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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Not all will Believe

SOCT Paper 177

Not all will Believe

Forgiveness and salvation do not come to a person because they “believe in the right religion.” God is much smarter than that. God asks that you be honest and truthful. It is Truth that saves, not hum-drum lies and putting off your personal search. Some teach that as long as you are “water baptized” and believe in “the name of Jesus” you can go on with your bad-self and have no worries. This is cheap and fake religion. ~

If you want that kind of non-sense you will not find it here at SOCT. We teach personal accountability and responsibility. We teach Truth and we practice what we teach. We gain experiential knowledge of the doctrines that we teach. Now this message that we have (The Seventh Message) is not for everybody. Jesus stated that only those whom He calls will come to this Truth. Jesus Christ must “draw” the person to come see and experience or else there will be nothing happening. Jesus stated: ~

“No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.” – John 6:44-46

There are many people who believe in UFO’s and extraterrestrials who do not believe in Divine Intelligence [God]. There are people who have no clue about the true Christian message and personally do not want it or care about it. This is okay. These are the things that are Master [Jesus] told us would happen…it does not surprise us. If you are visiting our teachings we ask that you take from them only that which speaks to you. You can still learn a lot from the Science Of Christian Thought. ~

The “mysteries of the Kingdom” are not for everybody. The so called “wise and prudent” will most likely reject our message. We have no expectations, we simply live and love…we are true Christians. Again, we invite all to come and see, come and look into what we have to offer and may you find and keep Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King

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  1. Sin keeps you away from the good relationship with Divine Intelligence. Sin cannot be ignored…it is bad karma. How do you get rid of sin (bad karma)? You can choose to do all the good you want but even that will not “pay the price”. You need upliftment, you need help, and you need the right relationship. This is where God comes into the picture. We are victims of our own wrong doings, of our own sins. Personal responsibility includes the acknowledgement of God. ~ E.W.King

  2. Many assume that our Christianity teaches that the universe is governed and ruled by diametrically opposed forces. This is not true. What we teach is that within the Fallen Matrix we experience the extremes of the law of duality and we do that to learn to find the Truth. We simply understand that within the Laws of the Cosmos everything has its tides, there are cyclic seasons in which the laws of duality dance; “in” and “out”….”back” and “forth”….”up” and “down”….”night” and “day”…etc. ~ E.W.King