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Friday, March 24, 2017

…a short journey through Sir Eric William King’s younger life & the founding of SOCT.

 SOCT Paper 182

SOCT – Healthy Perspective
…a short journey through Sir Eric William King’s younger life & the founding of SOCT.

By Sir Eric William King

At an early age I found myself reflecting on the things of nature; trees, birds, flowers, insects…etc. When in first grade my friend Matt DeWilms and I would catch and play with insects. I built a laboratory in the basement of my parent’s house where I did all sorts of experiments. I put magic shows on in our backyard and did escapes like Harry Houdini. By third grade I found myself debating the things of God. I listened to religious radio stations for hours. I found it interesting that all had different views regarding the Christian faith. I saw that there were multiple ways of understanding just two verses of the Bible. When I got older and began to work in churches I developed a good social life. I learned how to talk to people who had differing views. I was (I admit) a debater. I loved to get into a good debate regarding theological views. I think I was doing it to test my own opinions and ideas. ~

I was also known to wear strange costumes. One day my mother looked out the kitchen window and saw my friend Tony and me wearing loincloths carrying large wooden crosses and walking down our street. Yes, Tony and I were the talk of the town. ~

I will skip my junior-high and high-school years because those were a mess. Over all I have very good memories while in elementary school. My friend Tony Bush and I did all sorts of crazy things. We built rockets and put “D” engines in them. We shot rockets up that we made ourselves, dangerous little missiles. Those were the days. ~

The supernatural and UFO’s

As early as first grade I had supernatural experiences with beings I did not understand. I saw things that many would probably not want to experience. I developed a strange interest in UFO’s and magic in my early teens. My young friend Shawn France and I took pictures of a UFO one overcast day. We brought our pictures to school and our teacher [Miss Anderson] let us share them with the entire class. ~

After going to a Christian college (much latter in my life) and working in numerous churches I went on a spiritual escapade. I joined this group and that, studied this text and that. I ended up joining mystical fraternities and spiritual groups of all kinds. The California Modesto Bee newspaper did a complete full two page article about me. They even printed pictures of me in my Hare Krishna gown giving lectures on the Bhagavad Gita. I eventually appeared in local spiritual magazines and gave talks on college campuses. After many, many relationships and trials I founded COGSR/SOCT ministries on October 7th 2011. So now I welcome you to Science Of Christian Thought. ~

Science Of Christian Thought has developed through the evolution of earlier movements that I tried to start. Going back to the year 1999 when I wrote my first study guide titled: “The Zerubian Myth –The Book of Zerub” I began to learn that my bizarre “spiritual” views were mostly not welcome. Zerub was the name that I gave to an extraterrestrial being that I believed I was having mind contact with, a sort of telepathical communication. It wasn’t until the start of SOCT that things became much clearer to me. All of the relationships and religious/spiritual experiences came together in a powerful way. After my second wife passed away in 2010 I was thrust into the deepest search of my life. ~

After all of these experiences SOCT started to shape itself and things started to connect in a holistic way like never before. SOCT now has many online members and we are all growing together in this evolutionary-spiritual journey. Scientific thought merges with theology and metaphysics in SOCT teachings. We all go through our own satyagraha (“Truth Struggle”). The SOCT perspective is a healthy Christian Spiritual approach which strays away from fundamentalism and inflexible dogma. ~

Science & Spirituality

We use science because science opens our understanding to new areas of spiritual exploration. In all of us we ultimately become our own teachers. As we accumulate experiences and knowledge we gain wisdom. SOCT offers “papers” which contain much wisdom and knowledge that can help anybody who wants to receive rich spiritual experiences. Different groups have printed out and used some of our papers for discussions in their own groups. To us science and spirituality are wedded points on one continuum. ~

We have reverence for all life and we respect all cultures, races and religions. At the same time we believe that our message is for us. It must be for us or we wouldn’t accept it. What is our purpose? Enlightenment. We will always be learning on this planet as our knowledge of science increases. To us the laws of science are the laws of Divine Intelligence [God]. All religions, to some extent, are exclusive; people like to have “their own” religion. We respect this we just hope for True Religion. ~

We teach people to be wise and to use their freedom to choose what works for them. Our wish is not to create another “schism”. We seek to create forums of understanding. ~

Stimulating Awareness

Science Of Christian Thought wishes to stimulate spiritual awareness. We wish to increase spiritual understanding from a Christian perspective. We wish to restore a greater sense of connection to the Universe and Divine Intelligence. SOCT offers meditation exercises and concentration techniques to help one develop this greater awareness. Our hope is that you will deepen your relationship with nature, the things of science and Cosmic Consciousness. ~

 SOCT students experience a greater harmony within all the things of creation. Practice SOCT Karma Yoga to experience the greater change. We offer the practice of the Nine Achievements in your everyday life. SOCT students are all in “the changing” but they are learning to direct their steps and to be consciously involved in their own personal evolution. ~

I hope that you continue to read our papers and stay tuned to all that we have to offer. My hope is that you find and experience Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (March 24th 2017)

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