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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Getting in touch with Yourself – Part Four

SOCT Paper 151

Getting in touch with Yourself – Part Four

Identifying anxiety is key to understanding past SE’s that you need to properly deal with to effect healthy change. Whenever you get anxiety do some tests to see what its cause is. For instance, say you are at a restaurant with your friend for lunch. You are sitting together and talking, getting ready to take your food order and your friend stands and says: “Excuse me. I have to use the restroom real quick.” When your friend leaves you alone at the table in a busy restaurant surrounded by people you do not know…do you begin to become uncomfortable, uneasy? This is anxiety. ~

Sometimes we can locate a past incident, such as a memory of being left alone in a grocery store aisle by our mom or dad as a child, leaving you alone screaming. This could be a past SE that is triggered when ever a person walks away from you temporarily even in your adult life. ~

Perhaps particular tasks that you perform or certain people at your work place can make you become anxious, nervous, and uncomfortable. We may find that we are full of anxiety at different levels. This basically is a type of “fear”. We all deal with fear to one degree or another. Both fear and anxiety are unpleasant feelings. Both anxiety and fear interfere with our performance. We can actually learn to locate the cause of our anxieties and fears and learn to properly deal with them. ~

How some people deal with Anxiety

Many people use pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol to deal with their anxieties. This is an “easy way out” approach. Using drugs and alcohol actually creates more problems in the long run and should be avoided. One of the best ways to cure anxiety is with humor. Learning to laugh at yourself and not take things so seriously is extremely healthy. You must realize that everybody suffers inside to one degree or another. There are also behavioral modifications that can help, but these do not directly deal with the issue. For instance, some have learned to carry a book around with them. When waiting in a doctor’s office - waiting room - around a bunch of strange people, or sitting in an airport full of weirdoes one pulls out the book and begins to read. A healthy way off turning off your exterior environment. Today people immediately go to their cell phones or iPods (and numerous other electrical devices) to deal with this sort of anxiety. Again, though this may help it does not directly deal with the cause. ~

There is nothing wrong with doing something in the midst of anxieties which helps but at the same time try and learn just what it is that troubles you. Learn to face your inner-enemies. This is the true cure. Know thyself! ~

Anxious people attract anxious people. It feels more comfortable to hang around people that are afraid of what we are afraid of. We all do this to one degree or another. If we learn to become conscious about our decisions we will begin to learn a lot about ourselves. ~

Ways to Deal With Anxiety

1-If you can, you can get up and walk. Walking is a good and healthy way to alleviate the energy of anxiety. ~

2-Realize that a comet or asteroid could hit the planet at any moment. I know this sounds strange but you must realize that there are much worse conditions than the one you might be in. ~

3-Think about what you will do latter on. Think of doing something at home that needs to be done. Think about the meal you might make to reward yourself latter on. ~

4-Think about something completely different (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT). Science Of Christian Thought teachings help one learn to do this in a healthy way. ~

5-Say the rosary. Bring your rosary beads with you everywhere you go. Also say Violet Flame Decrees (decreeing). ~

6-Start laughing. Laugh at yourself and how ridiculous the situation is.

Resting in Divine Intelligence

Saying prayers, talking to Divine Intelligence, and saying decrees (or doing the rosary) are the best behavioral modifications you can practice. Giving your burdens to a Loving God, giving your fears to the one that is truly in Control. Knowing that something much greater than you or anybody else around you is watching and cares…cares deeply about you and loves you…this is the true inner strength that we all need. This is the reality of Divine Intelligence working in your everyday life. Rest in your God relationship…and simply smile. ~

Here is a Violet Flame Decree you can use the next time you feel anxiety; ~

Today I will rest

I have nothing to lose

All people struggle and learn

I am not the only one

Knowing this

I thank you God

God is greater than all

The violet flame surrounds me

Thank you God

Also remember, it’s okay to laugh. Learn to laugh more. Also, learn to practice Science Of Christian Thought meditations and also learn our techniques on how to truly deal with SE’s (Sinful Experiences). All of Science Of Christian Thought teachings and practices will help you better understand yourself, and God. Thank you for reading this and we welcome you here. All it takes to become a socter (SOCT Student) is your time to read, practice and learn. There are no forms, fines or fees. Thank you - new friend. ~

~Sir Eric William King (February 9th 2017)

Master Jesus says: “Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.: (Matthew 6: 31-33)


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