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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Spiritually Awake in the Seventh Time

SOCT Paper 178

Spiritually Awake in the Seventh Time

Again Sir Eric William King speaks to me. This is “it”, plain and simple. All socters pray every day and night for the deliverance of our entire planet. The Seventh Message is here to stay by the Grace of God. We have been proclaiming this message since October 7th 2011 and we will keep on doing it. Join us and be brave in this Seventh Time of earth’s history. May God bless you and give you the needed courage to live the Message. - Elizabeth Strong

We all have sin. The greatest lie of the “fallen self” is this idea that all sin is “relative”. So if somebody treats somebody that you do not like in a bad way, it is justified? We have our own problems…don’t we? Christian Mystics have taught the truth regarding this issue of sin. All the problems in any society have to do with dishonesty, greed, cheating, killing etc. This means that any good civilization would learn a lot from the Ten Commandments. Science Of Christian Thought has always and will always teach the Ten Commandments. ~

When we fall short, as all humans do, we have our blessed Master, Yeshua [Jesus] the Christ to help keep us on the Path. Jesus Christ is the Ultimate Master and especially in this Seventh Era of history. SOCT continues to warn the inhabitants of this planet that if their decision is to reject, cut-down, ignore and speak bad about the true Christian Message [the Seventh Message] then this planet does not have much time left. We are in the Laodicean Era of the Christian Church where most are found sleeping, they are not spiritually awake. ~

The Seventh Message is the ALARM! ~

SOCT teaches the doctrine of “triple A” which means that those who are paying attention should be awake, aware and alert at all times. Why do people seek a “spiritual path”? Because they know that something is “off”, something in our reality is not going the way it should. Jesus Christ taught what the problem is in the Fallen Matrix, the problem is sin. It is that simple. ~

Science Of Christian Thought is the messenger of the Seventh and Final Message to your planet Earth. We are not “Gnostic”, we are not “pagan”, and we are not “new age”. We are Christian Mystics. We do not turn away those from other “labels” but we share what we believe with all. Truth is “sprinkled” throughout many groups and personal understandings. What SOCT has is the FINAL MESSAGE in this Time…the Seventh Time. ~

If you do not believe in sin and if you think that your human understanding is superior to God’s then you will not understand nor see just how you, you alone have fabricated your life. You will not feel the need for repentance and forgiveness. All need a spiritual cleansing. ~

Sin keeps you away from the good relationship with Divine Intelligence. Sin cannot be ignored…it is bad karma. How do you get rid of sin (bad karma)? You can choose to do all the good you want but even that will not “pay the price”. You need upliftment, you need help, and you need the right relationship. This is where God comes into the picture. We are victims of our own wrong doings, of our own sins. Personal responsibility includes the acknowledgement of God. ~

If you are reading this then you have come into contact with true Christian Mystics that can help. Contact with Truth is extremely important on your journey. We offer the “sweet music”, we offer the Pure Word. Please understand that the human condition is fallen without the help of God. We invite you to read and study all SOCT papers. ~

~May you find Peace Profound.

~Sir Eric William King (March 17th 2017)

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