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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The use of “recreational” Drugs Is Suicide

SOCT Paper 154

The use of “recreational” Drugs Is Suicide

Are you struggling with some insane drug, alcohol or chemical abuse? You are welcome to SOCT. Don’t give up. Here are some facts for you to consider.
Science Of Christian Thought will now give some issues having to do with drug use. SOCT stresses that you cannot think properly if you are using drugs and destroying your brain. Many people who refuse Divine Intelligence and the reality of sin unfortunately keep filling their brain with drugs. People feel a “head heaviness” while on drugs, especially when coming off the drug or drugs. This is their brain trying to work overtime to fix the damage. ~

Cocaine: The use of cocaine keeps the neurotransmitter latched in place. This increases an abnormal release of Dopamine. Cocaine damages the brain in that it alters decision making and destroys neurotransmitters. ~

Marijuana: The drug in marijuana is THC. Many people have thought that marijuana is harmless. This is a lie. Science research proves that the use of marijuana [THC] causes brain receptors to become damaged. THC binds to receptors on nerve cells which alters brain communication. Because of its effect on the nucleus accumbens, it causes paranoia and also creates muscle function distortion. ~

Opiates: This drug blocks pain messages which are sent from the body to the brain. These drugs help one’s body communicate lies to itself. These are extremely dangerous conditions and cause all sorts of body malfunctions. This drug dulls neural activity. If you want a healthy brain, stay away from these. ~

LSD: This drug destroys the areas of the brain that deal with introspection. This drug damages synapse charge points and releases hormones at dangerous levels. It has been reported that eye damage can also result. ~

Mushrooms: This drug, like so many others, destroys the proper function of brain receptors. It causes mixed reactions to normal serotonin use of the brain. It messes up normal hormone release and is bad for the entire body. ~

It is so sad that many people on this planet do not really know who they are (though they claim that they do) because their brains are all fogged up with drug use. Smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol’, using drugs is all a way to try and escape who you really are. People are frightened in a world full of violence and sin, full of evil. Many people do not see sin anymore because of brain damage so they say: “I don’t see anything wrong. Everything is just great.” ~

The facts are; if you are using drugs you are destroying your true self, PERIOD. ~

Many who study SOCT are still struggling with these issues and many have become clear in their thinking because they have been smart enough to turn away from all these bad addictions. They have decided to stop damaging their brains. By God’s grace many are being healed and that is the good news. ~

Some reading this may say; “Well, some people abuse these things. I am smarter…I use responsibly.” What this really means is they think that they have out whitted Satan in killing themselves. HA! ~

I have received letters from both men and women filled with testimonies of how SOCT has changed their lives. One woman recently wrote that she no longer believes in using abortion as a “birth control” and has come through a great healing process after aborting three children. She stated that she has repented and has great respect for her body, her brain and all life. Praise God! ~

She and others like her have stated that when they stopped use of all drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol etc. they began to think more clearly regarding every issue. Some stated it took up to a year of being off the drugs that real clarity began. It is a process for sure. ~

It saddens me and other socters to watch people and their actions and their bad decisions - - because many of these people claim to be “spiritual” and “not religious”. Hhhhmmm ~

Well, actions speak louder than words for sure. It is our hope that all socters keep on the pure road, containing pure doctrine and thought…that is our path. Pray for those caught in the Devil’s snares (some do not even believe in the Devil, hence their drug use and bad decisions). Continue to pray and do novenas for all whom you love and care about. Let’s do the right thing and continue to share the Seventh Message. ~

~Sir Eric William King

NOTE: If you are a SOCT student who still smokes, drinks alcohol, uses tobacco, etc. please do not give up with your studies here at SOCT. If you need somebody or want somebody to pray for you then send us an email. All our emails remain confidential. You’re always welcome here. ~ Sir E.W.King


If God seems slow in responding, it is because He is preparing a better gift. He will not deny us. God withholds what you are not yet ready for. He wants you to have a lively desire for His greatest gifts. All of which is to say, pray always and do not lose heart. ~ St. Augustine

We must be on our guard against giving interpretations which are hazardous or opposed to science, and so exposing the word of God to the ridicule of unbelievers. ~ St. Augustine

Take care of your body as if you were going to live forever; and take care of your soul as if you were going to die tomorrow. ~ St. Augustine

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