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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Light Of Christ draws one to accept the Holy Spirit Gift

SOCT Paper 120

The Light Of Christ draws one to accept the Holy Spirit Gift

Just because somebody does not yet have the Gift of the Holy Spirit does not mean that God (the Great I Am) cannot pull one towards Him through what the Bible calls, “the Light of Christ“ which lighteth everyone who comes into the world. ~

The Light of Christ

The “Light of Christ” is a spiritual influence which “is given to every man, that he may know good from evil” (Moroni 7:16). In the gospel of John we read about Jesus; “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” (John 1:9). John the Baptist came into this world also to “bear witness of the Light”. (John 1:7) ~

Because our Master Jesus Christ created this world and came into this world He shines His enlightenment upon human children that they might venture to see Him. Within every human heart lies what we call the Hidden Chamber. Inside the heart of every human being sparks the Gift of Life. God’s Vital Life Force is even in the evilest of persons who ever lived. Only Divine Intelligence creates and sustains life. ~

Mankind has a Problem

Mans sinful condition has created intellectual blindness, stupidity and outright opposition concerning the things of God. Mans will is under the curse of sin and is thus under the control of depravity, darkness and false understanding. Man needs proper information to begin his journey to true healing. In God’s mercy he at one time or another shines down the Light of Christ upon all souls in the hopes that they will grab hold. ~

Most do not accept. There is even a problem with man receiving proper information. God’s word declares: “The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned.” [1 Corinthians 2:14] Human ability is disturbed beyond doubt. Man has defects in everything that he does. If a person does grab hold of the “light which shineth in the darkness” then he or she can begin to listen and receive true enlightenment through the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Once a person receives the gift of the Holy Spirit then God comes to live with them in the Sacred and Hidden Chamber of the Heart. The Holy Spirit also merges its force with the Identity Seed, the Spirit of Man. Thus man becomes a “begotten” child of God. ~

Fallen man lacks the power of true spiritual discernment without the gift of the Holy Spirit. ~

God’s Unbelievable Grace

Through and because of the grace of Divine Intelligence man has some concept of basic morality without the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Bible teaches that God has placed a basic urge to be moral in man’s heart. We understand that our original parents [Adam & Eve, the “10th couple”] were created with the capability to develop and grow towards a deeper meaning and experience of true morality. This all of course involves the understanding and experience of true (undistorted) reality. ~

Those who do not yet have the gift of the Holy Spirit will hopefully at some point in their lives feel the pull and draw of the Light of Christ which does lead every honest soul to find the true Jesus and the Gospel (Plan of Salvation). Through the Light of Christ the “seed of the gospel” is planted. ~

“The Light shines in the darkness; and the darkness comprehends it not.”  (John 1:5) Only by the SOCT student truly accepting the Gift of the Holy Spirit will he or she begin to see clearly the Divine Matrix.  ~

God is “in” Everybody

God [Divine Intelligence] is in every body through Vital Life Forcethe gift of Life. Where life is, God is. When one reaches the level of maturity the Light of Christ will start to shine on him or her every now and then. God is drawing His beloved children unto Himself. If a child dies without understanding the call of God that child goes to Paradise [a section of the Spirit World] and is given the next stage of his or her development according to Divine Law. ~

The Threefold God Flame

Those who receive the light of Christ will begin to gain proper understanding and the spiritual “eyes of the blind will be opened”. Inside each soul in the hidden chamber of the heart lies the Threefold God Flame . God resides in the heart of every human by His Vital Life Force. Nobody would be alive without this gift of life. The light of Christ will try and penetrate the hidden chamber of the heart. If and when it does the person has crossed what SOCT calls the Liminal-Line of Consciousness. ~

Next the person begins to truly contemplate the reality of Divine Intelligence by using a mind channel called “the deliberation channel”.  Finally the person accepts the Gift of the Holy Spirit through prayer or by the “laying on of hands”. In these last days [the Seventh Time] God has promised to “pour out His Spirit”. Through a simple prayer of invitation you may accept the Holy Spirit to live inside of your heart. ~

Christ Consciousness

The door of Christ Consciousness awaits the opening of your heart. Once the Holy Spirit comes to permanently live inside the sacred hidden chamber of your heart it energizes your three-fold flame and you have gained redemption through the Son of God - you have  created your own personal Christ Self. Now through prayer, meditation and decrees your Christ Self will strengthen and you will hear the inner voice of direction which will lead you into a most powerful relationship with Divine Intelligence. Truth…power, wisdom and love will become your guide.  These are the true attributes of your threefold flame. ~

The Christ Self produces Christ consciousness in you. This is an individualized reality of your True Identity. You now become a self-realized child of God. Your personality, character and identity are in the process of becoming something new. Behold, you are a “new creature in Christ.” The Bible says that we are to develop; “the mind of Christ.” If you have truly received the gift of the Holy Spirit you are a “spiritual hybrid” on your way to becoming an Elah [Evolutionary Level Above Human].  ~

All of this along with Quantum Level One Knowledge is offered to you in this the final Age of Aquarius. Let your new Christ Self become your Master Teacher. Study the message which Divine Intelligence has given to all of us in this final Seventh Time. Study Science Of Christian Thought and may you gain true Peace Profound. ~

~Prophet Eric William King (January 14th 2017)

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  1. SOCT is NOT associated with the cults of “Christian Science” or “Scientology”. SOCT information and studies are completely free of charge. In the Science Of Christian Thought there are no Fines, Fees or Forms. There is just you and the Beloved - you and God. ~

    ~May you experience Peace Profound.

    ~Prophet Eric William King (January 8th 2017)

  2. Throughout our lives we may experience many so called “conversion processes”. We may receive important and vital revelations at certain points in our ever changing life, epiphanies that create extreme changes in our character. These are important moments. The danger is in the conflict of having an epiphany that contradicts a past epiphony. We may find ourselves changing philosophy and religion more than once throughout our lives. Actually, this is normal behavior. SOCT teaches the conversion process in light of its diverse manifestations. ~E.W.King