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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Three Waves…ET Contact…and the end of an age.

SOCT Paper 133

January 29th 2017 – Anoh Message

The Three Waves…ET Contact

…and the end of an age.

This message from Anoh is extremely important. It talks about many important topics. One of these topics has to do with the understanding of the “Three Waves” of incarnates that have arrived here from other planets. We are currently living in the “third wave” and these souls must find the SOCT message to complete their mission. If you just even read this introduction…send it now to everybody you know! There is not much time left for the survival of your planet. Help Earth. ~ Dennis Gray (Second Wave member)

Every human being is crying out, “change! Change...we want change!” So what is it that you want changed? The sad fact is nothing has really changed for you. You are still yelling back and forth at each other. In this SOCT paper I am dictating to my receiver (Sir Eric William King) some very important information about my planet and your planet. There is perpetual peace on my planet and what I here share with you may help you understand more about who I am, my planet, and your urgent need to grow up. Don’t forget this. ~

Read this entire message. Absorb it into every fiber of your being. Leave nothing out. ~

Those from my planet and those working with us (the Anohites) from other planets have been called “the Keepers”. Our group also includes numerous spirit-bodied beings from those whom we refer to as the Hierarchies.  In ancient past humanoid life forms on your planet have referred to us as “the gods”. Because people have not literally witnessed our early seeding of your planet and the evolutionary guidance of your planet many see us as just “watching”. In this case many refer to us as the Watchers. These titles (Keepers & Watchers) are somewhat sufficient for human understand regarding our work. ~

Since the Great Rebellion your planet has suffered. For the most part its inhabitants are emotionally dysfunctional and highly addictive – addicted to all sorts of unhealthy things. ~

Many of you who are reading this important message are not feeling that great. The vicissitudes of life can rain down upon you fast and hard. Many have searched for counsel on many a spiritual path only to be depressed and more upset. Some of you who are reading this have tried to compete with family members and have chosen acquaintances as a distraction. You must stop playing the “tit for tat” game. Many of you have fought for statuesque amongst family and friends only to wake finding yourself in the same rotten dirty game. I tell you, oh lonely soul…wake now and learn from our Divine Science. The end of this world is at hand. ~

Those humans who truly know the reality of our message are the beneficiaries of the situation which your current governmental administrations wish to keep you ignorant of. If you have come across us and our mission for the first time you might be asking yourself; “What does this mean for me?” Basically it means your life or death, that is, it is a message regarding human destiny and the end of your planet. ~

Many of you struggle with some kind of terrible addiction. If you are reading this you have enough sense to take control. Some of you are on a “spiritual” path or a psychological understanding that has come to a dead end. Again you ask: “What am I to do?” Some of you need money and a good job. Some are getting ready to move to a new location and you are full of fear. Most are just full of anxiety. Please take out time in all this chaos to study SOCT Karma Yoga. There is enough time.  Now let me tell you a little about me and my planet. ~

The Anohite Home Planet

My name is Anoh (pronounced; Ah-no). The Anohite (pronounced; Ahno – hyte) main planet is close to the star that some humans know as Sirius. Our planet has a slightly different atmosphere. We are a two mooned planet and the color of our daytime sky is light green, not blue like your sky. We, in the process of early humanoid guidance, appeared to many of your ancient civilizations including the tribe in Africa known as the Dogon tribe. ~

On our planet we communicate “telepathically”. We prefer to call it empathetic communication.  We have taller biological bodies than most humans and our eye color varies from dark browns to light greens. We have larger heads and smaller ears. Our skin is somewhat like that of an elephant [rough] but much more finer and sensitive. We have hands like yours with four fingers and a thumb. Our hands have sensitive nerve feelers. This means that we can sense things with our hands much like a metal detector or radio antenna. We also have the capability to move things without touching them by guiding energy (VLF/Prana) through our seven energy centers (body locations) and we can focus energy with our hands (using what humans might call; telekinesis). ~

Though we are fourth dimensional bodies, we can still appear to you using what some call "etheric energy". ~

You humans also have seven energy centers in your bodies and you can learn about these in some of the SOCT papers. Not all of us look the same. Some of us are what you might call “quite ugly”. I do not think that I am all that attractive. Some of us struggle like many of you do regarding this issue.  We have emotions and feelings also. You understand. ~

Anohite Craft

We fly in numerous types of space craft. You must remember there are biological entities participating with us which are not from our planet – there are numerous differing biological entities and all sorts of crafts. There are different biological beings involved in this great undertaking to help you. We do have what you have referred to as “Mother Ships”. The largest mother ship that has participated in the history of your planets oversight and evolution is known as the Anohean Craft. It is larger than any other known mother ship in your immediate area, that of your galaxy. ~

