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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Exposing Fear …through the Science Of Christian Thought

SOCT Paper 181

Exposing Fear
…through the Science Of Christian Thought
~Part One

This is the first of four SOCT papers by Sir Eric W. King which help a person understand the emotion of “fear”. These are important pages for your spiritual understanding. Please read and share. Continue to practice the SOCT Nine Achievements in your daily life and share what you learn with others. Thanks! ~ Lisa Steiger

Not all fear is bad. Sometimes being afraid of walking down a dark alley can save you. There is a wrong fear, especially in this Seventh Time. This wrong fear is acted out sometimes because of peoples own superstitions and much of it is due to the violence which the fallen human nature has been acting out since the fall of our parents. SOCT does not teach the false fear, that fear which controls people and brings misery. Our Master, Yeshua, warned about things to come. He did not do this to keep us all in fear but to give us a sense of urgency. Do we not want more people to walk in the Light of our God? Indeed we do. ~

I was called to bring forth this message long ago. It was confirmed to me through the prophet Elijah and the Apostle John on that glorious night of December 12, 2016. I have been changed - more than once - from deep within my soul. It is my Master, Yeshua Hamashiach who has created in me a new heart. I cannot prove to you my witness but I can - by the grace of my God - most certainly share it with you all. ~

Truth has always been a bit radical but it is also that which truly heals the body, mind and soul. When Yeshua sent His Holy Spirit unto us we accepted it and it guides us. It guides us through this Fallen Matrix, this darkness. Only Yeshua can save because only He is perfect from all sin. He who has no sin calls you even now if you would but listen. I, like all true Christians, am simply a messenger. My message does not belong to me but to the One who created us and loves us all so very much. ~

Insecure people is what makes them cruel

The Seventh Message is not a message of fear; it is a message of hope. We are living in a world of extreme hatred and violence which is fueled by distorted religious views, drugs, gossip and music that preaches violence and hate. These people stuck in all of this are for the most part insecure and this is what makes them cruel. People who live in their own personal fears are usually upset almost all the time and will publically cut down and say outrages things about other people. Once caught in your insecurities you fall under corrupt influences. ~

If you give into false fear, or that thing or person, then you just gave fear power over you. SOCT teaches one to control his or her fears through proper knowledge of the Self and the Cosmic. When you begin to understand how mind works, how nature works, how science works, how true Christianity is realized then you have truly found inner peace. As a matter of fact, you have found the Science Of Christian Thought. ~

False fear is a bully. Dictators know how to use this fake fear to control the masses. To expose this fear you must learn to stand up to it. How you understand your identity, who you are and your place in the cosmos is extremely important. Through SOCT knowledge you can gain a powerful self-perspective and walk in peace. Science Of Christian Thought understands very important laws that you can learn to apply to your personal life. True Christianity does not teach a dualistic approach to life’s problems. We are monotheistic in our faith and we thus recognize only one true answer regardless of the extremes that the law of duality may place before us. ~

Many assume that our Christianity teaches that the universe is governed and ruled by diametrically opposed forces. This is not true. What we teach is that within the Fallen Matrix we experience the extremes of the law of duality and we do that to learn to find the Truth. We simply understand that within the Laws of the Cosmos everything has its tides, there are cyclic seasons in which the laws of duality dance; “in” and “out”….”back” and “forth”….”up” and “down”….”night” and “day”…etc. ~

Finding the Rhythm

We also understand the laws of cause and effect. We say that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. These are laws that you can learn to use and we do this by learning to find the possible rhythm. Rhythm is the equilibrium that we long for in all that we do. SOCT teaches that this practice is called “Mind of Christ Action” [Mocha]. We offer in our SOCT papers much information for you to get started in understanding all of these beautiful laws. ~

We want to stay away from extremism in all of its forms. We also want to try and stay away from all the “isms” which can hold a person back from very important Truths. SOCT is not an “ism” nor is it a “cult”. Science Of Christian Thought is a spiritual movement of true Christianity. ~

So we will begin our SOCT paper’s regarding the topic of “fear” with this first short paper. We hope that you will continue to study with us here at SOCT and take from it all what works for you. May you find and keep Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (March 23rd 2017)

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