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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Do I have a Human Ego?

SOCT Paper 173

Do I have a Human Ego?

Science Of Christian Thought’s teaching of the “self”

What is the human ego? Psychology defines it in different ways so we will not attempt to do so here. I will try and explain how the Science Of Christian Thought explains the “human self”. Really, the word “ego” is a man made idea which tries to express the “driving self” within man. SOCT simply refers to yourself as the “Identity Seed”, your gifted personality. Now you can have a healthy personality or an unhealthy personality…it’s that simple in SOCT. ~

SOCT does not teach that a person has to somehow destroy his or her “ego” to become enlightened - simply because we do not recognize the entity of "self" as being an “ego”. We do believe that a person’s “personality” can be self-centered and unhealthy. Some may say that this is simply a “semantical issue”, but really it is not. ~

SOCT defines a “self-centered personality” as one who only thinks of “I, Me, Mine” etc. The wrong idea of disconnect with the rest of the world and even the entire universe is unhealthy. Most people have an idea about themselves which says; “It’s me against the world.” The true spiritual work of each individual is to begin to understand the science regarding this issue. Everything is connected through atomic energy. Our brains use electricity to function. You are an electrical-biological entity swimming in an ocean of atoms. You might say; “So what?” Well, from a metaphysical stand point it means that your emotions and thoughts can affect those around you, subtle though it may be. In a nut shell, your actions and thoughts do not just affect you. They affect everybody. ~

The delusion of one’s self being disconnected from everything can affect your decision making in a dangerous way. Caught in the terrible sense of “me, mine and I stand alone” can create a terrible sense of loneliness and ultimately cause depression. Science Of Christian Thought helps one become aware of their personality along with all its gifts and beautiful blessings. SOCT teaches you to have a much healthier view of yourself than the one you may have developed. ~

All sentient beings are seeking awareness. All personalities use mind channels to express identity. SOCT teaches that our minds operate on channels. Some of the channels that our mind has gotten used to are unhealthy. SOCT teaches that a person can develop new mind channels, healthier ways of thinking. To have a selfish attitude is to be operating on an unhealthy mind channel. Our minds are so used to the mundane channels that they do not realize that they can create, yes create new and better mind channels. Science Of Christian Thought calls the creating of healthier mind channels, “Pathway Technology”. We offer techniques on how to do this. ~

The first thing you must do is learn to rethink what you have been taught regarding everything. This is accomplished through reading the SOCT papers, remembering what you learn and applying SOCT techniques in your daily life. We must not ignore unhealthy mind channels. When bad thoughts or thinking processes occur we need to recognize them, face them and consciously decide to change the channel. You have the power to do this. The greater power which can and will assist you in developing better mind channels is the power of Holy Spirit. This is a Divine Essence that actually can become part of your human mind and can empower you to think properly. It is kind of like putting better gas in your car, bad gas makes the engine run improperly and causes damage. ~

So you develop a better personality, you maintain your individuality, one still is truly oneself; it’s just that there is no more selfish attitudes running wild. This is one of the main goals of Science Of Christian Thought. Many of our students have been grateful and actually surprised at the difference in the way they view themselves and others because of SOCT. ~

One last thought, people repress old habits and bad thoughts. People repress sexual drives and many other things. The worst thing one can repress is spirituality. This is because your core being is spirit. To ignore your true being is to ignore the power and life of who you really are. If you have read this we challenge you to study what we teach, learn and apply. You will start to develop skillful actions and your awareness of the unity and nonseparation of all things will become a reality. We wish you enlightenment and peace profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King

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  1. Narcissistic spiritual paths that teach that you must only care and worry about the “true self” are producing rotten people. Self centered people do not understand the path of Karma Yoga. SOCT teaches the Nine Achievements to help people get on the right path. Many have found it and now understand the human problem like never before because they have truly tasted what is good through SOCT. ~E.W.King