As far as the guidance of our smaller ships are concerned we use a special crystal energy system (called Paulca). It is the shape and cut of the crystal that allows for the directing of energy and memory which is also stored in the crystal devices. Mother ships guide smaller ships and ET drones by a special lazar light beam that comes forth from the mother ship and connects (like a silver cord) to the smaller ships. Thus, our smaller scout ships have sometimes been referred to as “beam ships”. ~


Note: Crystals are also used as tools of detection such as the crystal Stilbene which glows purple when it is in the presence of radioactive materials such as plutonium. Today on planet Earth Stilbene crystals are being used for homeland security detection devices. ~ E.W.King

Some from our species do not like to fly. Some are somewhat frightened by even the thought of flying. Those who do not like to fly do not have to. You understand. ~

Anohite Language

The closest English title for our race (those from Anoh’s planet: Koothmere) could be pronounced Nommos. We are of the Nommos race of extraterrestrials. Our two mooned planet has gone by many different names but in this Seventh Time (proper age designation of your planet Earth) it is best to be called the planet Koothmere. The name of our closet sun could be called Donoradit. Obviously the pronunciation of our telepathic language is much different than English or any other earth language. Still we transmit. ~

Through a special preparation procedure and process some of us have been kept alive in our current biological bodies for more than one billion years, we are the so called “spiritual turtles” if you will. I have to speak to you all in what I call “baby language” so that you can even begin to understand the content of this transmission. Sending now. ~

Verbal languages and interpretations always suffer from much inaccuracy. Even your earth scientists have a difficult time expressing the realities of micro-physics to their students. Many of the basic concepts we are trying to relate to you through the Seventh Message are common concepts to us but to you they sound like irritating noise. Some of you who have read many of the SOCT papers have stated that there are inconsistencies. The fact of the matter is inconsistencies will always arise from verbal communication and this is why many of our truths must simply be experienced – experience is the true teacher. We even transmit many of our teachings non-verbally through the Divine Mind Channel. The Seventh Message does indeed contain paradoxes that cannot be solved by logical reasoning. We just ask that when you approach our teachings you do so with a pure motive. ~

Communication is constant and is happening always at every level. It must be noted here that humans communicate non-verbally every day – you just need to become more conscious of this. Open new thought patterns. ~

Regarding religious evolution on your planet it has been long and extremely detailed. What has become known as your Christian religion is a most appropriate guide for the entire universal message that you need to properly progress. It contains (in the Old Testament) primitive aspects of your early thinking process. Having said that I must stress that what we have given to you as the SOCT message is most thorough and proper, more so than any other so called “Christian” message.  We analyze connections. ~

The current dark forces of aberrated and distorted religions on your planet are being guided by the Adramelechs.  Religions that murder, hate and try to conquer free souls are run by the Zenoah possessed masses. You shall know a religion by the fruit it produces. Religions which have evolved are no longer involved in cutting people’s heads off; ye shall know them by their fruits.  We also need to inform you that many of your so called “news outlets” are actually egging on such hatred. They claim that such sick demonic forces should be allowed to invade all areas of your planet. We have stated that more than 80 percent of the human population is tied [attuned] to the Adramelech mind channel. Do not underestimate the stealth and secret agendas of such murdering forces. ~

A nation which cannot first take care of its own people does not have the Divine Approval to take care of others. Even on an individual level - if you do not even take care of yourself, but you smoke and put drugs and toxins into your body, and do not take care of what you have, how can you take care of others? By what Cosmic Authority? ~

It is my hope that you study the LIGHT of our message. You have tried so many things and some of you have even gone to school and spent money and time only to discover that you still do not know what you want to do with the rest your life, well…welcome to SOCT. ~

Some of you might say: “I am too old to study all of this. I don’t think that it will help.” If you are saying or thinking this you are wrong! In fact people like you will probably gain the most from SOCT Karma Yoga. No strange stretching like a pretzel, Karma yoga is a mind set. ~

Most all humans not Prepared

Most of your human population (approaching just over seven billion) is not ready, prepped, or educated enough to understand the depth of the Seventh Message. We are never the less giving the Seventh Message now in accordance with hierarchy direction. You have so destroyed and distorted your proper thinking processes and proper use of your vehicles (biological bodies) that it seems impossible to recover you – the destruction of your planet and the false use of science are so great that we have no choice but to try. You have been given what could be called a “mercy period” of time to get it right. This specific time was first discussed in the earth year 1999 and it was decided that you would make it to - and through - the important date of December 12, 2012 which was the dawning of the “new earth epoch” (popularly known as the Aquarius Age and marked by the stars). The new earth epoch came into full force on July 14th 2014. You are now in a period of time which is extremely important. You must receive, live and share this message (the Seventh Message) if you wish your planets survival. Remember. ~

