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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Exposing Fear …through the Science Of Christian Thought ~Part Three

SOCT Paper 192

Exposing Fear
…through the Science Of Christian Thought
~Part Three

This is the third of four short SOCT papers by Sir Eric W. King which help a person understand the emotion of “fear”. These are important pages for your spiritual understanding and growth. Please read and share. Continue to practice the SOCT Nine Achievements in your daily life and share what you learn with others. Thanks! ~ Lisa Steiger

I hope you have looked at our other papers which have dealt with fear and anxiety. It is important to begin to understand your emotions and why they come and go. SOCT offers valuable information and practices; techniques which help you explore your own personality. So let us look into the subject of fear yet again in this third SOCT Paper, “Exposing Fear”. ~

SOCT teaches that one must face fear in order to properly deal with it. We cannot ignore our thoughts and emotions. Some fears are caused by past experiences involving some kind of trauma. In these cases it is good to find a professional therapist to help you deal with it correctly. You yourself can deal with many issues by practicing SOCT Cleansing techniques which teach how to deal with SE’s (Sinful Experiences). ~

Throughout the day, at work or while at home, it is good to have a quiet place to sit down every now and then and do a short meditation. When you feel fear or anxiety coming on you can sit and do the meditation. Address the emotion and confront the situation in truth. Say Violet Flame decrees with real intent…take some deep breaths and arise. ~

Fear and anxiety begin to lose their hold through decreeing and meditation. There are some situations that you can confront and deal with if somebody or something is stressing you out. Know what you can actually do instead of accepting some situation as unchangeable. Understanding what SOCT calls “mocha” (a healthy mind state) and practicing it works the best. Practicing the SOCT perspective broadens our old perspective. We gain the wider view and see many other options than we thought we once had. ~

Have a Meaning

The feeling of guilt is terrible. Strong guilt issues can cause great fear. It is important to understand that anything that you have done in the past is and can be forgiven. A strong spiritual relationship with Yeshua (Master Jesus Christ) can fix all sin issues and bring true comfort to your soul. All true SOCT students have a best friend in Jesus Christ. We hope that you read our invitation to accept Jesus into your life. ~

Our spiritual path gives us meaning, direction and goals. Our identity is realized through Quantum Level One Knowledge. We know why humanity suffers in many ways and we know the true solution through the Seventh Message. Sometimes we feel guilt over an issue that we had absolutely no control over, we gain a false guilt and thus a false fear over things that we could not control. Through Science Of Christian Thought you can find and gain meaning and reestablish a proper connection with Divine Intelligence. ~

  1. Life has meaning under all circumstances, even the most miserable ones.
  2. Our main motivation for living is our will to find meaning in life.
  3. We have freedom to find meaning in what we do, and what we experience, or at least in the stand we take when faced with a situation of unchangeable suffering. — Viktor Frankl

Confront Fear and Anxiety with a Nature Walk

Science Of Christian Thought offers the only Logotherapy which can help. We use true science and tested techniques in all that we do. Finally, SOCT has written papers in the past which teach us all to take a walk. It is good to find a beautiful park or grassy field to walk in. At least once a week you should walk in nature. Our nature-based therapies work. SOCT offers meditations and nature walks which people have described as giving them feelings of peace, calm, beauty and happiness. People are rejuvenated with a new sense of Hope and Faith. ~

Staying physically active is extremely important. ~

I hope that you have gained from the SOCT teachings. I hope that you have found a time to do the meditations and study the Seventh Message. The knowledge that we have been given in this Seventh Time is absolutely astounding. Through SOCT continue to find meaning and purpose, understand your true identity. Through it all may you find and gain Peace Profound. ~

A Violet Flame Decree:

The Violet Flame charges me
I am a child of Divine Intelligence
The Violet Flame cleanses me
I am perfectly made
The Violet Flame loves me
I am filled with power
The Violet Flame shines me
I am the good thought

~Sir Eric William King (April 27th 2017)


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