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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“Are you done yet?”

“Are you done yet?”
By Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito

“For all those Beholding the Science Of Christian Thought”

I had just awoke in the beautiful world of Supreme Idealism. Everything around me was defined through the Science Of Christian Thought. I was walking in the Nine Achievements when I tripped and fell. ~

As I sat contemplating all of this, the “this”, the “stuff”, I asked myself: “Dear God, what have we created?” No matter where I looked I saw trash. I saw young and old walking on the streets and through the park all decorated with purple hair and black paint on their faces. I asked myself: “What are all these people try to hide from?” I couldn’t help but notice all the painted faces. Then the wind blew and caught my attention. It was as if the Voice said: “But wait, there’s more.” ~

So a looked again and I caught the scent of perfume but it was a nasty smell. The painted faces walked by and frowned on me like I was a small but insignificant scoundrel. These painted people smelled and walked funny. Then dark clouds began to roll in and fill the sky. I heard the voice say: “Behold, I will show you more.” I looked again and I beheld melting faces as the rain water began to expose the clowns of decadence.  Everything in the rain started to appear as it truly was. I cried. My tears mixed with the rain and the voice said: “Now you know how I feel.” ~

I found a place to sit. T’was in a park but there was trash all around me. It was raining hard now. A vehicle drove by blasting a loud noise, sounds filled with anger and profanity. A hand from the open car window tossed a cigarette at me. When would all of this stop? I asked myself. Waiting to hear the voice. All of a sudden I awoke; I was sitting by a stream of clear water on a sunny day. Out of nowhere there appeared a man wearing a light violet colored gown which was flowing lightly in the wind. He had dark curly hair and an interesting beard. He approached me and said: “Are you done painting yet?” ~

~Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito

Remembering Erik Satie in light of the...
Science Of Christian Thought

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