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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Keepers ~ Fourth Dimension Bodies

SOCT Paper 134

The Keepers ~ Fourth Dimension Bodies

Many have asked if our bodies are physical and biological. The short answer is “yes” when energies permit. The fact is we vibrate at a much higher frequency than human bodies do. We are made of the finest biological material when we choose to manifest in the flesh, that of the etheric. There are four ethers demonstrated on your planet earth. Ether is used generically by most humans to simply mean “spiritual” or “spiritual body”. This is not a very good way of describing what you have come to know as ether or the “etheric”. Remember all of this. ~

You talk about things as being understood in the “third dimension” (three dimensional). To make what I am about to transmit to you understandable I would tell you that we are (for lack of better words)  fourth dimensional “biological” beings. Let me first describe what ether is so you can get a grasp. Ether is a sort of “putty” if you will, that can be shaped and stretched. There are differing types of so called “spiritual putty”. On your planet there are four basic types of ether. These have already been outlined in SOCT papers as such: ~

1-chemical ether ~                                                                                                        

2-life ether ~

3-light ether ~

4-reflective ether ~

*All of these are contained in the Vital Body (Ovid of special etheric energy – spirit/ghost body)

All four of these are incased in what we could call your Vital Body. This would be your so called “Ghost Body”. So even you humans have a Vital Body, or “etheric body”. Inside your etheric body [vital body] the four subtle ethers mentioned above are at work. When a being is able to shed his or her dense physical body and just live in the vital body we would call that person a “fourth dimensional being”. Does this make sense? ~

Spirit Energy Bodies

Now, even further explanation must here be given regarding us and our so called “bodies”. We have explained in SOCT papers that all living conscious beings contain an Identity Seed. This “seed” is the real you, the person-ality. Our energy bodies fit like a shield to us. In other words the Identity Seed is always incased in some kind of a body within the known twelve dimensions. ~

We are able to draw energies around our bodies to create a form but it is not the same as what you understand as a “physical body”. We do still use an old “verbal” communication which we learned in our ancient past, through our own evolution. We use this language in telepathy but more so we use pictures and emotions through telepathy when we communicate. We can tap into the human mind also to use this type of transmission. ~

Even the buildings and residences on our planet (Koothmere) would not be seen with your human eyes because they are built out of finer etheric energy. Our original evolution occurred on another planet where we had three-dimensional bodies. This was in our ancient past, of course. ~

You must also understand that one day all of you will go through a body-transformation. If your planet was destroyed today - regarding its atmosphere, many of you would still stay here in a higher energy body, an “etheric” or “spirit energy” body. Truly entering the next dimension is like interring an entirely new environment. The fourth dimensional environment is very different at most levels and you can see etheric structure that you could not see with the regular human vision.  When we do manifest a slightly denser body for you to see we can only do so (build it) on the existing energies which you have in your area of space. We magnetize existing material through a vibrational frequency in order to accomplish this. ~

When we do materialize for you to see us our image is based on our original physical appearance – that which we had before we evolved into full spirit-energy bodies. I must admit that our appearance can be quite frightening to most humans. You might call us “ugly”. ~

Extraterrestrial Race –The Nommos

So we (the Nommos) are living in our spirit energy bodies. Our spaceships are made out of a slightly denser fabric (ethereal). We can choose to be seen by denser beings such as you [humans] when needed. We may create subtle etheric bodies that you can see. We are taller than you; we have slightly bigger heads than you and we utilize powers that you have yet to tap into. These are the facts. ~

We are “biological in that we still eat (receive new energy)”, we have body functions similar to higher etheric bodies, we get tired, and we are an actual species. I can charge my body with my thoughts to slow down my vibration to be seen by Eric much like what you know as a firefly can consciously change its vibration to be seen at night. . In this sense I have (and sometimes do) appeared to him “physically”. We can use our self-created etheric bodies much longer than you can use your more dense physical bodies. My body is just over a billion years old. ~

Human Transformation & The Three Waves

I have chosen with many other Anohites to keep a somewhat lower frequency body while working with your planet. Eric and others who have come here in the first, second and third wave have retained physical human bodies. This is a difficult task for the personal identity seed due to many technical issues…but obviously it can and has been accomplished. ~