Please understand that we have and are making important contact with you on many levels already. As I stated in a message that I gave last year, we interact with you mostly during altered states of consciousness which occur while sleeping or napping – As I have said; “We shall appear in your dreams.” ~

Much of the information we wish to transmit to you cannot be experienced through your basic human senses – not a basic sensory experience. Thus even if we try and use images that you are familiar with we find that they are inadequate to describe what we want you to understand. This makes it somewhat frustrating from our side. You understand. ~

I must stress that it is not entirely impossible to grasp our reality. SOCT offers a new vast way of experiencing the reality of life. It involves a whole new way of thinking. ~

I can smile at you right now (yes, even we smile)…and it means a lot even though you cannot see me. By reading this you are now, right now, in communication with me. We are both here right now. ~

By truly studying and accepting our message will result in your freedom from fear and attendant worry. If you know what is coming it will relieve you of the shock that most will go through. To be spiritually-secure should be your first objective. ~

The Message Comes Anyways

The official starting time of the Seventh Message was October 7th 2011 [the beginning of the Laodicean Era, the Seventh Church Time]. This was when we decided to choose the proper human vehicle to help us accomplish this task though he was being reviewed for this mission as early as the earth year 1999. On December 12th 2016 the “chosen vessel” was called to be what you might refer to as “the prophet of this message. He was given a special upgrade and is in appropriate communication with us even right now. ~

From an earlier message from Anoh:  “Though there are many Humans who wish contact with us the fact is they are simply not prepared. To prepare some of you we appear in your subconscious mind in many archetypical forms. We thus begin to lay the foundation of the reality of our existence through a process. This process will lessen the shock and ease the discomfort that many of you have. As many of you realize you are living in what we call the Seventh Time. This is the time in which Humans must allow the reality of our existence in theirs.” ~ September 2014

Our minds are accessible. If our minds were not ultimately connected you would not even be able to read this right now. We are all of the same Mind but we are all individuals and a unique variation of the Cosmic Whole. You realize this. ~

Ultimate Consciousness is not something that is disconnected from what you call matter. The interconnectedness of all things is a reality. If you cannot accept this then we cannot help you. ~

Many of you like to relax in a private space when you get home. Many of you like to read and enjoy your time - just you. This is good and very important. Being inside and or outside does not disconnect us. Look at the stars [like you do] and know that we are here. Don’t forget. ~

By learning and practicing SOCT teachings, by reshaping old thought patterns to accept the facts you can insulate yourself from the evil influences and manifestations of a corrupt and distorted populace which has gone completely mad due to Zenoah mind sets which are currently unleashing their outright stupidity. ~

Open Contact

We wish a more open contact with you but currently it is next to impossible. Your minds have not accepted even some of the basic laws of the universe. As a human race many of your females wish to dump the guilt of killing biological vehicles (human babies) on the shoulder of a corrupt government (through abortion).  This is bad and increasing -  it creates larger amounts of accumulated bad Karma for your entire planet. Many sadly have the idea that as long as the fallen human government believes that it is okay to do such things...then it is okay? This is not true. Young and old human men are killing each other in some areas at record numbers because of all the trash and drugs that they fill their minds and bodies with. What you call “music” has become a way that the Adramelechs can program the un-awakened minds of your youth. Are you really ready to visit more spiritually advanced entities? You need to truly clean yourselves up and this must happen fast. You do not have that much time. ~

Through Pathway Technology you can begin to become more awake – conscious - regarding levels of your own consciousness – more aware of who and what you are. ~

I am speaking through a channel which is actually a person, a human being, that person is Sir Eric W. King. Eric is not perfect and has gone through enough tests of time to be comfortable and truthful about who he is and his life situation. So if you would, please do not focus on him. Instead focus on my words as this message is so very important for your entire planet. ~

Our messengers have heard some of your nighttime requests. Don’t worry...yes, we are here. ~

By holding on to your current world view and aberrated thought patterns you actually assist in strengthening the magnetic field of thought which draws fear, confusion and violence. Young people have practiced bad mind connections due to the Zenoah influences in your family relationships and especially in your public schools. These mind patterns have consequences which ignite and cause people to commit bursts of violence in public places. ~

The promoted and published violence through your so called “video games” has programmed the young mind to live in a false world, one that seems to call upon the person to “act…and act now”. What kind of emotions do they act on? The kind that you have so kindly placed in their heads. Your material science has escaped you. You are spiritually behind and not fit for the technological “toys” that you have created. The result is the great inrush, the tides of unhappiness.  You have made a “god” out of that little device that you hold so tightly in your hands. ~

