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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Age of Aquarius & The Violet Flame

By Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito     
“In our three grades we come to behold a more fullness of the Light. Our scientists have found new planets, they say seven, in the Aquarius Constellation and have revealed them to all in this Seventh Time, in the year of our Lord 2017.…thus we come forth now as the Rose Croix Opus Day. Sar- Sir Josephin Péladan has been resurrected, if you will, he has come forth but the second time; he is Sir Eric William King. We have connected to the stars and have revealed the once hidden life. We travel through equerries, to knights and become commanders. Let us behold the pure Science, Art and Theodicy.”                                              ~ Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito

SOCT Paper 105

The Age of Aquarius &
The Violet Flame

This is yet another important SOCT paper. This paper talks about the Violet Flame, Ascended Master St. Germain, the Aquarius Age, the Seventh Root Race, also how to deal with bad thoughts and actions. Read and share – Peace Profound

SOCT teaches that in this Seventh Time we all must cross the single path and then make a decision. SOCT does NOT teach [in this Seventh Time] that there are “many paths” to ultimate enlightenment. We teach the One Way that Jesus (Yeshua) the Christ taught. Are there other paths? Yes. Here is how we understand this. Picture a tall upside down cone shaped mountain. Around that mountain there are circle paths. Each of these circle paths just goes around and around…not spiral but complete circle. The circles at the bottom are longer at the base of the mountain and these circle paths get smaller as you go up. Now picture a path starting down at the base of the mountain and this path is a straight line to the top of the peak. All the circular paths must come across this ONE PATH. So if you are on a circular path when you come across the straight line path you must make the decision. Will you get on the straight path? ~

I begin with this thought regarding paths because to truly use the violet flame meditations, visualizations and decrees properly you must be on the ONE PATH. ~

What is the Violet Flame

SOCT teaches all of its students the importance of using visualization. Your picturization mind will become more and more powerful as you practice SOCT techniques. The violet flame is a visual exercise in which you sit upright in a comfortable chair (actually as you get good at it you can do it standing, walking, sitting, laying down etc) and start to slow down your thoughts and relax, breath slower. As you arrive at the comfortable state you can close your eyes and picture a beautiful violet ethereal (ghost like) fire surrounding your entire body. This can bring with it warmth and a feeling of protection. Once in the violet flame you must picture it cleaning (cleansing) you from all sin and sinful experiences. It is purging all that is bad; bad thoughts, bad feelings, sin, anger, sickness and disease. ~

The Power of the Violet Flame

While in this visual meditation state you can say the following decree; ~

I am in the violet flame

I am being cleansed of all sin

All that is bad is being dissolved

All sin is being transmuted into righteousness

I am becoming clear

Thank God for this violet flame

St. Germain

This violet flame is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Many of you have studied about the Hierarchies (mature spiritual and biological beings) placed in charge as overseers of our planet. Included in this group are the Ascended Masters. Ascended Master St. Germain is the overseer of all those practicing the violet fire techniques. ~

Sometimes St. Germain is called “the keeper of the violet flame”. The violet flame was revealed to humanity by Guy Ballard in the early 1930’s. Guy Ballard was a Christian who was contacted by St. Germain who gave him this great secret. The violet flame had been kept from humanity until they were ready along the evolutionary path. After many centuries of keeping the violet flame knowledge protected by only a few it was now time to give it to humanity in total. ~

Currently seven of the Ascended Masters have sponsored Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] as the final spiritual movement before the destruction of our planet earth occurs. We are promised that in this time [the Seventh, Aquarius Age] there will appear what was promised as the Seventh Root Race [a race of spiritual hybrids to appear in the Seventh Time]. Those who have accepted the Seventh Message and have received the gift of the Holy Spirit have become true spiritual hybrids. They have been practicing SOCT techniques including the discharge process. ~

To truly destroy the power of an SE [Sinful Experience] you must confront the SE in detail and leave nothing “swept under the rug”. If you leave something out you have not been honest and the SE will not go away, in fact it will become harder to destroy. We must not use the practice of MB [Mental Blocking] but instead we must use the thorough discharge process. ~

Many of the hybrid socters have first appeared in South America as the prophecies predicted but now they are spreading throughout our planet as more and more accept the Seventh Message. The dawn of the Aquarius Age starting in the year 2012, specifically on December 12th 2012. We officially entered the Aquarius Age starting on July 14th 2014. ~

The Aquarius Age

The star Regulus found in the constellation Leo has marked the ancient border between the constellations Leo and Cancer. Regulus moved to its proper position in September of 2012. (By the March equinox all was in order.) From there it crossed the breaking point which moved us into the early dawn of Aquarius on December 12th 2012. By July 14th 2014 we had officially entered the Aquarius Age. So Regulus has left the sign of Leo to now enter the sign of Virgo. We are now in the Seventh Time.  ~

In this Aquarius Age a new spiritual music shall begin to sound to help elevate souls. The Seventh Message has come forth through the Science Of Christian Thought. SOCT is the only upgraded message which has been prepared to come forth in this Aquarius Age. All spiritual movements must now heed and investigate Science Of Christian Thought. Our message contains new information about the seven centers of power (the Chakras). All the new information must be tested by the true seeker. ~

The Anohites are here and are making contact. This must be faced and recognized by all socters. ~

Only SOCT has proclaimed the official entrance into the Aquarius Age. All past spiritual groups were the fertilizer which has birthed the New Seed of Quantum Level One Knowledge. Through this new Pathway Technology one may reach the heights of spiritual attainment and enlightenment.  ~

