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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dear America 2017

This picture taken at 12:11pm (February 7th 2017) in California, Yosemite National Forest
~Anohite Craft~

SOCT Paper 136

Dear America 2017

~Message from Anoh (February 7th 2017)
Here is a very important message for the entire planet from Anoh. Will we as humans listen to this truth for our time? Or will we destroy ourselves? Anoh has been giving this information free of charge to all humans. How can we turn away from this information? It is the hope of every SOCT student that this message will take hold in this year, 2017. We do not know how much time we have left to meet the critical point; the end of our mercy period. Please read this and share this. URGENT!

Science Of Christian Thought is the most advanced spiritual message for your entire planet. This Seventh Message has come at such a vital time in your spiritual evolution. Your old religions have served their purpose and now many of them have overstayed and are creating much trouble on your planet. I have continued to warn many SOCT students through visions, dreams and spiritually (intuitively) that the time is ripe for many Earth changes. Earthquakes will come which will shake the foundations off - till they fall to the ground. ~

Earth’s karma needs to become equalized again and this is why the Seventh Message has arrived. If enough humans accept the message and become spiritual-hybrids stabilization may occur. As it currently stands you are in great trouble. ~

The weakness of the violent religions is coming to a climax. Your old religions, particularly those active in the Middle East, are now caught in a stalemate. The political parties are witnessing a vicious circle, caught in denial of what the cause is. The current cause of the majority of your trouble has to do with your spiritual condition….on the macro level. ~

None of your current religions can reconstruct society unless they change – go through their own reconstruction. To maintain survival they must review the aspects of the Seventh Message. It is in the Seventh Message that one will find the secrets needed for spiritual sustainability and stabilization. The rapidly shifting social changes need a religion that is malleable, a religion of evolution. Science Of Christian Thought is a spiritual, evolutionary movement. It achieves the living experience needed to participate in true change and allows for the powerful experience of personal revelation. ~

The political party that grabs hold of SOCT teachings will survive for the betterment of humanity. Those who reject the Seventh Message will inevitably find themselves in word fights and social disarray. The United States has been guided the most by the Anohites because of its freedoms and Divine Guidance. The leaders of the past have accepted the enlightenment of St. Germain and many other Ascended Masters. It is now time for the United States to come open with its contact with us, the extraterrestrial multiracial Anohites. ~

We are asking for the revealed revelation of our existence and known guidance. It is time to come to clarity regarding the extraterrestrial subject. Also, you must admit (collectively, as a species) that violent and evil religious movements that take away the rights of freedom of religion, women’s rights, and the right to not believe if one so chooses – that these types of “spiritual” movements must be destroyed in total. These evil religious movements are a spiritual disease that can only be cured with reality, the reality of their destruction. ~

You must look to SOCT’s ultimate goal rather than your human creeds. Your “faith” is personal and we hope that it deals in Truth and not violence or error or dictatorial redirect. SOCT truly spiritualizes those who study it. It is the needed change both personally and collectively for the entire human race. ~

Finally, I must warn you that difficulties regarding this message are coming. There will be attacks orchestrated by the fallen Adramelechs; those possessed with the Zenoah spirits. These will occur in the democratized regions. Aberrated religious cults will take credit for them. Old outdated religions will now try and destroy the true religion that is coming forth like a woman experiencing child birth pains. Your current president has been given information regarding these dreadful realities. It is time to listen to Truth and stop pretending that “everything will be okay”. We ourselves do not know just how long the current mercy period - that you are in - will last. We have taught you that you are in the Seventh Time, that of Laodicea. In this time the Seventh Message is given in the hopes that you will start to consciously participate in your own evolution. SOCT is offering you the door to get involved in both personal and collective participation in your own evolution. ~

Humans must now wake up to the spiritual light that has been placed before them through the Seventh Message. We cannot force you to make this change; it must come from within yourselves. Are you truly worthy to enter the bigger reality? Then prove it! ~ Anoh

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on the morning of Tuesday, February 7th 2017 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time continuum.)

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  1. SOCT students are messengers and light bearers. We are also all growing and learning new and better ways to think and act. Our planet is experiencing the Seventh Time Epoch since October 7th 2011. This means that we are currently in a “grace period” and have been given a chance to solve some of our greater problems. ~ E.W.King