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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

“The Changing”

SOCT Paper 180

“The Changing”
By Sir Eric William King

Science Of Christian Thought has been teaching that humanity is experiencing what we call “the Changing”. Things are changing fast in this Seventh Time of church history. All energy is in the business of transmuting old paradigms and creating New World views. We welcome you all to SOCT. Please book-mark us and read and study our papers. Thank you. ~ Sire Valentine

Dear socters, I have been able to enter deeper meditation and I continue to practice the Nine Achievements. This is our life process. We know that “Ars totum requirit hominem” (our art requires the entire being). Through deeper SOCT understandings and experiences we find the transcendence of duality. SOCT students have been able to reach the hypnagogic state and receive amazing information. While in this state one crosses the Liminal-line of Consciousness. ~

The neutral borderland state of consciousness is where we find entrance to the other higher dimensions. Though we teach the science behind our theodicy we also ‘experience’ what we teach. Many socters are artists - of every kind - and they have been able to become much more creative through the teachings of Science Of Christian Thought. Everything is truly a vibrational experience seeing that all atomic and subatomic particles are constantly moving and receiving and sending signals. All is experiencing relationship. SOCT students become awakened to these realities. ~

Poetry is a good way to express your spiritual experiences. Both the written and spoken Word is precious to us. To the socter, inspiration can come directly from Divine Mind and is not something that is necessarily already an experience. No. It is something completely new and exciting. Truly what we call “the Changing” is going on. All humans are experiencing fast changes in their lives. People are searching for the missing element. The Seventh Message supplies that once “hidden” element and the door opens. ~

The macro-rhythm is changing, our minds are shaping it. It is our collective enlightenment that needs to give mass birth…the New Child, O deer Elah. ~

Expanding awareness is key to your change…the change that you are in. We are experiencing a mystical journey through SOCT. We are exploring different states of consciousness and a greater sense and connection with Divine Intelligence. Peering through the window into the Divine Matrix we see where our destiny lies. Won’t you join us dear soul and gain the Peace Profound?~

~Sir Eric William King (March 21st 2017)

The Nine Achievements

1 - Starting the Day

First Achievement: Develop a personal relationship with Divine Intelligence. Every time you awake after rest sit upright in a comfortable chair and pray. Thank God for your life, your day and all blessings. Ask that Divine Intelligence never leave your conscious throughout the day. Then do one or more Violet Flame Decrees. Each day must be started like this. Never should any one of these steps be skipped. ~

2- Take Care of Yourself First

Second Achievement: Before we can do any good for others we must take care of ourselves. Before you start your day take care of the things that you must in a way that has no expectations. The morning duties must be done with no attachment, no expected results. If things go this way or that you stay focused and do not have any worry about being late for anything. Just do what is right no matter what. Do not get frustrated. Say a decree while you move. Being personally peaceful and healthy gives you the right to help others. ~

3- Proper Selfless Action

Third Achievement: So as we continue to move throughout the day let us work and move with no expectation of merit, fame or glory. If you are alive, breathing and can talk to Divine Intelligence anytime you wish, why ask for more? We get caught in the trap of wanting ”achievement awards” for all that we do. We have to accept that whether we receive merit or not for what we do, we have the inner peace of being One with God and in love with all that is good. If you give a smile to somebody throughout the day and they give you a bad look in return it has no authority or energy control over you. Our thoughts immediately go to what is good. ~

4- Right Moral Action

Fourth Achievement: Practice mocha. Mocha is “mind of Christ action”. This means that we practice “shila”. We follow a moral standard. Our moral standard is the Ten Commandments in all that we do. We do not lie, we do not cheat or steal, we do not lust, and we do not worship the creation over the Creator. You must learn the Ten Commandments and begin to practice them. Any action that we commit to must NOT be in disagreement with any one of the Ten Commandments including keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath which is a day of special meditation & study. Many mystics know that Saturday is the true spiritual Sabbath day and it is also St. Germain’s day. Research it. St Germain is one of the very important sponsors of our movement and the wayshower of the Aquarian Age.  He is an Ascended Master. ~

5- Right Speech

Fifth Achievement: Our Karma Yoga has a special focus on the Throat Chakra. This means that we focus closely on what comes out of our mouth, our speech. Though we practice balance with all of our chakras we must pay close attention to our throat chakra energy. This of course is closely connected to our Solarplex Chakra. When we get nervous or upset we can feel it in our gut, Solarplex Chakra, and what usually comes next is an outpour of words, sometimes things we wish we would have never said. We are told that, “every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgment; for by thy words thou shalt be justified and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.” We should learn to speak gently and every word must agree with God’s commandments. No gossip, not cussing or cursing, no talking bad about another. No ego-angry words. Do not talk over people. If we use this chakra correctly it shall glow a beautiful sky blue. ~

