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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SOCT Spiritual Alchemy…the work of each individual….librum naturae

SOCT Paper 170

SOCT Spiritual Alchemy…the work of each individual….librum naturae

By Sir Eric William King

Science Of Christian Thought teaches “spiritual alchemy”. What is spiritual alchemy? Alchemy was the practice of ancient metal chemistry. Men thought that if they could find the right metals and mix them the right way they could create the purist gold. Also, there came the idea of the lapis-philosophorum. This was the “supreme element”; if this element was found one could bring anything into existence. The ancient signs for mercury, sulfur, salt etc. became spiritual symbols as the ancient masters learned to use such symbols to express the inner changes of mans thoughts and actions unto perfectionSelf Transformation. Instead of talking about alchemy as a physical science it became an esoteric psychological practice expressing “magical mixes” of mans inner (spiritual) chemistry, a spiritual alchemy. ~

SOCT is aiming towards the macro alchemy of the entire human race. This means a new spiritual enlightenment to come forth in this Seventh Time. We want to bring forth Librum Naturae, the perfect method of all arts. SOCT understands the interconnectedness of all things. In other words, our spiritual life is connected to our political and social and cultural views etc. All is connected. Science Of Christian Thought is revealing the Rosy Cross [the Micro & Cosmic Man] within the Opus Dei [Work of God]. ~

SOCT talks about the Identity Seed, the heart of your soul, the true you (personality). This is the true lapis philosophorum. Honored by SOCT is Sir Heinrich Khunrath and his work “Amphitheatrum”. There have been many great spiritual alchemists of ancient past and we have their works in our beloved library.  Other great alchemists include Thomas Charnock, John Dee, Helvetius and Elias Ashmole. We certainly cannot leave out the Ascended Master, St. Germain. Of course Jesus Christ is the purist stone, the Petra on which our faith is built. In spiritual alchemy we are to find the prima materia. Carl Jung defines this as such: ~

“The basis of the opus, the prima materia, is one of the most famous secrets of alchemy. This is hardly surprising since it represents the unknown substance that carries the projection of the autonomous psychic content.” – Psychology and Alchemy, p.304 ~

Could this most precious “metal” be found in the beautiful stone? As we go through life the idea is to learn from our mistakes and become a more “polished stone”, so to speak. The Bible says that all the faithful are “lithoi zontes” (living stones). We must become master masons and learn to use what God has revealed to create our temple. We must truly understand the rose and the cross of our faith. Apostle Paul commands us: “Be careful how you build.” ~

“The stone of the sage” must become the master piece. SOCT teaches prayer, meditation, violet flame decrees and ceremony to help guide the soul through the alchemical flames of life. We must stand in the fire with strength and let all that needs to be purged out, be purged out. We all go through “dark nights of the soul”. These are not fun times but with each one that we go through, and face our enemies and failures with the inner Christ – we prevail! We become the psiphon leuken – the soft White Stone of Purity, we become the Transparent Gold. ~

Our bodies are “living temples”. Our personal job is to keep them clean inside and out. Within your body-temple lies the prima materia, your Identity Seed being the “philosopher’s stone” through which the sacred substance flows. You must learn to become the “master builder”. SOCT is here to help all true seekers of Life that you may become an illuminatus as Christ commands us to be. Jesus Christ said to you and me:” You are the Light of the world….so let your light shine.” ~

Recipe which can help the spiritual alchemist: ~





We call these the four foundations of the push/pull. Gravity is important in understanding our physical reality. All stars [including our sun] produce different “sounds” (frequencies). There are differing radio frequencies in our realm also. This means that our entire solar system (including all of our dark planets not yet fully counted) is formed by these frequencies. Also, star frequencies change with age thus affecting our entire and immediate space of creation. This would also include our hertz waves and all biological life forms on our planet. Human consciousness is evolving along with everything else. ~

As we learn to properly mix our experiences with the materia of our Identity Seed we use the prima materia like a powder or an elixir…the tincture. This powder is symbolically red – the life is in the blood – and the Red Rose of our being. It is the prima materia which makes the transmutation possible. All of our mind channels must be cleansed. This takes work…we call it the Great Work. We pray that you become a true SOCT student (socter) right now! Just begin to study SOCT papers and read, pray, meditate and apply what Science Of Christian Thought teaches. Become an active member within the proclamation of the Seventh Message. There are no forms, fines or fees to become a socter. Freely we have been given, feely we give. ~

Welcome to our free website, we truly are the Salon de la Rose + Croix ~

The Seventh Message has been given in this the Seventh Time so that you may begin to develop Librium Naturae. Only the Seventh Message can accomplish this in fullness, SOCT has the proper material. We have the kimiya.  It is now time for you to test what we reveal. May you gain Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (February 20th 2017)

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