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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thoughts on Science & Religion

SOCT Paper 176

Thoughts on Science & Religion

By Sir Eric William King

When a person wants to learn how to weld he or she must be taught properly by a welder. All of us have been taught in one way or another to “do” “something”. Most humans have attended some schooling throughout their lives even if only from a friend or family member. We are teachable. What about spirituality? Have you been taught about this? ~

Humans are thoughtful beings. Many have pondered and continue to ponder the unknown. Spiritually things, at first, seem to be the unknown. However, true experiential patterns can occur throughout ones study of spiritual issues. “Spiritual experiences” can occur. Intuitive premonitions are spiritual in nature. Many people have even experienced “déjà boo”. ~

When it comes to learning who you truly are from a spiritual perspective you must be taught by a Master. Many say that they are their own “master” and do not need a “spiritual teacher” while at the same time turning the pages of spiritual and religious authors. So the facts are one is being taught whether he or she accepts this or not. To SOCT Jesus Christ is our first spiritual Master. This makes us “Christian”. Though we study and learn from other “masters” and spiritual teachers we have our foundation on Jesus [Yeshua] the Christ. ~

Where does spirituality come from? It is energy. Everything is energy. We as Christian Mystics will tell you that “all is One” yet science will tell you that everything is vibrating and crashing into each other or bouncing off each other. How could all of this be truly “one”? Nothing remains the same, all is in constant change. All particles at their finest form are highly and energetically in agitation. If particles did not vibrate at specific frequencies they would not be objects or “things”. Things are “things” because they move, rotate, vibrate, break apart, etc. If there was no vibration or motion nothing, truly “nothing” would be here or even exists. ~

"To escape the delusion of the Fallen Matrix one must begin to understand things from a Science Of Christian Thought perspective. From childhood up we are all exposed to sinful behavior and distorted thought patterns. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit the SOCT student learns to use his or her divine gifts of discrimination and free choice to find Reality behind the aberrated Fallen Matrix." ~ E.W.King

Sir Eric William King - 2017

Existence and motion is one and the same thing. ~

Today’s scientists - and scientists of the past - cannot tell anybody just where all the energy comes from. Scientists cannot measure the totality of energy that makes everything work and they have no idea basically just what it all means if it does in fact have a starting point. If energy never dies it is eternal, yet they say that “nothing is eternal”. Hhhmmm ~

You are made of energy and energy never dies…thus you are eternal. Well you would think that would put an end to the idea if our life goes on or not. But no. Many atheists says that everything “dies”. Well, nothing dies it simple becomes another form of energy. SOCT teaches that the smallest “particle” in this universe of ours is the Identity Seed…the true you, the person-ality. ~

At the most fundamental level all energy and our physical universe remains a complete mystery to mundane scientists. However, Science Of Christian Thought teaches that all is here, all exists because of the Living Word…the “vibration creation”. This Word also is a prime and Supreme PersonalityDivine Intelligence. We are little reflections of this Intelligence running around in physical, vibratory bodies. It is the Intelligence which determines the vibrational frequencies which make up Cosmic Law and hold all that is or ever shall be together. Simply put, the Word is another name for Divine Intelligence but more specifically it refers to God’s creative power. All energy is consciously being reflected and activated in each of its various forms. ~

It is our hope (socters) that if you read this you would continue to take time out to study our SOCT papers and learn a thing or two about true spirituality. Again, one last thought: Material things do not come together nor owe their existence to a material agency. All that you see, feel and experience is a projection within the vibrational world of existence. You are the observer of something very astonishing and it is our hope that you do not take your existence for granted. May you explore us and find Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (March 15th 2017)

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  1. If you are reading this you have been given the opportunity to study here at SOCT for the progress of personal freedom and enlightenment. To those who believe that the old familiar theories are adequate to meet the demands of this current fallen Human race we pray for you. We pray for your freedom…that you become released from the fallen matrix and begin to see the clear light of the Seventh Message. ~

    The attitude of complacency will not allow for progress. It is my hope that with SOCT’s help you will prepare yourself to succeed in this life. This will involve inner struggle. Preconceived ideas that are wrong must be left behind that room might become available for the New and Pure Doctrines of Divine Change. The inner fusion of Divine Mind with your personal Identity Seed must take place for you to be birthed into Evolutionary Level Above Human. ~

    Without true faith this task will be impossible. True faith is one of the great requirements. Many of your doubts will arise due to self-deception, from older and false belief systems which you have so long cherished. With the help of Divine Intelligence you can pass through the greater portal of reality. I am determined that many of you will succeed. I shall continue to do my part. Illumination, peace, hope and understanding will become your birth-right and renew your mind into greater achievements. ~

    Faithfully yours,

    Eric William King (Founder and CEO of COGSR/SOCT)

  2. Many assume that our Christianity teaches that the universe is governed and ruled by diametrically opposed forces. This is not true. What we teach is that within the Fallen Matrix we experience the extremes of the law of duality and we do that to learn to find the Truth. We simply understand that within the Laws of the Cosmos everything has its tides, there are cyclic seasons in which the laws of duality dance; “in” and “out”….”back” and “forth”….”up” and “down”….”night” and “day”…etc. ~ E.W.King