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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Four Lower Bodies and the Seven Sheaths

SOCT Paper 122

The Four Lower Bodies and the Seven Sheaths

In this SOCT paper Sir Eric William King gives us information about many things which have to do with our physical bodies. We learn about Vital Life Force, the Identity Seed’s location, the Seven Chakras and the Four Lower Bodies. This is great information. Please share with other socters. – Lisa Steiger

Science Of Christian Thought teaches that humans are ultimately spiritual beings. This means that your true self is a very small piece (or location of) spirit called the Identity Seed. In ancient past it has been called different things such as the monad.  In this SOCT paper I wish to take a closer look at this topic and define for you what are known as your “Four Lower Bodies”. Understanding that you are spirit and that your spirit is currently in a physical body [vehicle] is very important. This will help you understand the deeper laws of your own self. ~
“All DNA has been encoded with an identity seed. The frequency of this seed’s expression differs in all living beings due to frequency differentials and personal life adjustments. All consciousness flows through a system of vibrations. The human brain communicates using pathways. These energy pathways are the vascular system of your personal identity. Because of the advanced ‘human spirit’ humans have the capability of receiving upgrades in mind development which allow connection links to all dimensions and beyond existence itself.”  ~ E. W. King, from SOCT paper; “Identity Seeds and Individual Function” ~

Many people have pondered; “If I am spirit and spirit is invisible than why do I have a body to begin with? And where in my body is my spirit?” These are good questions and SOCT has answers. Through Quantum Level One Knowledge and Pathway Technology given to us by the Anohite class of higher entities (including biological ET’s) we have been given very detailed knowledge regarding these issues. ~

Where is your Identity Seed?

The human Identity Seed resides near the pineal gland behind the forehead and basically back into and around the center of the brain. It entered your human body and “fitted” itself when you came out of your mother’s womb entering through the top of your head [crown chakra]. While you were growing in your mother’s womb your identity seed came down through the top of your mothers head [her crown chakra] and resided in the womb near the development of your head and brain but it did not truly enter your body until you took your first human breath outside of the womb. The baby has a soft spot on its head where the entry occurs. Over time the human skull further develops and the soft spot goes away. ~

At the back of your head your human skull has a big opening called the medulla oblongata. Through this opening your entire body receives an influx of Vital Life Force which energies your brain to run on low hertz volts and begins to surge throughout your wiring [all of your nerve paths which run down your spinal column].  Your spirit [Identity Seed] begins to connect its energies with your human brain and spinal cord in conjunction with its use of the pineal gland. Once this happens you truly awake into the physical world of being. You are now a spirit operating in a human body. ~


“As SOCT students we understand that there is a difference between the personality, character & identity of an individual. First off, personality is something that you are born with. It is the “true you”. We are each born with unique qualities; no two people are exactly alike. In SOCT we could also break personalities down in to “personality types” but we will not do this here. Here we will discuss the three things that make you “you” which are personalitycharacter & identity. So if you are a person born with your own personality then what is your character? Character is something that is developed. Some people have developed a healthy character and some not so great. Character is something that is worked on. Now we come to “identity”. For character to properly be developed it must have some kind of moral compass. This compass is what evolves your identity, who you think you are, or who you truly are.” ~ E. W. King, from SOCT paper; “Personality, Character & Identity” ~

Your Threefold Flame

A main location of extra and special charge within your body lies within the human heart. In this location you have a special energy point where Vital Life Force delicately oversees all the functions of your human body. We call this the Hidden Chamber of the Heart. The special energy which resides here is three-fold in manifestation. It can be pictured as a threefold flame. These three flames spiral together. The first flame is blue (power), the second flame is yellow (wisdom) and the third flame is pink (love). When these three flames are in balance great enlightenment occurs. It is the purpose of the Science Of Christian Thought to help you understand these metaphysical secrets and to begin to utilize the inner power potential that YOU have by becoming a true Christian in direct connection with Divine Intelligence. ~

This threefold flame is sometimes called the “divine spark” and if you have received the Holy Spirit it is called the “Christ flame”. In the ancient Skt. It is called “Ananda-Kanda” which means “root of joy”. This chamber is not manifest on the physical plane but it is manifested in the higher vibration of the spiritual plane. It is not discerned by physical science much like the smallest particles of the atom cannot be seen in the physical plane. ~


Divine Intelligence is the Father and Mother of our spirits [Identity Seeds]. In one sense we have always been with Divine Intelligence but we came to this planet to learn and grow, to experience and evolve. In time and space God is working with personality and personsrelationship and identities. On our planet of a specific time and space God is creating us to become His literal children through personality experience. There is a polarity of good and evil and each person [personality] has to decide what he or she is going to do with this situation. ~ E.W. King (2012) ~

There are seven main points of power which monitor and register your emotions. Anciently these have been called the “seven chakras.” The word chakra basically means wheel or disk and this is because these areas are seen as miniature “hurricanes” swirling with energy which directly affects other organs in your body. Each chakra has with it a list of body organs and functions that it over sees. ~