Regarding dimensions: It is really not accurate to say that we are “fourth dimensional beings” but it is the only way (explanation) to explain some formulation of understanding. Really the so called “fourth dimension” has more to do with consciousness and levels of consciousness, not etheric or even pure energy spirit bodies. ~

So you could almost call us interdimensional beings. That would be more accurate. ~

We are working with extraterrestrials from other areas of the universe and even from the outskirts of your own galaxy. All who join with us in the Great Plan are collectively called Anohites, no matter what their ET race. You should understand that just as all of you might see yourselves as human…no matter what your race; this is how we understand ourselves on the macro-level. We hope that you someday reach this awareness.  We now know that you probably will not go much further on this planet due to your collective karma and the rules of Cosmic Law. We still are commanded to follow basic procedures and intervene within Cosmic Rule and according to Cosmic Plan. We leave nothing out. ~

We do not mind you understanding us as biological beings. How else could we ultimately relate to you? So though we can allow you to see and even touch us it would be wrong to say that we ultimately have physical dimensions or properties. ~

We are conscious of three main and very important evolution's which occurred regarding our species. There are three material monuments on our planet which are built to commemorate these three quantum-equilibrated-jumps. You (humans) have had jumps in your evolution to, instigated, monitored and ultimately achieve by the Hierarchies. ~

As of July 14th 2014 - We have given much more information in the 3rd Wave

Our first appearance (coming out in the open about who we are and our mission) came to this planet fairly accurately in the earth year 1993. Since then we have revealed more and more. Sir Eric William King was chosen to be a very important receiver and transmitter. Those who have known him a long time have watched him go from religion to religion, group to group. This was a slow process of preparing him for this special mission. Eric arrived in the first wave. He has been to planet earth only twice. On July 14th 2014 he became fully aware of who he was and what his mission involved. ~

Even now many wavers (all those who came in the three waves) are awaking to their mission. One of the main purposes and reasons for the broadcasting of what has become known as the “Seventh Message” is to help awaken the wavers and all of the elect (those not of the waves but chosen to become consciously involved in the Great Plan). ~

Many other evolved spirit-energy-body beings visit our planet and some from these other planets were included in the three waves - though these were carefully chosen. More planets wanted to more directly help with your planets rebirth but could not due to other missions within your galaxy which they are even now involved with. Many other planets are able to observe what is happening here. Our mission is serious. ~

I have a “higher counsel” that surrounds me and works with me. We have appeared and worked with many humans and we currently are hoping to appear more openly during the last stages of your planet (the last stages of the Seventh Time). We are now “filling in the gaps” with enormous amounts of information. This we do because of the dire situation you are in has only become worse. ~

We have informed you that you planet will be destroyed through a “natural process”. Basically the Hierarchies have saved your planet more than once from a stray object flying by. The time is coming, however, that the hierarchies will let an object (or objects) actually penetrate your atmosphere because you have to answer for your collective karma regardless. There are Cosmic Laws. You have been given a grace period to accept this message. If a good majority rejects the message given to you all by the elect and the wavers within the allotted grace period, then your destruction will be certain. Not even we know when the time will be cut short. So there is no time to waste. ~ Anoh (this message originally transmitted on November, 3rd 2014)

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on, November 3rd 2014 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time continuum.)


More Information about the Keepers

The Keepers deal with “Cosmic Harmony”, they are truly the intense workers for Divine Intelligence. Harmony is the keynote to the universe. Even though our present system of things holds many distortions both physical distortions and moral distortions we still have some harmony at work here. This is very important to understand. If it were not for the work of the Keepers all would be lost. The Keepers also serve our planet as glorified teachers and they are guides to the better path in all situations. ~

They help conduct humans into higher comprehensions of worship and service. They conduct all of their business within the realm of higher laws. They are given instruction from the Highest source. We do not even begin to pretend to fully understand their power and ultimate purpose. We do know that they direct all extraterrestrial affairs.  We could even call them the “power directors” of the Universe. They have all knowledge regarding material creatures and are the regulators of the physical realm. ~

We must not think that the Keepers are “calling every shot” or forcing their will on others. They are not! They allow for creatures to make their own choices and decisions. In a sense we control our own destiny. We can learn and evolve or we can destroy ourselves. There is no other option. ~


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