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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Single Eye…the Third Eye

SOCT Paper 179

The Single Eye…the Third Eye

By Sir Eric William King

It was Plotinus who stated that human eyes must have a portion of the “sun” in them because they can see. Seeing light and feeling light meant that you must be a part of that light. Physical light denoted spiritual light. Light became the “source of intelligence”. The ancient Egyptians believed that the eye represented spiritual enlightenment and even direct contact with Divine Intelligence. ~

Early on the Egyptians used the sacred eye to represent Osiris. After reformations in Egyptian religion it came to represent the monotheistic God, Ra. When the eye was drawn on the human forehead - above and between the two eyes - it represented the “seat” of the mind, “the mind’s eye”. This is where all inner knowledge dwells. It thus also represented our connection with Divine Intelligence [God]. It is said that all of our dreams take stage within this single eye center. ~

The single eye also represented super human power, as understood in the old Cyclops myths. The Hindu god, Shiva is seen having all three eyes active. Buddha is pictured with a “gem” at the center of his forehead. So we can begin to understand that many religions and many cultures have used this metaphysical symbol of the “single eye”. ~

Jesus our Master speaks of the “single eye”

Even in ancient Christianity the priest would [and still does today] bless a child and baptize a child by making the “sign of the cross” on the child’s forehead. Jesus Christ himself taught about the single eye in some of His parables. Jesus said; ~

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” – Matthew 6:19-23 ~

Jesus means that the “hidden realms” of your mind must be focused and centered on the “light of God”, spiritual reality. Jesus also referred to this point as the “narrow gate” through which you must pass to gain true spiritual enlightenment. In the metaphysical teachings of Yoga this forehead center is called the Kutastha. When one can hold the state of spiritual awakening which is attained through focus on this single eye, one is said to be in the state of Kutastha Chaitanya. This is also a chakra center in Yoga called the Sahasrara. In the Hebrew Qabalah this third eye center is surrounded by the three spheres of Keter, Hokmah and Binah, these three representing the center of creative power, wisdom and understanding. ~

In some schools of Freemasonry the single eye represents the fact that Divine Intelligence (Divine Providence) is watching over all of us, including America’s “novus ordo seclorum” (America’s Republic). Many occultists and metaphysical students have known about this third eye all along. Some older groups taught that both the human pituitary and pineal gland dwell were this center is located in the human brain. ~

These glands are not dormant but do have differing interpretations regarding what their use is within our biological makeup. It is said that they sense light, physical light. When the sun goes down and the body loses its visual sense of light these glands produce hormones which help one sleep. This means that they are some sort of inner antenna. This center developed in all earlier life forms as a small speck. It built layers of protection around it, never loosing the fact that it was where the true “you” is, where the Identity Seed lives. ~

Access to, and through the Eye

This single eye is the spiritual location which connects you through and to all dimensions and into the Pure Light - direct connection and realization of Divine Intelligence (Esoteric/spiritual light). It is a fact that through meditation techniques a person can direct spiritual energy up his or her spinal-cord which rises up to this location and opens the “spiritual gateway” and from thence one experiences and beholds spiritual attunement to the Great Light. ~

Techniques which open the single spiritual eye could be called “mind hacking” tools. ~

It is stated that unused “sexual energy” can also be directed up the spine and to this single eye center. This produces the esoteric training needed to become clairvoyant. As a matter of fact, it is said that all supernatural powers come forth from this center once it is properly open. Personal experience is gained when one connects with this center. SOCT teachings become realized inwardly at this point and are no longer simply just words on a page. ~

Once within the spiritual eye one receives an experience of the Divine Matrix. He or she is no longer in the “physical body” - so to speak - but has transcended to the Divine Location and spiritual dimensions. We outline three practices which help a person experience this higher reality. These are; ~

1-personal decreeing (Violet Flame decrees)

2-personal prayer (including Rosaries)

3-SOCT meditations (including Extraterrestrial Knowledge)

Also following the Nine Achievements through the practice of SOCT Karma Yoga is the best way to stay in the spiritual position of complete achievement and enlightenment as a human being. Accessing this center helps one produce pure and proper conduct which SOCT calls “Mocha”. ~

Truly, all the teachings of our Master, Jesus Christ help us activate this spiritual center. ~

Where is your Identity Seed?

The human Identity Seed resides near the pineal gland behind the forehead and basically back into and around the center of the brain. It entered your human body and “fitted” itself when you came out of your mother’s womb entering through the top of your head [crown chakra]. While you were growing in your mother’s womb your identity seed came down through the top of your mothers head [her crown chakra] and resided in the womb near the development of your head and brain but it did not truly enter your body until you took your first human breath outside of the womb. The baby has a soft spot on its head where the entry occurs. Over time the human skull further develops and the soft spot goes away. ~

At the back of your head your human skull has a big opening called the medulla oblongata. Through this opening your entire body receives an influx of Vital Life Force which energies your brain to run on low hertz volts and begins to surge throughout your wiring [all of your nerve paths which run down your spinal column].  Your spirit [Identity Seed] begins to connect its energies with your human brain and spinal cord in conjunction with its use of the pineal gland. Once this happens you truly awake into the physical world of being. You are now a spirit operating in a human body. ~

Spiritual Headquarters

Basically, the headquarters of the mind and spirit are found here, in the single eye location. When people go into thought they sometimes rub their forehead. This is to help stimulate this special area. At death, the “vital body” energy leaves from the feet up to this point. At the last breath humans and other animals will sometimes roll their eyes upward toward this center point of the forehead. To truly activate this location – properly - you must be taught properly. As a matter of fact, you must be taught by the Master (one who can go in and out of dimensional time and space consciously). ~

Science Of Christian Thought offers the proper teachings to learn more about your spiritual center and how to properly use it. Through meditation and dream states you can begin to consciously experience great flashes and points of “inner light” through this center. Some of you have experienced this not knowing what you have truly tapped into. It is the conscious reality of all of this which creates spiritual awareness – this can masterly be directed to attain self-control and greater awareness. Creative Intuitivity pores forth from this eye. ~

Continue to study SOCT Papers

There is actually much more information regarding the single eye which could help you become much more educated regarding this esoteric knowledge and how to use it - but this is enough to help get you started from a SOCT perspective. Please continue your studies with us and attain Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (March 20th 2017)

*Become a socter! We are “sealed” with the knowledge of God in our foreheads just as the Bible states.

Revelation 7:2-3 ...'And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.' .

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