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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Anohites and the Anunnaki ~ SOCT

The Anunnaki Lie

SOCT Paper 187

Anohites and the Anunnaki

There are many people today who are interested in extraterrestrials and how they may have helped in our evolution. In this paper Sir Eric William King compresses many teachings of SOCT into about six pages. We hope that you will investigate all of what SOCT has to offer that you might find the truth of it all. Peace Profound. – Tom Snider (Tom gives local talks about SOCT teachings and history)

“Today the Anunnaki message is still being promoted and propagated by those deceived by the Adramelechs. It was Zecharia Sitchin (member of the Free-Masons) who wrote about the Anunnaki mythos and popularized it.” ~ Sir Eric W. King

As we have spoken about before, there are many extraterrestrial races. Only the more advanced have come into contact with Anoh and the Anohites. The Anohites are those extraterrestrials (from whatever race) who have sided with Anoh. Anoh is an interdimensional highly advanced extraterrestrial which was put in charge of Project Earth long ago. He was an overseer of the angelic work being accomplished on our early planet. ~

After the KT event and the final major blow of the angelic rebellion was over, Anoh organized many extraterrestrials who sided with him and they formed a powerful coalition. These bigger groups of “good” beings are still overseeing our planet at this time. There are the Fallen Ones here also. These are celestial angelic (dimensional beings) who are now stuck in our universe and what is called the “Fallen Matrix”. The fallen ones lost their glorified bodies and now they seek to possess human bodies. They have, at times, possessed bodies (physical) from other fallen extraterrestrial classes. ~

The first beings on our planet: "These beings (angels) had a similar form much like the human body but they were sexless beings. Archeology has found foot prints from one of these beings saved in a rock slab which dates back to the dinosaur age. ~

So the first phase of our planets history was that of the angelic rule during the ancient prehistoric era. This earth looked much different back then. The moon was much closer to our planet and there were many life forms from that era which no longer exist" ~ From SOCT paper, "The Story of our Planet" ~

Guided Evolution

We (all humans) are experiencing the Fallen Matrix. Through the process of guided evolution we are systematically going through changes and we are to learn and grow through it all. The ultimate goal is to raise a group (educated class); those humans who succeed (graduate) will go on to becoming Elah’s (Evolutionary Level Above Human). Our planet goes through cycles called “epochs” and “ages”. After the beginning of the Christian era the world has gone through six “Church Epochs”. Since October 7th 2011 planet earth has entered the seventh and final church epoch. This epoch is called the Laodicean Era. ~

We could understand our planet as being a sort of school. We are here to learn and pass tests. The Anohites have given us a special program to exceed that we might graduate. ~

We have documented in earlier SOCT papers the fact that one of the corrupted extraterrestrials which sided with the Luciferian traitors known as Zenoah took a majority of left over human beings (the rebellion was actually two phase) and made them stand at the base of large volcanoes. He then used his technology to kill these large groups by activating the volcanoes. These additional human beings that were killed left their human bodies but decided to join with the Adramelechs. They felt that they had nowhere else to go.  So the Adramelech army is now quite large. The planet is unbalanced with a large corrupt group of physical extraterrestrials and many spirit beings that are trapped here. ~

The resulting environmental catastrophe led to the extinction of the dinosaurs which were part of a Hierarchy life experiment. This also created an ice age. SOCT teaches that there has been more than one ice age. The last one started to end some 10 thousand years ago. Some early Human like beings and Human creatures lived through the last ice age. Some 6000 plus years ago the last Human DNA manipulation was made and these humans have mated with older Human life forms ever sense.” (From: “War in the Heavens – and Planet Waystations -1/18/17) ~

Now after all of this our planet was desolated and ice ages came and went. The good angels and extraterrestrials under the direction of the Hierarchies (Ethereal and Spirit rulers) were still allowed to create and all the creations that followed were approved by Anoh. Many of these early type human bodies went through a step by step evolution which was manipulated by the Anohites. The fallen ones would possess many of these early life forms so that they could have a physical body again. ~

Frequency Shift

Before the heavenly wars took place our entire universe vibrated at a different frequency which was more proper for healthy development. Due to the war disturbance and celestial weapons being used it changed our “portion” of the Divine Matrix into the Fallen Matrix, the program took on a distorted vibration. You could understand our universe as being a huge bubble which is surrounded by the Divine Matrix. Our goal is to get back to the Divine Matrix. ~