7 Chakras and the Human Aura

Each chakra when running correctly produces an ethereal color. The chakras are vibratory as everything else is in your physical body is. Each chakra vibrates its color based on how well you are in control of your emotions. The emotional body [which we will talk about soon] has much to do with the vibrational frequencies of your chakras. Together all of your chakras produce the human aura. The human aura is physically measured and scientifically realized in the human electromagnetic field. ~

The location of these chakras may be listed as such: ~

1-Top of your head “The Crown Chakra” (yellow) Skt. Sahasrara ~

2-Center of forehead “The Third-eye Chakra” (green) Skt. Ajna ~

3-Center of throat “Throat Chakra” (blue) Skt. Vishuddha ~

4-Center of chest “Heart Chakra” (pink) Skt. Anahata ~

5-Right under sternum “Solar-plexus Chakra” (purple with gold highlights) Skt. Manipura ~

6-Right below bellybutton “Seat of the Soul Chakra” (violet) Skt. Svadhishthana ~

7-Base of the spine “Base-of-the-spine Chakra”    (white) Skt. Muladhara ~

The 8th and hidden chakra resides within your heart chakra and vibrates the color peach. It is the Ananda-Kanda. It is the hidden chamber of the heart and contains the threefold God flame.  The colors given to the proper vibration of each chakra here are very important. In the past false schools have given different colors to the chakras without a proper explanation of color-mood vibrational science. The Anohites have given us this proper knowledge. ~

Your Four Lower Bodies

So now we will arrive at the explanation of your four lower bodies. As I said earlier and have documented in other SOCT papers your Identity Seed is basically rapped in Seven Sheaths. Of course one of these sheaths, the most obvious, is your physical body. Your physical body is the first of your four lower bodies. ~

A basic list of your four lower bodies could be listed as such; ~

1-Physical Body (biological)

2- Etheric (personal experiences) – or Memory Body because of the Reflective Ether (4th Ether)

3-Emotional Body (how you express yourself) Also known as the Desire or Astral Body.

4-Mental Body (how you think) Comprising the 4 lower regions of the Causal Body or Thought Body.

Each one of these sheaths vibrates at its own distinct frequency. The etheric sheath has the highest vibrational frequency (on the physical plane) and is the gateway to the three higher bodies.  Let us now look at the next three bodies which are referred to as your higher-bodies. ~

Your Three Higher Bodies

5-Micro Body - Human Spirit reality. (The realization that you have a spirit, an Identity Seed) Aka World of Divine Spirit.

To realize the next bodies (6 & 7) you must cross the Liminal-line of Consciousness by means of the Deliberation Channel. Once this is done your Human Spirit will have merged with the Holy Spirit [Divine Mind working in you]. At this point you will have become a Midwayer (Mid-way Being aka Hybrid Human). To more fully understand this process read other SOCT Papers found on these subjects. ~

6-Divine Intelligence - Mind connected to God realization: Holy Spirit Reality. Aka World of Virgin Spirits.

7-Macro Body - Universal Spirit: The realization that you are part of the God Family. Aka World of Divine Intelligence (God).

A Closer Look at Your Mental (Causal) Body – The 4th Body

Your four lower bodies and your three higher bodies make up your Seven Bodies. There are of course subdivisions within each of the seven bodies that we will not cover in this SOCT paper however we will take a closer look at your 4th body, the Mental. This is the highest body of your four lower bodies. Now in your fourth body (the Mental or Causal Body) there are seven divisions. Only the first four of the regions in the mental body comprise the common thought process of man. However there are three higher regions of the mental body which reside just outside of your physical body but are connected to the four lower bodies of your physical body through what is called your “life stream”. ~

Part of Your Mental Body Connected to God

The last four “regions” of your mental body (causal body) dwell with your “I AM” presence, which is in the higher regions of spirit. From there they are connected to you through your life stream. The life stream (spiritual “umbilical cord”) comes out of the “I AM’ presence, your God source. This God source is the highest reality which resides in another dimension outside the body but is connected to your mind (body) through what we call “the silver cord.  This cord comes down through your crown chakra and is a direct connection (link) to God. This of course cannot be seen on the physical plane because it is an interdimensional connection. ~

The last three regions of your 4th body, (the mental/causal), reside in this higher dimension. They reside where your personal “IAM” presence resides.  Your I AM presence is your individualized Presence of God out of which your Identity Seed was originally projected into dense matter where it has received its physical body. ~

The mental body is the highest body of your four lower bodies. It is sometimes referred to as the “World of Thought”. Each of your seven bodies has “regions”. ~

The regions of your mental (causal) body could be listed as such; ~

Your Mental (Causal) Body regions: ~

1-A region of forms and personal archetypes.

2-A region of universal (collective consciousness) archetypes.

3-A region of emotionally charged archetypes.

4-A region through which the person reflects his or her emotional archetypes on others.

The first four regions of the mental body are what most people are accessing and using on a daily basses. ~

5-A region where spiritual (higher) thoughts manifest in the physical world.

6-A region of abstract thoughts regarding life in general.

7-A region which contains forms before they physically manifest.

