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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

SOCT ~ The Identity Seed

SOCT Paper 42

SOCT ~ The Identity Seed

Your spirit contains a “heart”. That heart is the Identity Seed. This is the real you, your person, your personality. It is real and it is alive. Your spirit and identity seed as a whole form your true psyche. It embraces all thought, feeling, and behavior, both conscious and unconscious.  It is the complete you. Some ancients have referred to it as the Monad. ~

SOCT teaches that you are born whole. Your mind is not born into this world with a complete blank data base.  There are character traits and predispositions that are innate. Your personality is a gift from Divine Intelligence and it differs from every other personality that was, is or ever shall be born. SOCT teaches the original wholeness of personality. In this sense the idea that a person must strive for wholeness is a false idea: he already has it. ~

SOCT teaches that each personality builds upon itself through character development. Trained traits can be added to innate traits. Thus the personality is enhanced and continues to grow. Many psychologists have this drive to dismember the psyche while Science Of Christian Thought helps one to recover their lost wholeness, lost due to sin and living in the Fallen Matrix. SOCT helps one understand harmony by creating proper Mind Channel Links and shutting down bad mind connections. SOCT does this by using Pathway Technology. SOCT is in the business of psychosynthesis. ~

Each person [personality] as it grows is seeking proper identification. “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going?” To find the answer to these very important questions the spirit must seek until it comes into contact with Divine Intelligence through the person of Jesus Christ. Once lead back to the Creator true information [Pure Doctrine] can be transmitted. Proper and Pure Doctrine can be downloaded and comprehended and understood. The process of true conversion begins. ~


Identity: Identity is that which each personality seeks through a display of character traits. Some of these traits are innate, gifted to the personality by God. Each identity has its own particular predispositions. Other traits are developed. The true identity of the individual is buried in sinful distortion. Identity needs purpose. Identity achieves its goal when it connects to Jesus Christ and manifests MOCA (mocha). True identity is to be found “in Jesus Christ”. ~

When your identity seed entered the material universe it took on koshas (sheaths or coverings). These layers have to do with subtle subatomic bodies which help hold together and create the physical vehicle. Basically your body is a physical vehicle through which your spirit [identity seed] is able to manifest itself in the physical world. Some of these koshas make up what is known as your “etheric bodies”. Then you also have your “desire body” which helps your spirit manifest emotions into the physical world and your “causal body” which helps your thoughts manifest in the physical world through what SOCT calls “thought ascent” or TA. ~

Thought Ascent [TA]: How our thoughts work their way out of our minds and into the physical world. Proper thought ascents are thoughts guided by the Holy Spirit and into our physical world. Improper thought ascent comes from pride and irrational thinking, the fallen mind. Production of our thoughts follows a flow or channel which we could call “Thought Ascent” [TA].  Proper TA emanates from the human mind which has the indwelling Holy Spirit. We must understand that we as humans have been given a special mind gift of human reason and intellect (the “spirit of man”). We are created in the very “image of God”. We have a pattern in our being that is similar to God’s. ~

Throughout the Humans life he or she has accumulated Sinful Experiences [SE’s]. These basically amount to distorted definitions of events one has witnessed or experienced. The Human mind is full of distortion because of retained SE’s held up in the memory banks of the Human mind. To get rid of these one must accept Jesus Christ and repent. They must then begin to download proper information and through proper prayer and obedience to Static Moral Law they must learn to confront error and aberrated thoughts. Through acceptance of Holy Spirit they can discover older SE’s held within the memory banks and eliminate them completely. One thus begins to form new thought patterns and create new and healthy mind channels. Science Of Christian Thought offers what is called Pathway Technology which allows one to achieve proper Christian Clarity and maturity. ~

Christian Clarity: Measurable degree of Christian maturity developed seen in choice making and character development. To see and understand proper doctrine [pure doctrine] and to know how to apply proper Christian teachings. ~

Christian Identity Realizations: A phrase describing what the person going through true conversion experiences. The experience of true identity in Jesus Christ. The Christian experience. ‘Up steps’ in Christian realization and understandings which is an ongoing process. The process of discovering your true identity, wholeness of personality in Jesus Christ. Numinous experience. ~

Christian Identity: Recognition of purpose for the glory of God in your person. Recognition of the human condition and what you have been “saved” from through Jesus Christ. The experience of true Christian Reality. Knowing your Christian purpose through MOCA (mocha). ~

Proper understanding of Self produces Health!

It is our hope that through the practice of Science Of Christian Thought you will awaken your Identity Seed to its fullest potential. ~

Those who study and begin to practice the teachings of SOCT have better relationships and better health. The SOCT student begins to develop healthy self-regulation. This does not mean that we have reached perfection. Many of us may still struggle with addictions and other issues. We will always have disappointments, struggles and failings throughout our lives. This is all part of our evolutionary process. The SOCT student begins to develop healthy self-control through the power of the highest mind channel, that of the Divine. Through proper knowledge we become less anxious and more productive. We develop true compassion for ourselves and others. ~

The SOCT student develops one of the most important traits and that is proper 
Spiritual Conscientiousness. The disciple begins to have more control over his or her life. They develop good impulse control. They understand the SOCT doctrine of “triple A” and thus become much more focused. It is my hope that if you are reading this you will begin to study with us here and become an official SOCT student. We are all students of life. We hope to help you better understand yourself, others and the entire universe. Join us in this process of enlightenment. ~

Thank you,

Prophet Eric William King

Happy Numinous Experience!



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