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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“The ship had gained a crack.”

“The ship had gained a crack.”

By Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito        
“For all those Beholding the Science Of Christian Thought”

It really wasn’t the angels fault. They kind of knew what they were getting into. O but all the smoke it created. The smell of corrupted alchemy filled the room as I sat and pondered that moment in time. Divine Intelligence is so vast, so beyond human thinking. God has set the boundaries and thrust out his angels to pursue their own interests and to grow. When they saw how Divine Intelligence had created our planet they became thrilled - For God asked the Logos to speak it forth and He did. All of the Elohim came and watched the magnificent achievement. ~

Then the angels flew down as the leader, the one called Lucis the Firian. He gathered the angels around him and instructed them on how to build. The biological life forms appeared in multitudes as the angels played and danced upon the canvas of life. Here a little and there a little, that will do. So they went on and on having fun until it happened. ~

Lucis the Firian said to the beautiful ones; “Let us ascend and re-create the heavens themselves!” So in that moment of excitement they flew to the highest realms only to face the Living Logos who had been watching. They knew that what they had thought to do was forbidden. Thus, it was inevitable, they were cast back to our reality of space and time but now they were left without their glorified bodies. They still created life forms but now all full of distortion. Here a little, there a little. That will do. ~

Now the Logos had great compassion on this sad scene. He organized the Anohites to create a new couple. They used the dirt of the Earth but constructed the couple on far off Pluto…t’was the only safe thing to do. After the couple was built He flew them to Earth on a ship shaped like a heart. He put them in a beautiful and protected back yard called Eden. There they stayed until it happened. The Fallen One crept in while they weren’t looking. He had possessed a serpent’s body. This crafty fellow confronted Adam and Eve but he was not alone, many angels came with him. They knew that they could not properly initiate Adam and Eve because of their disobedience. ~

Many of the angels, the beautiful ones, began to cry for the redemption of their entire creation. Adam and Eve became the carriers of the entire human destiny. What would they do with this gifted and perfect couple, given to them by the grace of the Logos? ~

They knew what they had to do but they also knew that it would not be an easy task for them or creation. So they followed through with it anyways. The pure androgyny of creation must now be hidden and humans, separated as male and female must fight and experience the relationship of a dangerous duality. One angel flew the heart shaped craft - now empty - back to the Logos but the ship had gained a crack. ~

~Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito

“For true global reform there must be a Science Of Christian Thought. The true Rose Croix understands this fact. To those who ignore this and call themselves some kind of “rose-cross”, shame on you. This must and does involve Catholic Principles. The so called “old philosophia perennis” is not so old nor is it pure rubbish - as the Science Of Christian Thought proves. The art of the true improvers will be set before your eyes.” ~ Sir Jesu Sarca Incognito (“The Sweet Rose Manuscript”)

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