There were a total of nine human type beings created, the ninth being exactly like our current bodies. As the plan continued it was decided that it was time to introduce the highest form of human being. There was a Waystation on planet Pluto at this time which was quite active. Remember, early on the planet Mars - some of our solar system planet moons - and Pluto had extraterrestrial stations on them. These were used to monitor our planet and many experiments having to do with plant and tree life took place at these Waystations. ~

An older SOCT paper explains Way-stations as such: "Planet Way-stations are and have been a reality. What is a "way-station"? A Way-station is defined as a planetary camp where extraterrestrials live and watch, monitor & view our planet Earth. This mostly involved moons or planet satellites. However, there have been two planets in our solar system where more permanent way-stations have been set up. One old way-station resided on Mars and another was located on Pluto." ~ From SOCT paper: ~ "Planet Way-stations" ~

It was on Pluto that the Anohites created the historical couple which has become known as Adam and Eve. These human beings were created in the Anohite lab on Pluto and were raised there until in their early twenties. They were made from the preexisting DNA which had been developed on planet earth. Eventually they were brought back to planet earth and placed in a geographically protected area, a “special garden”. They had ‘free will’ and the plan was to test their obedience to the Anohites. If they continued to obey the Elohim [the Anohites] then they would prosper and be allowed to “fill the earth” with their offspring. This would bring balance to our fallen planet. They would have also eventually gone on to experience the highest state of individuality and freedom. ~

Review of the Rebellion

During and after this war (now known as the KT event) the rebel beings and their crafts were cast to our planet with great force causing large craters and explosions. This all occurred some 65 million years ago in our planets history. A large mother-ship was cast down measuring six miles across and crashed into our planet near the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. This dug out a crater more than 100 miles wide. ~

Modern man has discovered more than 150 other impact craters. The largest found measures nearly 200 miles across. The celestial war was spectacular and we do not know exactly how long it lasted. Since this time a Hierarchy group of Keepers known as the Universal Grid Stabilizers have been helping our planet survive. They monitor all physical threats and dangers. However, they have reached a time where they have been backing off from some help because man is in a judgment period called the Seventh Time or the Laodicean Era which was reviewed in the year 1999 and came into full operation on October 7th of 2011. ~
.” (From: “War in the Heavens – and Planet Waystations -1/18/17) ~

The 10th Couple Failed & Anu Lies

Adam and Eve failed the test but this did not stop the ultimate plan. They were cast out of the garden and had to dwell with some of the earlier humans which had become known as the Nodites. During this time there was a second angelic rebellion. The garden that Adam and Eve were placed in is located in ancient Sumeria. Many of the humans from the original nine species and now Adam and Eve witnessed and understood the fact of extraterrestrial involvement with our entire creation. The fallen beings decided to give the early humans a false story about how everything happened. There was one called Anu [not Anoh] who deceived the people even before the creation of Adam and Eve. He gave them a detailed history of what had supposedly occurred and completely left out the Luciferian rebellion and Divine Intelligence [God]. They believed that any idea of one true God must be eliminated. Those who followed Anu became known as the Anunnaki. These included fallen human beings and other fallen extraterrestrials and angels. Those who sided with the good Anoh became known as the Anohites. SOCT students are considered Anohites. ~

Today the Anunnaki message is still being promoted and propagated by those deceived by the Adramelechs. It was Zecharia Sitchin (member of the Free-Masons) who wrote about the Anunnaki mythos and popularized it. ~

Some of these early Humans were taught by the good Keepers (Anohites) about the ancient KT extinction event and how the great “dragons” [dinosaurs] died because of the great space battle between the “gods”. Many of these stories and or portions of them appear in the ancient religious textbooks. It was 14,000 years ago that many of these tribes arrived in North America. The American Indians descended from these early groups. The pyramids in South America and those descendants who built them arrived around 13,500 years ago. All of these time lines are being documented for SOCT students to help them better understand the flow of Human history. ~

Looking at proper Time Lines

“COGSR [SOCT] has discovered that our universe was created 13.7 billion years ago. We learned that our galaxy is called the Milky Way Galaxy and was formed roughly 13.2 billion years ago. We learned that our solar system (4.6 billion years old) and our planet was formed and created by our Almighty God [Divine Intelligence and the Hierarchies] and that it was originally created to be inhabited around 6 billion years ago. We learned that God created IB’s [angelic beings] to inhabit and take care of our planet as “care-takers”. We learned that these angels failed and rebelled against God during what we call the Permian Period and the angelic war ended with what we call the KT extinction event at 65 million years ago. The angels had traveled to heaven and tried to war against God and the higher beings [Jude 6]. As a result they were cast back to our planet which caused great devastation and the destruction of the dinosaurs. When the IB’s hit the Earth they caused four great craters.” – (From: “The Story of our Planet”, 12/7/13) ~