God and Havona

There is a Divine Intelligence which pervades all that is or ever shall be. There is a God. This Divine Intelligence exists everywhere and has center everywhere, circumference nowhere.  We use the directions of “up” and “down”, “in” and “out”, “higher – lower” basically as a reference point for your understanding. Truly there is no real “up and down”, “higher – lower”, etc. We could thus state that Divine Intelligence resides in Havona (some spell it Hovona). This is also referred to as the “central universe” of all things. This would be the center from which the entirety of creation revolves. We leave nothing out. ~

All of the higher evolutionary beings on other planets recognize the fact of Divine Intelligence - “One God”. Those super advanced beings recognize the same God. There is only One. God “is”…God simply is and there are no “if”, “and”, “buts” about it. Because this information comes from a higher understanding it is most difficult to relate it to you in your limited verbal language. We will try our best knowing that some will begin to grasp. There is a group of humans called the “elect”. These are those capable of understanding this message (intuitively) and accepting the Seventh Message. We have built up this message and are unfolding it to all of you in what we call the “Three Waves”. Remember all of this. ~

Many of you reading this are of the “three waves” and by reading this there is so much relation, revelation and insight that you might say something like: “Oh my God. I knew this all along.” Even if you were not born as a “waver soul” you may still be one of the elect. There is actually no difference so welcome beloved friend and brother (or sister). Peace Profound. ~

Human consciousness looks to other fallen humans to tell them who they are and what to do. You as an individual must learn the fact of your freedom. It is you (the individual) that has the right - and only you - as to what you are going to accept and believe in. Many of you have no stability left because you have denied the reality of absolutes. Just because you have discovered the law of relativity, well, that in and of itself is an absolute. You do not understand that you are extremely limited in your dimension comprehension. Therefore, most have no conception of the absolutes of Divinity. ~

Many who have taken concepts of Buddhism to the extreme deny that they even have an absolute personality that survives. Most who accept this aberrated view do so to excuse wrong (distorted) behavior. ~

The Three Waves

Many humans have been chosen to relate to this message in varying degrees, not all at once. Some of the Identity Seeds (spirit personalities such as yourself) that have come here to your planet and have embodied human vehicles have come from our planet Koothmere (even though our language means absolutely nothing to you) and some from other planets. This is to help create a higher consciousness, so a formidable amount of hybrids have arrived to assist on your “fallen planet”. You are presently in this Seventh Time (last earth epoch) experiencing what we call the “third wave”. We have sent incarnations of vital beings to your planet in three waves. We left nothing out. ~

The first wave was approved in the earth year 1945. We had watched and witnessed you detonate the atomic bomb. At this point in your evolution it was important that we implement this process [the three waves] to help elevate your fallen mind process. Remember, the evolution on your planet is not normal. You are part of the rebellion and your process has become distorted and needs much intervention, but still it must all be performed within the Cosmic Laws of the Cosmic Masters (Hierarchies). These hybrids that came to your planet could not force you to change but could grow to influence you to think better. All who decided to come to your planet as a part of the big plan (the Plan of Salvation) did so voluntarily. The earth’s karma is still somewhat in the danger zone even after the great equalization accomplished by Lord Master Yeshua. Don’t forget. ~

Today those of the first wave are in their 40’s to early 60’s. They have had a difficult time throughout their lives integrating with the common earthling mind channels. They have indeed entered the Fallen Matrix. The human vehicle we are currently using [Sir E.W.King] to broadcast this message and the entire teachings of the Seventh Message came to your planet [Earth] in this first wave. We leave nothing out. ~

Many of these hybrid Anohites have been able to give important information through the process of hypnosis’s therapy to other humans. These hybrids volunteered to give up their past memory and to simply use their higher intuitive processes of thinking to invade earth’s institutions - to help transmute old and bad processes of human thought to the better reality. This is all explained in the ‘open’ teachings of SOCT as Pathway Technology. ~

The purpose of some choosing to come here in human physical vehicles is to raise the conscious energy and to enhance the brain frequencies, create clearer thought and better thinking processes. They have in fact accomplished establishing a mind-grid on your planet. We are trying to help (within the guides of Cosmic Law) elevate the human mind frequency so that you may properly grow and experience the Divine Matrix (New Earth, so to speak). This is no easy task but one that is worth the effort. We are talking about the bigger picture and multiple dimensions. We are here. ~

The second wave of human hybrids arrived and they are now in their late 20’s and 30’s. Most of these souls have had a strong influence in spiritual matters, trying to figure many things out. They have used mediation, diet, decrees and mantras to help equilibrate their karma and send thought waves out to balance earth’s karma. Many have struggled with addiction, having not awakened to who they truly are and their mission. This was to be expected. They understood the risks in coming here. If it were not for each one of these waves earth wouldn’t have even been able to come this far. Understand this truth. ~

