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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Introducing "The Tales of Jesu" to the Science Of Christian Thought for your enjoyment.

Introducing "The Tales of Jesu" to the Science Of Christian Thought for your enjoyment.

The Birth of a Saint
By Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito  

~ containing thoughts from Fra. Jacob Behmen

“For those beholding Science Of Christian Thought”

As Sir Jacob Behmen so beautiful wrote; “Harshness is the first Essence.”  O but my poor angels, one third became trash and the others left trying to teach and guide us into the portals of Love. “Now the Sting and Sharpness cannot endure attracting, but moves and resists [or opposes] and is a contrary Will, an Enemy to the Harshness, and from that Stirring comes the first Mobility, which is the third form.” So we cry. ~

When after those who were cast down stood unbodied looking at all form, they longed again to enter a body. Zenoah stood with the remnants of the lost and made them stand at the foot of the great volcanoes. He called forth the angry fire to erupt and sting, and so it did. Would the Science Of Christian Thought ever be heard again on this decimated planet? The angels cried and saw what they did. Many of the beautiful angels sided with the Spirit of Divine Intelligence and began their work in the upliftment of man. ~

There was one who watched carefully, t’was Anoh. He came from another planet but knew what had happened, for he witnessed it. He found many from other stars to also come and see. They learned that the Harshness was truly the Prima Materia from which all most learn and grow. T’was a spiritually dark winter when the first spark of light began to shine. The gorgeous Androgynous Beings flew down and rested their heads on the shoulders of the lost. They began to realize the Great Work which lie ahead. ~

So now they all waited for the “second principle” to reveal itself and it did. Those who saw through the darkness beheld the Divine Light…they let it come and dwell within their broken hearts. At last, the Second Principle. O how we waited for this to come. The beautiful beings lifted up their wings and shouted for joy. The noise of their joy filled the entire universe. They sang for hours. ~

The beautiful beings now began the process of communication. They became frustrated as the Harshness continued to blind the humans from their sight. What was to be done? Through certain men they sent messages in writing. The Fama and Confessio appeared but soon died out. “For the Harshness is as hard Stone [or Flint] and the Bitterness rushes and rages like a breaking Wheel, which breaks the Hardness, and stirs up the Fire, so that all comes to be a terrible Crack of Fire, and flies up; and the Harshness or Astringency breaks in Pieces, whereby the dark Tartness is terrified and sinks back, and becomes as it were feeble or weak, or as if it were killed and dead, and runs out, becomes thin, and yields itself to be overcome….” ~

Through all of this comes another Source. Because of the beautiful beings - Virtue appears…”and leaps or springs up for Joy, and rejoices in the Light; and its Sting or Prickle, which is the Bitterness, that triumphs in the turning Wheel for great Joy.” Now the stage was set. Long periods of time transpired. A dark cloud ascended and covered the entire planet. All fell as if dead once more. The beautiful beings watched in anticipation. Then he appeared. Through it all there appeared a White Knight. At last, at last we have found the Artist! ~

But wait, he fell into a crowd. But for a moment he reached and grabbed as De Guaita tried to hold him back. At last a tree to grab hold of appeared but it was not the old tree t’was the New. So the knight grabbed hold and climbed and climbed. “And although I write now, as if there was a Beginning in the eternal Birth, yet it is not so; but the eternal Nature thus begets [or regenerates] itself without Beginning.” Thus it was that our Beloved Péladan appeared. The angels surrounded him and whispered in his ears; “Don’t give up Beloved Péladan, don’t give up.” ~

He came forth from the pit of Bitterness enlightened. The Wicked Devil was angry. The fallen angels yelled out blasphemies.  The beautiful beings continued to surround him until he set up his Salon where the Rose and the Cross were to be revealed. Saint Péladan cried to all: ‘Artist, you know that art descends from heaven… it is a little piece of God within a painting…. if you create a perfect form, a soul will come and inhabit it.’ ~

“But mark the Depth, in a Similitude which I set down thus; the harsh Spring in the Original is the Mother out of which the other five Springs are generated, viz. Bitterness, Fire, Love, Sound and Water. Now these are Members of this Birth [of their Mother] and without them there would be nothing but an anguishing dark Vale [or vacuum] where there could be no Mobility, nor any Light or Life.” And so Mote it Be. ~

~Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito

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