We invite you all to explore the new techniques of using Vital Life Force to heal the entire planet while there is yet time. We have been told that in this Aquarius Age we have been given a small window to level out the imbalance of past human decisions. Also we must first take this healing to a personal level. Through new techniques of “the laying on of hands” (Reiki) we may start this process in power. Through discharge techniques we may become clear and made whole again. SOCT invites all of you into the Aquarian Age in the hopes that you gain this Peace Profound. ~

Violet Flame Contemplation

By practicing the clearing techniques using the violet flame one begins to recognize his or her distorted thought processes. Our minds have clever ways to hide the facts of an event and cover them with ignorance (avidya) and distortion.  All inaccurate thoughts keep one living in the Fallen Matrix. Let us begin to understand some traps of aberrated [distorted] thinking; ~

1-Move on. Many over personalize their experiences when something goes “wrong”. We tend to blame ourselves, we take things too personally. If you walk into a store and a person gives you a glance and you smile expecting a smile back but don’t get one you can let that trouble you. Why? You can tend to let this experience effect you when you shouldn’t. Little things like this can distort our emotions and thoughts. We should know that we have done nothing wrong and simply move on in the practice of mocha. Let the violet flame continue to clear you.  Say something like; “I will produce mocha in all I do. There is no consequence in the Love of the violet flame.” ~

2-Focus on good actions. Another trap of distorted thought is the fact that many have learned to only notice bad actions, actions in others that we know are aberrated. What we need to do is look for the good things in others. Their happy attitude, their kindness. We may notice somebody helping another lift something or open a door for somebody. Practicing the violet flame techniques helps one notice at least one miracle every day. So learn to look for the good, not the bad. Say something like; “In the violet flame I see miracles.” ~

3-Speech control. Practicing the violet flame we become much more aware of what we say. We need to stop and evaluate: “Would I like somebody to say that about me?”  Say; “Through the violet flame my tongue is controlled.” ~

4-Anger control. Whenever you feel yourself getting angry it may be good to physically relocate, move out of the area of turbulence. Whatever you do learn to stop your thoughts and allow yourself to think for five minutes about something you need to accomplish today. State, “I am in the violet flame and it is calming all I do.” ~

5-Move out of judgment. All of us judge ourselves and others almost constantly. When you recognize judging somebody because of how they are dressed or what they are saying or doing learn to focus back on yourself. This of course is not always easy but through practice it becomes easier. Say; “Violet flame please burn out of me wrongful judgments.” ~

6-Deal with sad thoughts.  Whenever a sad thought comes into your mind such as the memory of losing a friend or the death of a pet allow it to come and then immediately recognize it. Say; “All of this sadness is gone. I am still one with those whom I have lost. They are with me now in the warmth and peace of the violet flame.”  After this simply change mind channels and use the love that comes to do something productive. ~

7-Remember who is on your side.  As a true Christian, Jesus Christ is always with you and He understands what you feel and what you experience. Learn to rest in the fact that God is in ultimate control of you, you are His child. He loves you no matter what and you must become conscious of this reality. Say; “I feel the presence of my divine Savior always with me in the love and transforming fire of the violet flame.” ~

The Violet Flame Threefold Actions

Practicing violet flame visualization, meditations and decrees will help you remember to keep clear in the threefold action of; ~




These exercises are important and you can begin to practice them every day. This will help you so much as you use them with faith in God and trust in all the things that God is showing you and teaching you through the Science Of Christian Thought. ~

~May you always gain more Peace Profound.

~ Welcome to the Age of Aquarius~

~Prophet Eric William King

Violet Flame Decree
Say each line three times

Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,

SWEEP the Violet Flame through us (3)

Almighty I AM.

SWEEP the Violet Flame through us (3)

Give Thy Command. 

SWEEP the Violet Flame through us (3)

Increase It each hour.

SWEEP the Violet Flame through us (3)

Love, Wisdom, and Power.


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  1. Guy Warren Ballard was Godfré Ray King. He was given a special visit by Count St Germain on Mount Shasta, California in 1930 and was a predecessor of Sir Eric William King chosen to help usher in the Aquarius Age through revealing the secret of the violet flame. Ballard was told that while he and his wife (Lotus Ray King) were alive there would be nobody else that St Germain would speak through. Unfortunately Guy Ballard began to misuse the violet flame teachings in his later years and the communications stopped. ~

    St Germain has thus appeared to others since then and given new violet flame decrees. Sir Eric W. King on October 7th 2011 was visited by the celestial beings, Elijah the prophet and Apostle John in Yosemite National Park, California. Sir Eric W. King was anointed to bring the “elect” into the literal Aquarius Age. In this life he is to continue to help usher in the Aquarius Age as a prophet of the age who proclaims the Seventh Message; the Science Of Christian Thought. In his most recent past life he (Eric) went through many trials and towards the end of his life experienced great depression. In his current incarnation he has been given a personal review and cleansing to continue the work and not give in or give up. He is surrounded by many loved ones and the power from on High to complete his mission. In this life he is training to becoming an Avatar. ~

    ~Chris Hughes

  2. Science Of Christian Thought is the messenger of the Seventh and Final Message to your planet Earth. We are not “Gnostic”, we are not “pagan”, and we are not “new age”. We are Christian Mystics. We do not turn away those from other “labels” but we share what we believe with all. Truth is “sprinkled” throughout many groups and personal understandings. What SOCT has is the FINAL MESSAGE in this Time…the Seventh Time. ~E.W.King