus or who have refused to accept the Seventh Message will go to the section of the Spirit World known as Purgatory. ~

At the Destruction of Our Planet

It is in this Spirit World that all await the final resurrection at the destruction of this planet we call Earth. At the resurrection (there is more than just one resurrection) the spirits will gain a resurrected glorified spiritual body but not until then. In the meantime they are disembodied spirits. ~

At the end of our world (planet Earth) there will be a judgment. At this judgment spirits will be divided into four groups. Some will go to the highest heavenly kingdom, the Celestial Kingdom, some to the Terrestrial Kingdom and some to the Telestial Kingdom.Those who have been extremely defiant and who have refused to accept the Plan of Salvation will be cast into Outer Darkness. ~

At the end of our planet and after the resurrection [when spirits receive glorified bodies] all resurrected spirits will be able to continue eternal progression [personal growth] in the Heavenly Kingdoms. ~

Ghosts and Reincarnation

There are Divine Laws in the Spirit World. These laws are managed by the Hierarchies. SOCT outlines “seven seats” or positions of differing biological and spiritual beings which make up what we call the Hierarchies [there are ten major divisions]. Under the authority [ultimately of Divine Intelligence (God)] decisions are made as to what the next course of each spirit should be after death [loss of the physical body]. All disembodied spirits upon death must take their own individual course due to the fact that all are individual personalities and all are a product of their own decisions. ~

You Have Only One Personality

Some Identity Seeds (spirits) are allowed to come back to planet earth within a 120 year period to take on a new body [reincarnate]. Not all spirits are allowed to do this. This is based on what they might need to assist them in further growth. SOCT does NOT teach that the Identity Seed that returns in a new body does so with a “new personality”. Your personality is eternal and is who you truly are. You never leave your “person” [personality]. What happens in reincarnation is continued character growth. ~

Some spiritual groups and movements teach that you take on a “new personality” if and when you reincarnate, this is false. ~

Many disembodied spirits are allowed to return to earth if they need to work on something which may help them before the resurrection. They may return in a physical body [reincarnation] or an etheric body [ghost]. Ghost entities usually take on portions of their old etheric bodies. This means that they can maintain a subtle material or physical body at the quantum level of existence. These spirits are what many popularly call “ghosts”. ~

Not All Spirits Return

Spirits from both Paradise and Purgatory are allowed to reincarnate if circumstances permit. One thing that you must understand is that not everybody needs to reincarnate. Some spirits stay and do work in Paradise or Purgatory and never return to our planet. ~

Everything in the Spirit World is bound by law and circumstances just as it is here in our physical (material) world. Nothing is done arbitrarily; all is done in Divine Order. ~

Some Spirits Come from Other Planets

Another very important fact for you to understand is that fact that some Identity Seeds which come to earth come from other planets within our universe. This is also based on what that spirit might need as far as experiential growth is concerned. Divine Intelligence is looking after every soul and knows what each needs to further their chances of proper growth. ~

Interdimensional Communication

There is also what is called interdimensional communication. This means that spirits [identity seeds] in other dimensions, which includes the Spirit World and Ghost entities, can communicate with you through mind channels. Even lost pets may do this. Every living thing has an Identity Seed and all spirits are at different points on the path of ascension. ~
Communicating this way is not recommended for those who do not have the gift of the Holy Spirit. People who do not have the Holy Spirit do not have the proper discernment regarding this issue. Many fallen spirits can masquerade as dead loved ones and fill a person’s mind with all sorts of disinformation. Unless you have gone through the proper conversion process interdimensional communication is not recommended. ~

Ascended Masters

An Ascended Master is a spirit identity who has reached a high level of spiritual maturity. They have done so by truly connecting to Jesus Christ by receiving the Holy Spirit and purging themselves of all sin. They have practiced what SOCT refers to as spiritual alchemy and they have mastered it. They have learned to fully and completely rely on Jesus Christ. By so doing they have connected to their own Christ Self…which is their own extreme personal relationship with Jesus the Christ. Jesus Christ is the redeemer and ultimate savior of planet Earth. Only through true and complete connection with Him through the Holy Spirit and the interdimensional link [the Silver Cord and the Tube of Light] can you develop your Christ [anointed/clean] Self. ~

It is through your own inner Christ Self [personal relationship with Jesus] that you can truly move on to Christian Maturity. We as Christians all serve the one and only same Jesus the Christ but we gain our own personal relationship with Him through our Christ [Anointed] Self which is gifted through proper conversion. ~

Ascended Masters have transmuted 51 percent of their defects through becoming clear. This is all done through and by ones personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus Ascended Masters help humanity personally and are members of the Spirit World. They also have set up etheric retreats in specific locations on planet earth where they make themselves available for those who need help in mastering themselves. ~

Right now during the Seventh Time and in the era of the Seventh Message there are seven specific Ascended Masters called the Lords of the Seven Rays. Through these spiritual teachers one may gain assistance on the path to Christian Maturity. ~

Spirit Possession

Many humans on our planet are sadly possessed by fallen spirits. Since the great KT rebellion we have all awoke in the Fallen Matrix. We live in a physical world loaded with distortion and illusion due to the problem of sin.  Sixty-five million years ago there was a war over our planet earth. This cosmic war involved not just spiritual beings but it also involved extraterrestrial beings, both good and bad. The good ET’s had sided with Jesus Christ [the Logos] and His ultimate Plan of Salvation while those who took sides with Lucifer wanted to rule the universe minus input from the Hierarchies - Divine Intelligence [God]. ~

