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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

SOCT ~ Moral Conduct & Concentration

"I am learning to speak peace."

SOCT Paper 46

SOCT ~ Moral Conduct & Concentration

Science Of Christian Thought teaches a static truth, a truth which does not change. The spirit is eternal and whatever realm, reality or dimension it exists in it must obey the static moral law. The revealed Scriptures have given mankind a basic outline of these laws and they were exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. These are the Ten Commandments. Basically these laws amount to Identity Seeds avoiding actions that are harmful and performing those which are beneficial. ~

The question becomes: “How does one define what is beneficial or harmful? What is wholesome and unwholesome?” There is only one source that can properly define this for us and that is Divine Intelligence. All aberrated and distorted thinking comes when man thinks that he can change the static truth. To try and change reality puts one in a distorted reality, a Fallen Matrix. The entire world is experiencing a Fallen Matrix because of sin. ~

Sin is doing that which is opposite of God’s moral law. Sin is doing something wrong when you know that it is wrong. Any action that harms others, that disturbs their harmony and their peace, is a sinful action. SOCT students focus on these three subjects when it comes to obedience to God’s commandments. These are what we call the “three concentrations”: ~

1-Right speech

2-Right action

3-Right livelihood (life style)

Right speech involves staying away from gossip, lying, cussing, backbiting, slander, harsh words which disturb others and meaningless chatter. ~

Right action involves staying away from all illegal drugs and marijuana. Staying away from intoxicants including nicotine and alcohol.  Staying away from unclean foods. Making sure you keep your mind and body clean. Getting enough sleep. Working and not being idle. Staying away from sexual misconduct. Taking care of plants and animals. ~

Right livelihood involves having a job which does not involve helping and supporting immoral conduct for others. Not working for a gambling casino. Staying away from a job that promotes cigarettes and alcohol. Staying away from selling drugs, poisons, weapons, ammunitions, bombs, missiles and anything you know would be extremely detrimental to one’s health. Keeping your personal home or residence clean both inside and out. Staying away from all businesses which promote sexual misconduct. ~

It must start in Your Mind

Just obeying rules does not make you right with Divine Intelligence. You must truly have a heartfelt understanding of the cause to truly be obedient. All problems originate in our minds so all of these issues of what is “good” and what is “bad” must begin at the mental level. ~

Science Of Christian Thought involves proper mental development. One must learn to control the mental process and this takes effort. Most people spend way too much time lost in fantasies and illusions. Many get caught in thoughts of anxiety and stress. Doing this for years makes if harder for one to learn to stop. One must practice the SOCT teaching of “triple A” to stay awake to the present. This moment “right now” is the most important. By staying in the thought process of Mocha one can remain in an enlightened state. We can learn from the past and make a better future but this is only possible with being in the present. What are we doing right now? ~

Remaining ignorant of SOCT truth will keep one in the Fallen Matrix. The SOCT student must remain persistent in the teachings in order to awake into the Divine Matrix and begin to experience Christian Identity Realizations. ~

Christian Identity Realizations: A phrase describing what the person going through true conversion experiences. The experience of true identity in Jesus Christ. The Christian experience. ‘Up steps’ in Christian realization and understandings which is an ongoing process. The process of discovering your true identity, wholeness of personality in Jesus Christ. ~

Learning how to shut down distorted mind channels which have been guiding you for years is the right path and it takes effort. Diverting your attention to the “now” and being obedient to “static morality” is the right way to deal effectively with craving and aversion at the conscious level. We must stop trying to control things from the surface level and we must begin to truly change our inner processes. If one simply suppresses bad thought patterns they will emerge as a sleeping volcano of suppressed sin and sooner or later will erupt violently. ~

Surface Control: This type of behavior may appear positive [positive action] but really it is a form of repression. Both sinful & positive reactions can and most often do result in some form of repression. This type of false control can result in destructive processes [counter creative] leading to physical ailments. Habitual repression can cause a person to be angry with life which creates an attitude of hostility and frustration with the world. This is certainly not a pleasant way to live. Hidden anger will eventually manifest somehow. ~


SOCT students must begin the process of following and obeying static moral law and must also practice right concentration. Both of these will lead to wisdom. It is only by developing mocha that you will find the middle path of righteousness. Learn to stay away from extreme self-indulgence and self-repression. Just as a yard full of weeds can only become clean if one pulls them up by the roots so must all old thought patterns be pulled up by the roots. I hope you continue your studies here at SOCT. ~

~May you gain peace profound.

~Prophet Eric William King

Happy Numinous Experience!

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  1. Just obeying rules does not make you right with Divine Intelligence. You must truly have a heartfelt understanding of the cause to truly be obedient. All problems originate in our minds so all of these issues of what is “good” and what is “bad” must begin at the mental level. ~

  2. “Cultivate an optimistic mind, use your imagination, always consider alternatives, and dare to believe that you can make possible what others think is impossible.”
    ― Rodolfo Costa, Advice My Parents Gave Me: and Other Lessons I Learned from My Mistakes

  3. Those who spend time attacking Science Of Christian Thought teachings are possessed with the fallen spirits. They are perfectly possessed with extreme sarcasm and hate for SOCT.