6 – Diet & Health

Sixth Achievement: Diet & health. This goes back to the throat and solarplex chakra. Not all SOCT students are vegetarian and that is okay. We ask that when and if you eat meat - eat it moderately. Fish and white meat is better for you. We also stress that no illegal drugs be used, this includes marijuana. Also, no tobacco. Not eating, swallowing or smoking drugs [unless medically needed of course] - you should never have to smoke anything. You must keep your brain clean. SOCT teachings will never work if one clouds and muddies the mind with drugs. No alcohol should be consumed. Taking walks is very important. Many have dogs and this is encouraged. Having a partner to walk with is good. We encourage stretching, walking and noticing the beauty of trees, water, clouds, animals, etc. A daily walk [morning, afternoon or evening] is encouraged. You can say Violet Flame decrees and talk to Heavenly Father also along your walk. ~

6 – Proper Thought

Seventh Achievement: Mental purification. We discourage a person from watching, listening to or reading anything that glorifies evil, death, hatred, sexual abuse and of course one should completely abstain from all forms of pornography.  Watch movies where good wins in the end. Remember the Ten Commandments. A person who loves God (and is spiritual) is happy when he or she is living mocha. There is no other way to be truly happy. SOCT students find more productive things to think about and do than dirty the mind. If you finish your day knowing you walked in the Light you can sleep peacefully. Mental purification means destroying old mind pathways and creating new ones. This Seventh Achievement includes practicing the SOCT discharge exercise - destroying SE’s [Sinful Experiences].  This achievement means learning how to think using Science Of Christian Thought.  This means one should have a special time each day to study the teachings of SOCT. ~

8 – Proper Social Behavior

Eighth Achievement: Be yourself. Be authentic when around others. SOCT teaches that you must develop sound internal and external boundaries with people. Having boundaries in conversation and actions is extremely important. Then learn to choose who you spend your time with. Is there a person who contacts you that you tag along with only because you feel alone? If there is a person that you tag along with whom you really disagree with and don’t particularly like their language and lifestyle then why hang around such a person? Is there a person you hang around with who calls you only when they need something like a ride to the store? You must learn to say NO to these people. “Sorry, I am busy today (do something productive). Can’t help you today.”  Whenever you are invited into a situation ask yourself; “Will I be better for it? Will this upset me and be a waste of my time? Learn to ask yourself: “Do I really want or need to do such a thing?” It is not selfish to have healthy boundaries.  ~

9 – Being a True Christian

Ninth Achievement: Jesus is our Lord and ultimate Teacher/Master. It is only through Jesus the Christ who appeared in the flesh during the Piscean Age that we have the knowledge that we need to appropriately achieve spiritual health, enlightenment and ascension. Jesus was the first Son of Divine Intelligence who achieved ascension billions of years ago. He earned the right to participate in the creation of all things and was in fact the creator of our universe. All Ascended Masters bow to Him and Jesus (Yeshua) is the final messenger that has cleared the way for us all to achieve ultimate oneness with Divine Intelligence. All Ascended Masters listen to the same inner-Christ that Jesus listened to and became one with. Through the teachings of all Ascended Masters we have been pointed to that inner-Christ, the voice of the Divine must become our own personal voice. The actions of the Divine must become our actions. Our words, actions and deeds must become those of the Christ. So the Ninth Achievement means that we recognize ourselves as True Christians. We recognize and see the teachings of Jesus in many religions [faiths], past and present. We also recognize that many have found the inner-Christ and of course the Ascended Masters have become that Christ through spiritual alchemy.  Jesus wants us all to have the inner-Christ and He is the center of our faith, the Ultimate Guru. Please follow and practice this Spiritual Science, the Science Of Christian Thought. May you find Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King

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  1. Science Of Christian Thought wishes to stimulate spiritual awareness. We wish to increase spiritual understanding from a Christian perspective. We wish to restore a greater sense of connection to the Universe and Divine Intelligence. SOCT offers meditation exercises and concentration techniques to help one develop this greater awareness. Our hope is that you will deepen your relationship with nature, the things of science and Cosmic Consciousness. ~E.W.King