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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Anoh speaks out! ~ April 17th 2017

SOCT Paper 189

Anoh speaks out! ~ April 17th 2017

This message touches a number of subjects. Some of Sir Eric William King’s writings are included in this Anoh message. Please read and share.


Anoh offers Obama Care Replacement

I decided to speak through Eric again on this raining day in the forest (Monday 17th 2017). It is time to give some important information again to your planet regarding earth’s population and need for medical treatment, particularly in the United States. You all need to consider how your current Social Security payments are working. The percentage of money taken for Social Security should be slightly lowered and a new small percentage of all personal income needs to be put in a “personal medical account”. This money would accumulate and would not be able to be accessed save for a serious medical problem only. ~

In other words, your medical issue must reach a certain expense before you could even access this money. If you had a medical bill that was not that expensive you would have to pay for it with your regular income. The percentages would be based on your yearly income. This is the only way to truly fix your medical system. ~

Anoh offers info on N.Korea

Regarding North Korea we have decided to take some form of action. Our Beam Ships have all their movements monitored, watched, reviewed and acted upon. St. Germain has written on this topic. It is the collective Violet Flame decrees which have been given for this region which have sustained the peace thus far. The Adramelechs have a strong hold on North Korea but this is soon about to change. Balance must occur for the Seventh Message to move forward in a powerful way. ~

One of our beam ships recently helped stop a violent act by interfering with electrical frequency waves. Your planet is in the Seventh Time and the beginning of this special time is of mercy and offers humanity an invitation which promotes the better way. We must tell you that time is running out. All SOCT students must proclaim this message to all that they intone – [are ready to receive it]. Be ready, a great shaking is coming to N.Korea. Peace will prevail if enough get the message. ~

Anoh talks about Civil Unrest

America is going through deep political change. We have proclaimed:  “Many people get so upset over ‘this president’ or ‘that president’. This will never change anything. The person must change first from within to cause the needed affect. Life must be respected, not thrown in the trash. People who fight violence with violence are throwing more wood on a fire that they wish didn’t exist. America is in a civil war over materialism. It is all about money and “what do I get out of it?” More and more Americans wish that their “papa” government would freely give them all they need, so that they mustn’t work. The decadence of this nation smells really bad. We officially declare today (April 5th 2017) that America is in the start of a civil war. It mustn’t’ get violent. “ – (From SOCT paper: “War Escalating ~ Warning from SOCT”; By Sir Eric William King, Sir Eric William King (April 5th 2017) ~

The problem with the mood and mind set of the entire planet is not political, it is spiritual. The fuel of the hate and violence comes from the fire of false theology. To truly and fully escape the Fallen Matrix one must study Quantum Level One Knowledge. It is not time to pretend to change or pretend to be a part of the greater change….no. It is time to stand in the violet flame of Spiritual Alchemy and be purged into spiritual perfection. ~

“Humans must now wake up to the spiritual light that has been placed before them through the Seventh Message. We cannot force you to make this change; it must come from within yourselves. Are you truly worthy to enter the bigger reality? Then prove it!” ~ Anoh (From: Dear America 2017, Anoh Message, February 7th 2017) ~

“We believe that all misconceptions of God [Divine Intelligence] are a disease and pollution to the Human mind. Love, Truth, Creation and Life we believe reflect the true and clearest attributes of Deity. We believe that God is incorporeal as we understand form. We believe that all “scattered spirit” is never truly born and never dies but is eternally coexistent with the Creator.” ~ By Sir Eric William King, “Science Of Christian Thought at a Glance” ~

Anoh declares Youth Need their Spiritual Eye Activated

It is time for all humans to look up, to connect to the Divine. Enlightenment begs of you. The spiritual eye must open, AWAKE! You do not have that much time on this planet. Look at the wars, look at the suffering. Stop ignoring your personal responsibility. Stop thinking about how “smart” you are. Look at your actions. Are you talking peace? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you being kind to others? True religion is active…it’s working. ~

I will tell you that those who participate in physical riots to “help” a cause are not true SOCT students. We are not involved in forcing people to believe in any certain way. Humans must learn to create through proper action and speech. Choosing to hit, scream and kick gets one nowhere.  Follow the Nine Achievements the best that you can and do not give up. ~

Humans must realize that evil disembodied beings known as the Adramelechs are guiding their steps, whispering in their ears - they ever so subtly direct the footsteps of the fallen mind. Only those who are sealed with the Seventh Message are truly protected from such evil ones. ~

Your Mind must be Sealed with the Seventh Message

In finishing this message I urge you to truly understand the knowledge that you are receiving while reading SOCT papers. You are getting the Truth, you are getting cleansed. Accepting the teachings of SOCT enlightens the mind and seals it with the true way, the way things truly are. What you create now, your past, is what generates the future. Learn how to think clearly and use your energy to help create the better way. It should be your goal to serve with selfless activity, seeking no merit or reward, fame or glory. The light of the SOCT person is seen by all, all will know you by your works and your state of mind. ~

The “third achievement” out of the Nine Achievements states: ~

3- Proper Selfless Action

Third Achievement: So as we continue to move throughout the day let us work and move with no expectation of merit, fame or glory. If you are alive, breathing and can talk to Divine Intelligence anytime you wish, why ask for more? We get caught in the trap of wanting ”achievement awards” for all that we do. We have to accept that whether we receive merit or not for what we do, we have the inner peace of being One with God and in love with all that is good. If you give a smile to somebody throughout the day and they give you a bad look in return it has no authority or energy control over you. Our thoughts immediately go to what is good.” ~ (From: The Nine Achievements) ~


SOCT teaches that all is connected and that all is in some kind of communication. All is quantum entangled. Humans must understand the subtlety in their own communications. Everything you do sends messages, every thought you think creates a wave. Learn to become a Master through the practice of Science Of Christian Thought teachings. SOCT teachings help you create a better connection with Divine Intelligence. Through spiritual devotion, love, service, humility and compassion the student excels. ~

No matter how bad you think you are or have been, no matter what your past or current situation is, it is never too late to become a socter. ~

Through SOCT you can enhance your paranormal abilities. You will discover your higher purpose and potential of your life. Your true identity becomes realized in SOCT through the study and practice of mocha (special spiritual state of mind). You all have innate capabilities that can become activated through “white light” meditations and Violet Flame decrees. Learn to consciously direct your intention, your thoughts, your ideas into right action. ~

So face life with certainty. Learn to use your intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy and healing powers through the Science Of Christian Thought. Everybody can learn their true spiritual nature because of the Seventh Message. Thank you for studying with us. May you experience Peace Profound. ~ Anoh

(This message given to Sir Eric William King on the morning of Wednesday, April 19th 2017 through the electrical mind transmission from Anoh, the Chief of Anohites, residing in the present human space/time 

Messages from Anoh

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