The Angelic Rebellion Retarded Mans Proper Growth

Because of the Angelic Rebellion which climaxed 65 million years ago we find the retardation in the development of early man and animal life until the time of Adam and Eve. Had the angels not sinned they would have been able to train all of God’s creatures great and small to behave and live properly….but they failed. In this sense early man was cast into an era of ignorance. They had no way to recover from this era. ~

The Development of Sumeria

Yet after the Appearance of Adam and Eve we find a huge development, as if out of no-where, of human advancement. We particularly see this in the area of ancient Sumeria. Modern archeologists and scientists are dumbfounded about this ancient Sumerian region because of this fact. This was the area of the original Garden of Eden. ~

At around 6000 years ago we find permanent dwellings, cultivated fields and domesticated animals living in organized communities. This places lots of early organization around the time of the appearance of Adam and Eve. The earliest known written language appears around 4500 BC. It appears in the ancient Sumerian region. It was not a Semitic language. Ancient Egypt started writing advanced hieroglyphics early in the 3rdmillennium BC.-

As far as ancient Paleolithic humans are concerned we find that God had communicated with them somehow. We are not sure exactly how but we do find the earliest of humans participating in religious practices. The desire to worship Divine Intelligence is programmed in the human mind and cannot be escaped. ~

Before Eve we have other Mothers

A person’s maternal ancestry is traced by mitochondrial DNA which is called mtDNA. All men and women posses mtDNA. This type of DNA is inherited from the mother. Through the study of one’s DNA they can find out what couple of parents they were originally born from. Science has learned that your original mother’s mtDNA determines how your cells use oxygen so you are using your original mother’s mtDNA every time you breathe. This is most fascinating. Everyone alive on the planet today can trace their maternal ancestry back to just one woman. ~

The Bible focuses on the recreation of the surface of the earth and on Adam and Eve (the 10th couple) because it would be through their genes that the Messiah would eventually come and it would be through their race of people that would come the “chosen nation of God”. Eve is the “mother of all” because those who accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah are “spiritually” adopted into the Christ family line. (You may read about this whole story in detail by reading the SOCT paper titled: “The Story Of Our Planet) ~

So the “second earth age” now begins in Genesis chapter one and verse two, at the end of the last ice age. We are all a part of the second earth age however some of us are genealogically connected to the families of humans which appeared before Adam and Eve. Please understand that there was, in a sense, a “first mother”. This would be the first mother of the first couple out of the nine couples created in the distant past. Adam and Eve are the tenth couple which came after the last ice age. ~

First Earth Age Humans Migrated

Again, we now know that a migration of the First Earth Age early human beings (those before Adam and Eve) occurred due to an ice age. They left Africa in clans and began to migrate to areas in the Middle East and throughout Europe. We know that they started moving between 60,000 and 70,000 years ago. Believe it or not the last ice age brought the human population down to only about 10,000. Sin had indeed affected this planet. God [Divine Intelligence] was getting ready to introduce a new phase of His plan [the Second Earth Age]. We must also understand that there were more land connectors and ice bridges that connected large land masses. ~

At 20,000 years ago the sea levels had dropped significantly due to the water being frozen in large amounts. The sea level had dropped 300 feet. This helped expose land bridges one of which connected Asia to the Americas. And at just 15,000 years ago many people had entered South America. ~

We do not know much about the rhythm, if there is one, to ice ages. We do know that four (fairly regular) glacial-interglacial cycles have occurred during the past 450,000 years. These of course started after the Luciferian rebellion. ~

The angels did not take on the bodies of these early humans except for some rare cases of demonic possession. For the most part these ancient people began to develop early civilization~

I hope that this paper helps you to understand. I realize that I have compressed great amounts of information in this paper but it is important for us to understand exactly what happened and how we got where we are today. I would encourage you to read the SOCT paper known as: “The Story Of Our Planet” and another paper titled; “A Closer Look at Early Man”. We also have papers on the topic of Human DNA which you might find interesting. ~

May you find and keep Peace Profound. ~

~Sir Eric William King (April 6th 2017)

Note: We realize that people interested in the ET connection with our planet have different views regarding these issues. Though we respectfully disagree with some of the other views we still welcome those who research all of these topics. - SOCT

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