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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Qabalah of SOCT…teaching the science of everything in harmony… librum naturae

SOCT Paper 171

Qabalah of SOCT…teaching the science of everything in harmony… librum naturae

~A look at Axioms 9 & 10

By Sir Eric William King


Science Of Christian Thought continues to evolve “all thought” through the Tree of Life, a source of infinite understanding. We ‘eat’ from this tree to understand how to properly use the prima materia. We teach spiritual alchemy, hermetic science and include the transmutation of the self through spiritual fire which is usually violet in color. ~

In this paper we will look at more of the 33 Axioms of SOCT. We will look at Axioms 9 & 10. We have covered the first 8 Axioms in other SOCT papers. So here is Axiom 9-10 with some additional food for thought: ~

9~ We notice there is no time given when this occurred. It just says, “In the beginning”. This could have been millions of years ago. Now, when we read the very second verse of Genesis we realize that something must have happened in between verses 1 & 2. Let us look at this even closer! When we read the very second verse of Genesis we read: ~

10~ “And the earth was [Hebrew word for “was” used here can mean: “became”] without form, and void [Hebrew word for “void” used here is: to’-hoo which means “waste”. Remember, God said through the prophet Isaiah that the original earth was not created to’-hoo, “waste”]; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” ~

Axiom 9 takes up right after the first words in the book of Genesis, at the beginning. So we understand that a chaotic event happened between Genesis chapter one verses one and two. First we read “in the beginning God created...” This is what Divine Intelligence does…it creates. Now we mustn’t understand this to be the first creation in any way shape or form. Divine Intelligence constantly creates in every space/time zone. All is being created in “space” which to us is a giant ocean of atoms all magnetically charged. We swim in magnetism and atomic energy. Portions of these “atomic puddles” are all surrounded by the web of dark matter. ~

Note: What humans call “chaotic” might be complete order to other conscious entities so when we say that things became “chaotic” we mean from a human consciousness standpoint. ~

We will learn that the second verse of Genesis actually says that the earth: “became without form and void”, in other words at first it was okay but something happened and it “became” without form, chaotic. ~

When we look at the Tree of Life we note that the cabalistic tree is made out of “spheres” surrounded by other spheres [sefirot]. The top sphere is Keter and from this sphere all space began. As a matter of fact your Identity Seed [monad] sprung forth from this “point” as an original personality. Thrust out into all things made that are made; taking on many bodies of form as it moved. Even before the formation of atoms in the ocean of fire you once swam. It wasn’t until the second sefirot [sphere] of the Tree of Life (known as Hokhmah) was formed that your monad split in two. Duality begins in conjunction with a singular point of “nothing”. ~

Before our universe was created by Divine Intelligence [all “things” Eternal] we describe God in human language as being Ein Sof. Basically this phrase is translated as meaning “without end” or “the infinite all”. Of course this is incomprehensible to humans who always have to have a beginning and an end to understand most all “things”. Science might call this the “first cause” but when we as Christian Mystics (socters) try and show science where they err it becomes a war of words…so let’s not do that. ~

Please understand that consciousness is involved in all of this. Unlike strict forms of Buddhistic philosophy we teach that personality is an eternal reality, you actually have a conscious particle which transcends creation itself. Your particle [you] can only manifest the degree of intelligence that your “vehicle” [physical body] allows. Wires can sometimes go bad or break which makes one unable to properly form thoughts in our “three dimensional plane” of existence. All levels; dense matter, electromagnetic, atomic, sub-atomic, etheric, astral, causal etc. are mere “levels” or patterns [vibratory strings] of existence and are all created realms or platforms on which (in which) everything lives, breaths, eats, swims and has its being. You could say that we make up the “physical body of God.” ~

Note: Many say that we are living in a 3-dimensional plane of existence and that the fourth dimension has to do with something else. Actually, SOCT has always taught that the Human level of consciousness is the fourth dimension it total and that we are searching entrance into the fifth dimension. No space or time would exist outside the fourth dimension of which we are a part of. Only biological conscious beings truly have the capacity to experience time. ~