Your planet has extremely bad karma. Your planet was the center point of the galactic and ultimately the universal rebellion. (Please read other SOCT papers which explain this event) Many of you ask, “Why the rebellion?” ~

You cannot accept two opposing concepts simultaneously existing as complements yet they exist. This in and of itself does away with the law of relativity being a constant - even in your physical reality. Physical things and phenomena are transient manifestations – as above, so below. ~

Third Wavers must find SOCT

The third wave of hybrids are made up of the youngest souls – they are adjusting as we speak. They are concerned much with political issues but without the Seventh Message finding them and they finding it not much can be accomplished. Many have found the SOCT message and have more of their brain being utilized and advanced DNA chains are being activated - psychic powers are being unleashed.  This is realized. ~


Note: SOCT students have been able to produce bursts of neurogenesis through interfacing with extraterrestrial mind channels. This is why we consider our process as being that of a “hybrid” transformation. Please understand, when we talk about Divine Intelligence we are directly always referring to God. But also understand that all ET intelligence is operating through and in Divine Intelligence. This simply means that SOCT students have been able to activate greater use of their brains due to SOCT knowledge and activation of that knowledge because of interfacing with the Divine Mind Channel. ~ E.W.King


Some of you reading this have had interesting and even astounding spiritual experiences. Some just recently. You have thought about understanding these experiences and now you are brought here, to SOCT. Some of you have tried and even right now are practicing so called “occult” teachings. From Wicca to Tarot cards, from this spiritual teaching to that - but now you are reading this. Welcome experienced soul, welcome. Those who seek deep like this are the ones who find that which is True. ~

Some of you practice Buddhism and or even have read about it and have experienced some truth that has helped you in your journey. Burning incense? Loving your Buddha statue? Welcome dear friend. We are here. ~

In all of this I must tell you that this planet will soon end. It is on a karmic clock. To catch up spiritually you must read SOCT papers. Things are changing…fast!  This is the Truth. ~
It has been said; “Never look at that which you do not wish to experience.” We say, never limit your view of life by any past experience. ~

Cosmic War and Pole Shift

Much has happened on your planet. During the KT event (Cosmic War) your planet received a slight pole shift. This along with the damage the war created caused most all life forms (including the dinosaurs) to become extinct. Some fallen objects even brought disease and biological substance that was dangerous to your planet. This happened. ~

When we talk about “evolving life forms” on your planet it must be understood that there is an unseen hand (not biological) which has helped guide, direct and protect all life on your planet. Of course this is a reference to the Hierarchies. Even from our (ET biological) perspective we do not see or pretend to understand all of what the Hierarchies do. We know that they are a conscious portion of Divine Intelligence, as we all are to one degree or another.  I (Anoh) have had the privilege to make conscious contact with them in order to help your planet. ~

We could say that everything on your planet grew from a single cell amoeba-type life form. Multi-celled life forms came next as the monad split into sexes. All evolution is guided very carefully on all system planets, moons, asteroids, etc. Just as an infant is guided by the parent so must evolution be guided by the hierarchies. You understand. ~

Many souls from the first and second wave who have gone through hypnotic therapy have only been able to give out segmented information of the details of just how your planet came into being. It wasn’t until the appearance of the third wave of spiritual hybrid humans that this fuller (detailed) account could be given through SOCT and the Seventh Messenger. It was us (the Anohites of the Nommos race of ET’s) who originally seeded your planet under the supreme guidance and direction of Yeshua and the Hierarchies (Yeshua is the first Identity Seed of your universe). Each life form on your planet preceding the other under supernatural guidance was all preprogrammed according to the Divine Plan. These are the facts. ~

The reason for the extinction of the Dinosaurs was due to the Cosmic War but it was also according to the natural processes. Detailed information of the Cosmic War has been, for the most part, kept from being revealed until the third wave of hybrids. We had to wait until the appropriate time to reveal this information. This all according to the Great Plan. It is also true that your planet is currently experiencing a shift, a pole shift which will be a part of the Seventh Time climax. You are currently witnessing the starting point of this transformation which accounts for the severe weather changes. Midwayers (SOCT students) are very aware of this shift and have been trying to bring it to the attention of earthlings far and wide. ~

Your planet will become much more aware of its magnetic shifts and human authorities will start sharing publically regarding your planets magnetic field shift which will increase dramatic weather change. Also, we have shown in earlier SOCT papers that your moon and its changing location will and is affecting your planets seasons. This is happening. ~

