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Friday, March 10, 2017

The Shimmering…what is the Message?

SOCT Paper 175

The Shimmering…what is the Message?

I am part of the shimmering. I came here only as a single Identity Seed. You are all Identity Seeds. Sometimes when you dream and remember, you can’t remember having a body…you are only an observer. Other times you can remember having a body…usually when you wanted to fly or be compared to somebody else. You do not have a physical body when you dream. It is your Identity...YOU...the Seed that has the experience. ~

Many have come from the first and second wave. You came to help in this time of trouble. You feel confused and uncertain as to how you are supposed to help. The Seventh Message will wake you up. One of the purposes of the Seventh Message is to awaken lost souls who came here in the first, second or even the third wave. Do not be afraid. ~

It is time to speak the deep spiritual truths of the waves. The waves will wash over this planet and this planet will hear the Seventh Message. There is no “one messenger” of the three waves. Though people have spoken and books have been written…it means nothing in the big picture. All people are messengers of some sort…nobody owns the Message. ~

We all are experiencing a higher…faster experience of reality. Our DNA is being reconfigured. Our energy is being exhausted. This is part of the process. We are in the Seventh time. The Seven Planets appeared and have sparkled their revelation in 2017. Many are not even talking about the new planets which have appeared in that Aquarius constellation. Why? Some are trying to ignore the Changing…the Changing that is here…now… we are going through. ~

Some can remember being only sparks before arriving. Others can remember their lives on other planets. We are here, we are One. The question is not: “How did I get here?” The question should be: “What should I be doing? What is the Message?” ~

~Mike Spencer (SOCT Student)

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  1. FROM:

    The planets circle tightly around a dim dwarf star called Trappist-1, barely the size of Jupiter. Three are in the so-called habitable zone, where liquid water and, possibly life, might exist. The others are right on the doorstep.

    Scientists said they need to study the atmospheres before determining whether these rocky, terrestrial planets could support some sort of life. But it already shows just how many Earth-size planets could be out there — especially in a star's sweet spot, ripe for extraterrestrial life.

    The takeaway from all this is, "we've made a crucial step toward finding if there is life out there," said the University of Cambridge's Amaury Triaud, one of the researchers. The potential for more Earth-size planets in our Milky Way galaxy is mind-boggling.

    "There are 200 billion stars in our galaxy," said co-author Emmanuel Jehin of the University of Liege. So do an account. You multiply this by 10, and you have the number of Earth-size planets in the galaxy — which is a lot."

    Last spring, the University of Liege's Michael Gillon and his team reported finding three planets around Trappist-1. Now the count is up to seven, and Gillon said there could be more. Their latest findings appear in the journal Nature.