In this sense we must always remember that we are all connected even through subatomic energy to each other (I know, a scary thought). So the first sphere, Keter, comes forth…appears out of Ein Sof. So this is what we call “beginning”. In the “beginning God created”. So now Light comes forth because to have anything you must have touch...touch means space…space means spiritual or inner lightsense of direction if you will. So all comes forth out of this Great Light. Then from within this Great Light shoots forth the smaller “lights” (plural). These would be conscious “sparks” if you will. These sparks are what SOCT refers to as the Identity Seeds. ~

Moving along and covering much of what we call time we finally come to the creation of our galaxy and our solar system and our planet, earth. When our fire ball was first created many globular chunks of life began to appear as many identity seeds hit the surface of our planet. Within the center of our planet one identity seed found a home…this gave life to our planet and identity to our Mother Earth. Our planet is alive and owns a personality. The higher Identity seeds that lived in our universe long before the construction of our solar system had already gained much more knowledge then the “fresh” identity seeds that came to live on our planet. Some of the identity seeds that came to live here were slightly more advanced than others having incarnated on planets from the past, gaining life experiences, before their planets were destroyed.  Some souls are older than others. ~

The Spiritual Hierarchies [Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim] began to assist the Living Logos embodied in the one we call Yeshua Hamashiach. During the formation of our beloved planet many things occurred. There were different epochs of time in which many experimental creatures were created, organized and observed. The leader [one in charge] of this early planetary development was Lucifer [the Identity Seed which later became known as Satan]. Many early human myths tell the story in somewhat of a barbaric language. There were many species of “early man” until we arrive at the 10th couple…the mythical Adam and Eve. ~

There are at least ten original mothers [based on current mtDNA] that all humans came forth from. The tenth couple actually being created and nurtured on a planetary Waystation before arriving on planet earth [more details of this are reported in earlier SOCT papers]. At some point in the early earth epochs a rebellion occurred on the mundane and ethereal levels. We call this the Great Rebellion. This rebellion was twofold. The first rebellion occurred over cherubim authority, after that creation went on for some time covering the early human-like experiments, after Adam and Eve arrived there was another rebellion over the authority of mankind. An earlier SOCT paper reports this second phase of the Great Rebellion as such: ~

“So a spiritual battle occurred! Satan and his angels [some of the Keepers] tried to take the throne of God [the Demiurge] but they lost. During this battle the “earth became without form and void and darkness covered the surface of the deep”. Satan and his fallen angels lost their glorified spiritual bodies. They were no longer able to be seen. They became disembodied spirits.  Apostle Paul explains that even now we fight against these fallen powers: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” [Ephesians 6:12] These fallen spirit beings miss their once glorified bodies so many of them try and enter into human bodies. When they do this it results in demonic possession.” - From the SOCT Paper; “The Story of Our Planet” ~ [to understand the demons learn about the Zenoah genocide]

So there are even to this day many fallen interdimensional beings that are part of the “fallen class” of Keepers [spiritual & extraterrestrial classes] which have become known as the Adramelechs. ~

Because of this tragedy all spirit identities born from that point on are a result of the second phase of the Great Rebellion. Because the Identity Seeds [Human life forms] awoke in a Fallen Realm, a Fallen Matrix, they manifested distorted reality perception. Life is truly One but because of “the fall” the many manifestations of consciousness are swimming in a pool of matter [physical reality] without true direction. The third axiom rightly states: “Original purpose became skewed and distorted because of the angelic rebellion.” ~

Through the Revelation of the Demiurge [Jesus the Christ in flesh] we have been given the Gospel…restored “blue print” to understand and follow proper instructions back into Pure Reality. This first involves accepting the true Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. It means that we trust Him to give us the accurate and appropriate knowledge and restored power [Holy Spirit implant] to make it back, out of this Fallen Matrix and into Pure Reality. ~

Receiving the Holy Spirit is vital and key as the third axiom rightly states: “Christians must have spiritual discernment to recognize the difference between counterfeit and real. This happens because of the Holy Spirit.”  ~

May you continue to be a powerful SOCT student (socter) through the study of SOCT papers and practices. Learn our Axiomata knowing that you are now connected to the true LIGHT.  ~

May you gain Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King

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