You have all gone through (and some even now are going through) personal shifts in life. Going into a new relationship, coming out of a bad relationship, out of a job…need help in almost every area of your life. I am glad you found this and are reading this. I urge you to begin a new start by studying and practicing the SOCT reality. It does not cost anything to become a socter (SOCT student). We offer the last message to your planet freely. Receive. ~

Yes. Change is a constant. Some say; “So what, we all die, things change so who really cares?” If you’re reading this you care. Don’t let the fallen mind deceive you, dear one. ~

Beginning of WW3 since August 9th 2014

The poles have shifted at least 30 degrees from where they originally were 40 plus years ago. SOCT has warned that your planet has entered World War Three since August 9th 2014. It has gradually been escalating. This is why the third wave of Anohite intervention is so important. We thank the human spiritual investigators for their service and great work in revealing much of this information. Some of you were chosen long ago for this extremely important task. Remember. ~

Many of these investigators appeared in the year 1968, the year that the Seventh Messenger (Sir Eric William King) was born. We thank the blessed regressionists and psychic researchers.  ~

Sir Eric William King (through Anohite guidance) has appropriately stated:  ~

“It has been the mission of SOCT to inform this planet about its ongoing and current dilemma. This world is now, as of August 9th 2014 at war. All we have to do is determine what percentage of this planets population is at odds with itself. The older religions of this planet have not evolved with current technology. Most all humans are living in the dark ages when it comes to true spirituality, philosophy and religion. We here at SOCT state that: “The only truth is Truth itself!” We are no longer concerned with myth or ferry tale. It is time for humans to grow up or be terminated.” – From, “Earth at War in 2014” – By Sir Eric William King ~

This is why this time is so critical. It is our hope that you are truly receiving this broadcast and are recording it in the appropriate mind channel. This message must be downloaded, saved and shared with the rest of the human race. Send now. ~

No matter your color, race or creed. You are human. SOCT is for the person who knows that humans must now wake-up and change - or forever be lost. These are the facts. ~
The entire SOCT message…Giant Koan? In every moment you are learning, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore be exclusively and perfectly devoted to truth. SOCT is Truth. ~

Planet Lessons

On our planet there are no “political parties” and no “leadership” as you would recognize leadership but there is authority, law and order. Our “religion” is a “knowing” or better yet a “realizing”. Our God is Divine Intelligence. This is your God too but it is taking longer for you to realize it [figure it out]. We have “temples of attunement” on our planet. These are locations where we are able to receive a “higher” spiritual experience to help further our evolution. ~

We trade and exchange metals and minerals with other planet life entities and life forms. There is a Cosmic Trade business going on for sure. We are all divided into space/time sectors. For a race of biological beings to reach cooperation at this level it takes intelligence of the supreme kind - which earthers have certainly not attained. These are the facts. ~

Our technology is so far in advance to earth’s that it would be foolish to even try to explain the working processes involved.  We consciously live under a much closer frequency with the Divine Matrix than earthers. This is not to insult you. You have great potential still. ~
Many humans have become unsympathetic with social suffering yet not unmindful of civil injustice. The human condition is in chaos because the majority has not evolved enough to understand that you must have static moral truths, a foundation. There is one Divine Code of morality that you have been turning away from, thus the violence, death and chaos. ~

The formalization of your religious groups has become based on an “ours is better than yours” mind set. You have not even understood that you all live on the same planet yet. We look down on you and see you as insects fighting over nothing intelligent but instead exercising basic stupidity.  ~

SOCT offers a truly meaningful way to live where you can come and experience face to face realities of everyday life. You must start with this re-education. You must download this Quantum Level One Knowledge. Leave distorted and perverted religious concept right now and come into the refreshing Truth. ~

Spiritual Graduates

We experience a higher vibration of being and communication. We have received our orders from spiritual beings much more advanced than us. We have what the Seventh Message refers to as the Holy Spirit, the spark of the Divine Mind is attached to our Identity Seeds and we are above what you have called the “midway” state of being (midwayer). Right now it is the object of the SOCT message to elevate all it can to the midway point of being and existence. This will rise each one to the state of election so that when the time comes these people can go to the next plane peacefully and appropriately to further their evolution in a sound manner. Graduation from midway makes one an Elah (Evolutionary Level Above Human). We are Elah. ~

At graduation (when you die or this planet ends) you will “shed” your human vehicles and receive one that is more fitting much like our biological vehicles. If a graduate chooses to stay in spirit form he or she may return to reincarnate (become an Avatar) on earth to help elevate brother and sister souls or a person may stay as an Ascended Master to set up etheric retreats for training. This all depends on their personal progress. Time to grow. ~