Throughout the early beginnings of our planet many things happened which changed the surface of it. This galaxy of ours is only about 13.2 billion years old and after our earth was formed special angelic beings were placed in charge of it. These special angelic beings mentioned in the Bible are created with more intelligence than humans [human spirits]. They were created before us. These are the IB’s [intelligent beings]. These beings were placed on this planet to take care of all created life that then existed. The leader of these angelic beings was named Lucifer. ~

Lucifer rebelled and war broke out. One third of the special angels sided with Lucifer in this rebellion not counting certain biological extraterrestrials that joined also. This event created an extreme SE [Sinful Experience] which is still locked in the minds of the fallen ones. Their identity seeds are trapped by this dreadful SE and because they refuse to confront it they are damned and cursed. ~

The KT extinction event happened 65 million years ago. The angels had traveled to heaven and tried to war against the Hierarchies [and God] while the good ET’s fought with the bad ET’s over the control of our planet. As a result they were cast back to our planet which caused great devastation and the destruction of the dinosaurs. When the IB’s hit the Earth they caused four great craters. This planet then entered a dark age which created an ice age of great magnitude. ~

We believe that our entire universe contains distorted mere images or reflections of more perfectly constructed cosmic laws. We believe that these distortions invaded our entire system early on due to a space war between higher beings that used weapons of mass destruction. The party which started the war lost. Many of these beings were cast down to our planet, and other areas of our local space. ~
The rebel forces became known as the Adramelechs [and are called by this name even today]. This includes the invisible angelic host which rebelled and the visible extraterrestrial races that rebelled. Shortly after the angelic host was cast down and confined to our immediate era of space/time the fallen leader, Lucifer [now Satan] captured many biological extraterrestrial rebels who wanted to repent and join the good forces. He took thousands of these prisoners from the rebel Galactic Confederacy and imprisoned them at the base of 16 major volcanoes on our planet Earth. Then through one of his fallen generals named Zenoah he destroyed them (their physical bodies) by agitating the volcanoes to explode with such a powerful force that it prolonged the ice age. The identity seeds [spirits] of these aliens left their bodies and have joined forces with the fallen angels. They now possess Human bodies. Anciently this was referred to as demonic possession. ~

This information may shock you but it is sadly true. Over 85% of the current Human population is “perfectly possessed” by one of these entities. Perfectly possessed is a state where the person and those around him or her cannot even tell that they are possessed. This means that most all Humans are controlled not only by their fallen Human nature but also they are controlled and thought manipulated by the fallen spirits which have inhabited their bodies. The only Humans that are protected from such invasions are the Midway Humans…those who have the gift of the Holy Spirit and have downloaded the proper Quantum Level One Knowledge needed to become an Elah [Evolutionary Level Above Human]. True SOCT students (true Christians) are protected and are awake to what is really going on. ~

A look at the Three Heavenly Kingdoms

At the destruction of our planet Earth all spirits [Identity Seeds] will go to one of the following places. There they will continue on their journey of spiritual progression. ~

Celestial Spiritual Kingdom

The celestial level is the highest of the three kingdoms of glory. People who have ascended to this kingdom will dwell forever in the presence of Divine Intelligence and His Son Jesus Christ. This should be your goal. We all are working on our ascension. Salvation is free but how you want to spend it depends on what you do with it. Such a goal is not achieved in one life; it is the result of a lifetime of righteousness and consistency to strive for Evolutionary Level Above Human. ~

Many of the ethereal Hierarchies dwell at this level and are able to work with those of us on the terrestrial level. There are spiritual, ethereal and physical Anohites. ~

Terrestrial Kingdom

Those who reach the terrestrial level they will “receive of the presence of the Son, but not of the fullness of the Father. Wherefore, they are bodies terrestrial, and not bodies celestial, and differ in glory as the moon differs from the sun” (D&C 76:77-78). These are those who have never yet received the Seventh Message (the fullness of the Gospel). (D&C 76:75). This group includes all those of past ages who lived before the Seventh Church Era of which we are presently in since October 7th 2011. The terrestrial level includes those of us on the physical realm along with "ghosts" and those at the ethereal level of existence. These are now able to hear the Seventh Message and accept it to move on to higher levels. ~

Telestial Kingdom

Telestial level is reserved for individuals who “received not the gospel of Christ, neither the testimony of Jesus” (D&C 76:82) and also all those who have heard the Seventh Message but rejected it. These individuals will receive their salvation after hearing the Seventh Message which is being delivered to them by spiritual Anohite beings but they must truly accept it and receive the Holy Spirit. This level is sometimes called hell (see D&C 76:84D&C 76:106). ~

Outer Darkness

Those who have been completely defiant and have rejected the Seventh Message (Plan of Salvation) will go to a dark, non-functional spirit dimension where it will not be fun at all. Only Heavenly Father knows what will ultimately happen to such pathetic souls. ~

~May you gain Peace Profound.

~Prophet Eric William King (January 11, 2017)


*Paper 75: Understanding Your Identity Seed


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  1. SOCT refers to the identity seed using other titles such as “monad”, “personal monad”, “Human spirit”, “personality”, etc. Your monad has dipped into matter so to speak when you awoke in this physical world with your physical body. Again, I cannot give out too much detail at this time regarding this subject but as your monad descended from the higher realms it came down so consciously in at least seven steps. The first three steps of its descent were not conscious experiences so out of the Pleroma [spiritual dimensions] you have gone through ten aeons [dimensions] but have only experienced consciousness in seven. So we sometimes talk of the septenery mysteries, mysteries which deal with the number seven. ~E.W.King

  2. SOCT is NOT associated with the cults of “Christian Science” or “Scientology”. SOCT information and studies are completely free of charge. In the Science Of Christian Thought there are no Fines, Fees or Forms. There is just you and the Beloved - you and God. ~

    ~May you experience Peace Profound.

    ~Prophet Eric William King (January 8th 2017)