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Friday, January 20, 2017

Science Of Christian Thought Welcomes the new President

SOCT Learns from the Master, Yeshua

"It is a time to come together as fellow beings, creations of Divine Intelligence. It is time to heal and accept each others shortcomings. Let us walk together in the unity of Divine Compassion." ~ Sir Eric William King

Science Of Christian Thought
Welcomes the new President

All true Christians who have the Eternal Love of the Great IAM THAT IAM surging in their hearts welcomes the new president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter if our fallen minds try to trap us in the bad energy of “this” or “that”, we do not take sides. Because each of us all come from the Almighty Divine Intelligence we will and must return to that Great Intelligence. ~

SOCT students bathe in the Violet Flame and thus we all know that each and every one of us must confront the shortcomings of our own lives but we also pray and care for the seeds of life that surround us every day. We pray for President Trump that he will prosper in temperance and peace. We pray that he will help in this powerful office to stop the crime in dark infested areas of our cities. We pray that he will strengthen us collectively as One Nation Under God. ~

SOCT students do no harbor hate or violence instead we transmute that energy through the practice of Spiritual Alchemy to change ourselves and to help those around us. Those who claim to follow Divine Intelligence and use their fallen energy to cause division and strife are building around them the detestable walls of bad karma. Nothing in this Fallen Matrix is permanent yet people fight over objects and positions of authority as if that is what really matters in life. SOCT students have risen to a higher plane, by the Grace of God. ~

SOCT students [hybrids/midwayers] send forth prana energy to the new president, Donald Trump. We charge it with peace, compassion and the gift of spiritual discernment. We want president Trump to truly succeed. Our hopes and prayers for all politicians are that they learn in this fire of political alchemy to work together, to forge a Golden America in this Aquarian Age. We have all (on this planet) been given a period of grace. How will we use it? Will we argue and fight? Will we destroy, yell and scream like immature children who didn’t get their way? No! SOCT students will only participate in the practice of mocha…that is our way. ~

I will post portions from a past message from Anoh called “The Realization” to end this SOCT paper with some important thoughts. As we move into this new era let us practice this Divine Truth. ~

Portions from New 2016 Message from Anoh

"The Realization”

SOCT teaches that all that is with outside of you is just as real as what is going on inside of you. To get caught up in the one or the other is not good. SOCT teaches balance and the fact of good and evil. Causality is based on [in] the actions and reactions of everything. What the SOCT student learns to develop is the practice of MOCHA [Mind Of Christ Action] thus splitting the two extremes and finding the middle and sound direction. This is true action and not merely a constant reaction of events.” ~ Anoh

“SOCT teaches the reality of mind channels. Floating outside each Human Identity Seed are myriads of channels. Some of these channels are what we might call “hard set”, taking thousands of years of collective concentration to become hard-wired and focused [developed]. Cultural, racial and ethical channels can be very strong and affect the individual. These are also guided along geological grids, energy grids which cross different kindred’s, nations and tongues.”  ~ Anoh

Learning how these circuits work through what SOCT calls Pathway Technology is extremely important for Humans to continue in the Seventh Time of Earth planetary development and proper evolution. SOCT teaches that one cannot truly help another until he or she has a proper perspective of the self. When we say “self” we mean the gifted person-ality, the Identity Seed. SOCT does not teach to only focus on self but ultimately to see the big picture, the macrocosm as well as the microcosm.” ~ Anoh

“All Humans play the victim, hero and or performer role throughout their lives. Through proper SOCT meditations and through proper prayer one can find out the fact of their personal condition and begin to make conscious changes redefining bad ways and setting up new mind channels on the micro level for better thinking and a more quality life. All true SOCT students have tapped into the Divine Mind Channel and have the realization of Science Of Christian Thought.”  ~ Anoh

“A last and most important fact here is that one learns that none of this is possible without the aid of the Holy Spirit, Divine Mind working in and through the individual. Without the Divine Mind Channel… one ever learns but never comes to proper knowledge. Accept the Jesus Christ upgrade to proceed on the path. May you find peace profound.”  ~ Anoh

May we all pray for peace, strength and love AUM-men

Peace Profound!

~Sir Eric William King (January 20th 2017)

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  1. SOCT students try their hardest to always work cooperatively in all that they do. When we see one of our friends begin to act selfishly over, sadly, so many trivial matters we should have enough love to bring it to his or her attention. The wise person listens to the other before he responds. We need to use all of the wisdom of SOCT to advance properly. ~ E.W.King

  2. Please understand, when we say ‘self-compassion’ we do not mean ‘self-esteem’. SOCT students are learning to stay calm during such experiences which involve criticism, embarrassment and extreme humiliation. Surprisingly people who have scored high on self-esteem beliefs do not do so well under such circumstances. As far as SOCT students go I get personal letters explaining how the person has developed better thinking, better control and exciting proper understandings of Science and Christianity. They express having a better spiritual discernment. ~E.W.King

  3. Within the container of the Fallen Matrix exists roughly more than six billion Human Beings. This makes the fallen matrix extremely strong. The fallen mind grid is powerful but it cannot stop the Pure Reality Grid from taking some hold upon it. The true Church of God [SOCT] makes up the Pure Reality Grid and if the crew gets big enough within this Seventh Time that we are experiencing we may be able to stop the war and hold together this planet for even more souls to evolve. But time as we know it is truly running out. We have been given a grace period for sure. ~

    All things are happening within a digital program, a matrix. Multiple smaller matrixes exists within the fallen matrix which dictate pre-organized patterns which are never random but instead are dictated by Divine Intelligence in accordance with Divine Will. ~E.W.King

  4. Devin Nunes CONFIRMS Surveillance Of Trump ~ March 22nd, 2017