Where are you spiritually? Please know that you have all that you need through the SOCT message. It is time for you to truly evolve. You have at least reached a level where you can consciously participate in your own evolution. Think all this through. ~
We have appropriated higher ideas using human concepts to help enable you to come to a better understanding of your true condition. As you pursue this study we hope that you will more clearly discern its righteous content. ~

The steps needed to be taken by you to fully realize this involve practicing the Nine Achievements. There are many paths but the one necessary for you all right now must be heeded. Divine Intelligence and your basic evolution did not allow or create all the religions to confuse you but to prepare you all for this last and very important time in your human evolution. ~

The New Human Religion

For your planet to stay on a healthy evolutionary path a majority must accept the Science Of Christian Thought [SOCT] and live by following SOCT Karma Yoga. This is why you have all been given this special grace period to hear, study, believe-in and accept the Seventh Message. SOCT must become the “new religion” of a sizable group for your Mother (Mother Earth) to allow humans to exist here. If too many humans refuse this message then your planet will in fact be recycled. In other words, Mother Earth will cleanse herself of you (humanity). ~

It is the “third wavers” that must now join the others in sharing this message. They know and fully realize the important time that we are all living in. This planet of yours does not have that much time to complete the mission. Even if SOCT does not reach the number of midwayers needed the plan will go on but this planet will be destroyed. Advanced souls will go to planets to further this mission on the other existing fallen planets. This is reality. ~
Have you been in a religion for a long time? Some parts you agree with and other parts you know are wrong? Well, welcome to SOCT. Time for a reality check. ~

We are not here to impose or force our understanding of Truth on you. The unprepared “mind soil” of many will never accept this Divine Message. Carnal energies still flood the minds of the majority. This is the sad fact. We must be careful here. It is not our purpose to preempt the natural flow of individual evolution. We can only speed up the process and assist those who are ready. ~

Your Mother

While the child is yet small its place is with the mother. When you were small you understood – intuitively - to hold your mother. Those who have been blessed with a good father have experienced the growing up stage of discipline and correction. Both Father and Mother have hopefully raised you and nursed you to adulthood. Now you must seek a Higher Direction. ~

You have not taken care of your Mother Earth. She is tired and sick. You have polluted her and poisoned her. The SOCT message calls you to wake up dear Child of the Cosmos. Your Heavenly Father is about ready to act some discipline on you. Please, it is truly time to honor your Father and Mother. You who have lost faith in God. You who have no more belief in Divine Intelligence…you have become selfish. Look to your own children…would you teach them to not believe in you? Yet this is what some of you (atheists) have done. Even you agnostics look for every excuse not to believe in Divine Intelligence. Thus your planet suffers and will continue to. ~

Our Message an Alarm Clock

The human vehicle through which I am sending this very message spent some incarnate time on Koothmere. He spent much time in our Temples of Attunement. When he arrived on planet earth in a human physical vehicle for the second time (on July 13-14th 1968) he struggled with the human mind channels and in early elementary school his head was “always in the clouds”, so to speak. All of those souls from the first, second and third wave can relate to this. Our message it not an easy one. You realize all of this. ~

There are many hybrids who do not yet realize who they are. When they come into contact with SOCT they know almost immediately who they are and why they came here. Coming into contact with SOCT is like hearing an alarm clock, a reactivator - if you will. It awakens them to accept their hybrid position and the Seventh Message in total. It is time to escape the distortion and become clear. Error is a product of distorted perception, dear ones. ~

Gain clarity and true spiritual perception. AWAKE! We welcome and accept you even right now! Learn, share, grow and know. We have the Truth. ~

Accept the Deep Truths of SOCT

Everything is energy and energy can be focused, moved and manipulated to destroy or create. It is time to use your personality energy to help create the better reality. You must understand that you are a special personality, an Identity Seed. Your Identity Seed is the smallest thing that exists in the material creation yet it is also the most powerful thing that exists in the material creation. Sub-atomic dimensions can be traveled by your “person”, your personality. During sleep it travels to the astral plane (Desire World). In fact, it (“you” - your identity seed) can be at more than one place at a time. There are many deep truths found in the Seventh Message and you must educate yourselves to properly get a grasp of them - evolve. ~

SOCT students are being freed from the superstitions about God and are learning true theology and science, the pure doctrine. Presently earth’s religions have much confusion in that they have not learned to distinguish between all the diverse personalities – they have confused spirit-beings, angels and extraterrestrials as being “God” or “the gods”. ~

God is many things. In science Divine Intelligence is the first cause. In religion Divine Intelligence is the loving Father/Mother. In philosophy Divine Intelligence is the “always is” principle. In psychology Divine Intelligence is the “good conscious”. Though God is in fact all of these He/She is also much, much more. The easy way out is to believe in an impersonalthing” or an impersonalit” and die in ignorance. In fact more and more humans are doing this. The condition of your planet is that much more deplorable. ~