These last three regions [5, 6, 7] reside in the upper spiritual realm (where your God presence, the “I AM” presence) dwells and these regions are connected to the human body through the crown chakra by the silver cord (life stream). ~


“The “silver cord” is called the Life Stream. Sometimes when we talk about “all the people” we may say “all the life steams”. We could use the word “individual” in the place of the phrase Life Stream because each life stream has its own personal connection to Divine Intelligence. Your life stream connects you to your personal God presence which is pictured as being outside your body, above your physical body in a heavenly realm (higher dimension).”  – E. W. King (from “Understanding Life Streams”, 2011) ~


These last three regions of the mental body [5, 6, and 7] are thus the higher regions of your mental body. Actually this part of your Causal Body surrounds your personal I AM presence (God presence) and it does so manifesting seven rings of color. Your causal body also contains the records of your actions much like your Identity Seed but on a much higher plane. ~

Your Higher Causal Body Surrounds your “I AM” presence

Your personal “I AM” presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres. Each one of these spheres manifests a specific color much like a rainbow. In the center of these rings is found your God (IAM) presence. Your human aura gets light and life from this source. You have a connection which runs “up and down” through your connected life stream to this higher dimension. ~

Remember; picture your God presence hovering over your head high up. It resides in another (higher) dimension. Picture God at its center surrounded by seven concentric rings of color.  These rings comprise your higher Causal Body. From the center where your God presence resides a cord of light comes down and into your physical body. It enters through the top of your head [crown chakra]. This is your personal Life Stream. ~

Causal Body Colors travel down your Life Stream and create the Aura

Each colored sphere of your higher Causal Body (mental body) make up the successive planes of God consciousness. Every human emotion manifests a mixture of colors which come down to you from this region. They manifest in your human aura. Depending on what your emotional body is feeling it will reflect itself on the physical plane through your aura. ~

At death your Identity Seed will rise to this dimension (the higher Causal World) where it will be reviewed. From there it is determined by your personal Karmic Board just what part of the Spirit World [Paradise or Purgatory] you will go to or if your next life stream involves reincarnation it will be determined what type of body you [your Identity Seed] will enter. ~

Goal Now to Balance your Four Lower Bodies

While down here on planet earth in our physical bodies we are to gain this special knowledge for a reason. We are to learn to properly use each of our bodies [all seven] in Christ Consciousness. We are to bring karmic balance to ourselves through proper spiritual practices which are found in the Science Of Christian Thought. ~

Our four lower bodies [1-physical, 2-etheric, 3-emotional and 4-mental] must be conquered by the “mind of Christ” in this life for us to properly proceed on the path. Most never accomplish this in one life time but it is possible. ~

How do we begin?

Through the Science Of Christian Thought you may learn in much more detail of just how your seven chakras work. You can learn mediation techniques and special decrees which will help you bring personal balance to your energy flow.  You can learn to draw pure white light down and increase the Tube of Light which surrounds your body. ~


Your “tube of light” is not your Life Stream or your aura but is a cylindrical tube of white light which comes down from your “I AM” presence (personal God presence) and protrudes from your higher Causal Body. It surrounds your physical body. It descends directly from the heart of God and works as a protective shield around your four lower bodies. If you keep clear thoughts, words and actions this light will strengthen and increase.” – E. W .King, (from; “Use Your Tube of Light”, 2011) ~

You can learn how to bring balance to your threefold flame (found in the Hidden Chamber of your Heart) which is very important for ascension. You can learn to pray every day and talk to God [Divine Intelligence]. You can gain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. ~

Through using the Violet Flame (spiritual fire of the Holy Spirit) decrees and practicing the discharge process you can clear yourself of all distorted thinking and sin. You can come to the realization that there is a great “cloud of witnesses” on your side such as good angels and Ascended Masters. I ask that you accept the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to properly begin your journey. You do this by simply accepting Master Jesus Christ as your personal savior and then asking God to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to come and live inside you. You want to be a True Christian. ~

By doing all of this you become what is called a midway being, a “new creature in Christ.” This means that you have moved on to a higher plane of consciousness while still in this life and have become a member of the seventh root race. This makes you a true Aquarian. Please continue to study with us here at SOCT and become a socter [ SOCT student] right now. ~

~May you gain Peace Profound.

~Prophet Eric William King (January 15th 2017)

Continue to study about your sacred bodies..........



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  2. Within the container of the Fallen Matrix exists roughly more than six billion Human Beings. This makes the fallen matrix extremely strong. The fallen mind grid is powerful but it cannot stop the Pure Reality Grid from taking some hold upon it. The true Church of God [SOCT] makes up the Pure Reality Grid and if the crew gets big enough within this Seventh Time that we are experiencing we may be able to stop the war and hold together this planet for even more souls to evolve. But time as we know it is truly running out. We have been given a grace period for sure. ~

    All things are happening within a digital program, a matrix. Multiple smaller matrixes exists within the fallen matrix which dictate pre-organized patterns which are never random but instead are dictated by Divine Intelligence in accordance with Divine Will. ~E.W.King