Divine Intelligence is calling…you are here and now. ~

Ten Practical Physical Activities

Can you live a “normal” life through all of this? Indeed you can and must. This is your path. We are not here to destroy your enjoyments or take them away from you. You can lead a normal life and be a socter. ~

I am encouraging all human SOCT students to stay on the path of SOCT Karma Yoga. Also, follow as many of the Ten Practical Physical Activities that you can to stay healthy. These are: ~

1-Choose one day a week to have no cell phones – no TV – no electronics – instead do something more physical – go to a park or someplace where you can experience nature. ~

2-Take time out during your week to read from an actual book – not a computer or TV screen. ~

3-Take care of something alive – like a plant – or a pet – even if only to water a tree, bush or grass in your front or backyard. If you have a pet keep it clean, well fed and spend time with it every day.  ~

4-Learn to cook a meal – or make a sandwich – salad – or anything that you like to eat.

5-Take time out to wash your dishes by hand instead of a dishwasher at least once a month – if you live by yourself wash your one plate, one glass, one mug, etc by hand every time you are done using it. ~

6-Instead of always playing with your phone or computer take a day out every so often to play an old fashion board game with family members or friends. ~

7-Wash your car or truck [vehicle] at least once a month – inside and out. ~

8-Mediate every day – you choose the time – study SOCT  teachings - do Violet Flame decrees. ~

9-Keep your residence clean – inside and out. ~

10-Keep your physical body clean – inside and out. Live this. ~

The End of your Planet

I must inform - you must learn to accept what comes - and you must enjoy each day including your final duties. If you practice SOCT Karma Yoga you will live a fulfilled life. If enough humans accept the Seventh Message the destruction of your planet can in fact be postponed. However, we (the Anohites) must always be completely honest with you. We do not see that many will accept this final message. Your planet will come to an end one way or the other. This will not sadden SOCT students who know what is really going on and they also have the advantage and courage to face the reality. There is hope beyond for the socter. ~

To be sealed for your transition at the end of this planet – you must accept the Holy Spirit and the Divine Teachings. We are informed that the Hierarchies will most likely let one or more huge objects hit your planet. This will cause Mother Earth to spin off her axis and this will in fact destroy [violently] your planet. Many objects have been noticed by your observers. They realize that your solar system is dipping into the danger zone along the path of your galaxy. Alert! ~

The snake shall soon bite its tail. ~

Also your planetary star (your sun) will thrust dangerous UV rays to wake you up to what is coming. The universe is alive…most of you are asleep. AWAKE! ~

The dream that you may have had – the destruction with water, flood, earthquake and celestial bodies - these are real visions. Concern about human family relationships has bugged you far too long. Mend what you can dear socter. You were brought here right now to read this…you must share it now. The car is running into something, the plane is crashing, etc. We have tried to warn you through dreams and we have finally guided you to read this in this very hour and at this very minute and second of time. You still here? Good. It is dark out when it is supposed to be light. You must now become the Light. Do not forget this. ~

What You Might Witness

What I am about to share with you is not to frighten you, though it may. I must be right up front with you. Read this. Don’t forget this. ~

First, humans will experience a great shaking of the planet. Then they will see, witness and feel warmth and some will experience the great wind. The sky will light up like never before and will blind those who look up. Some will feel a great mist in the air. Before they finally close their eyes in death they might also feel a stinging sensation all over their body. Some people will be knocked out – completely smashed away because of objects flying through the atmosphere. This is how it will all end for many. Alert! ~

Do not fret about your political situation. It is not time to feel sorry. You must get busy dear SOCT student. There is no time to waste. Remember, we have given you all of our messages out of love for you and your species. Even all life should be respected and you have become cold and disrespectful of Mother Earth. Take care of your planet. ~

Depending on how the Hierarchies decide to end it - before all of this happens much could occur that might last a week, a month or even a year before the fateful day. The longer it lasts the worse the suffering will be. We (Anohites) must warn you that great earth shifts are coming. Huge earthquakes and massive land movements. There will be volcanic activity that has never been witnessed before. Again, dear beloved SOCT Christian, do not fear what is coming. Instead, share the Seventh Message in love with whomever you can. Enjoy the time you have now…live in the “Right Now”. Do something good everyday and do not give up. I wish you all Peace Profound. ~ Anoh

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on the morning of Monday, January 30th 2017 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time continuum.)

~May you always trust our Lord, Yeshua Hamashiach

~Sir Eric William King

Extraterrestrial Knowledge

*Paper 029: The Anohites


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